Remy Hair: The Ultimate Benifits


I’ve used hair extensions for several years now and have tested many different types of them in the past. This has led me to believe that Remy human hair extensions are a cut above the rest. Remy hair extensions come with a broad range of qualities. They are usually tangle-free, shed less than others and …

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7 Best Updo Wigs for Your Party


What should I wear? A common question, when you are going to join the proms or weddings. Most often, the basic hairdo is the updo. Great updos can be created with wigs. In this article, I have listed out most popular updo wigs for your special occasions. Let’s check it. 1. Asuitofk Blonde & Brown …

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How to Choose the Wig Shampoo & Conditioner


Proper care should be observed in order to preserve and maintain the shine and beauty of the wig. The more genuine the synthetic hair looks, the better it will look, especially when it is put on people. They are very meticulous in choosing the type of brushes, styling gel, and other products that they feel …

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Wigs for Beginner: Everything You Need to Know


Today, wigs are worn as prosthetics, for aesthetic reasons, or convenience. They are also made out of several different types of materials, and almost every kind of person could have a wig that would best represent their personality and specific needs. The brilliance of wigs may make you think that they are a modern invention. …

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How to Choose the Right Wigs for Large Head


Choosing the right wig is really easy to do unless you have a larger head than normal, because standard size wigs do not really fit or slip on your head easily when you wear them. This can be really frustrating for some people and some might even feel suffocated when they choose a wig that …

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Why Most Black Women Love Short Wigs?


We have seen black women rock a wig with awesome locks and gorgeous braided wigs; whether in a box, Ghana, or micro braid wig style. They are simply amazing and beautiful! However, like most trendy things, wig styles do transition to different phases. Now the newest wigs preferred by most black women are short ones. …

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Top 5 Braided Synthetic Wigs for Women


Braided wigs were by far one of the most trending hairstyles last year. But how about now? Well, it seems like braided wigs are still on the rise and have become a trend among women of different nationalities and races. Why, you ask? Because it looks fabulous, alright! Lace Front Braided Wigs Braid Type: Million …

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