How Long Do Halo Hair Extensions Last?

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How Long Do Halo Hair Extensions Last

Halo hair extensions have grown very popular over the past couple of years. But even with their popularity, the majority of wearers are pretty concerned about their durability.

Usually, halo hair extensions can last between 6–24 months with proper maintenance. However, the lifespan may vary according to their quality and how often you wear them. Therefore, consider doing research to understand incisively what you are getting into.

In this guide, we will discuss all there is to know about halo hair extensions lifespan.

Let’s begin!

3 Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Halo Hair Extensions

A halo extension can serve you for a long time with good maintenance. While they are ideal for everyday usage, different elements could influence their longevity. Here are some of those factors:

Hair Quality

Halo extensions made of human hair typically last longer than those made of synthetic hair. They have higher quality and can withstand wear and tear better. You won’t have to replace them very often. But the longevity of halos is more than just whether they come from human or synthetic hair.

human hair vs synthetic hair

Within the realm of human hair halo extensions, the highest quality and most durable varieties are those made of Remy and Virgin hair. Both their cuticles are still intact and oriented in the same direction.

Usually, halo extensions with abnormal cuticle direction are quite challenging to style. They get easily tangled and will dry out faster, thus having a shorter lifespan.

Remy Hair Vs Non-Reny Hair
Remy Hair Vs Non-Reny Hair

Wear Frequency

With good upkeep, high-quality halo hair extensions can last up to 24 months. However, the wear and tear will be more substantial if you wear your extension every day.

In most cases, halo extensions worn daily will hardly last longer than 24 months. But for someone wearing the extension occasionally, say 2 to 3 times each month, it will last pretty long. The chances of its longevity stretching to 24 months becomes very high.

SARLA Wavy Curly Synthetic Halo Extensions

Proper Care

Halo hair extensions demand proper care, just like your natural hair. Proper care makes them appear healthier, vibrant, and way more natural. But when you don’t take care of them properly, your halo would be more prone to damage and wear out quicker.

Here are some ways to care for your halo extension.


It is essential to wash your halo extension regularly to avoid oil and product build-up. But remember that improper washing and overwashing might shorten its lifespan.

Usually, you should wash your halo extension after 5 – 8 wears. However, you may clean the extension more often depending on which products you use, how oily your natural hair is, and how often you wear them. Additionally, you may want to clean it more if you expose it to strong odors or live in a humid climate.

wash hair extensions

I recommend using sulfate-free and alcohol-free products to wash your hair extension. Unlike your own hair, halos do not produce natural oils or moisture. Therefore, using such products puts the extension at a risk of drying out and becoming brittle.

Heat Styling

Applying heat is a great way to style your halo extension to make it blend with your natural hair. However, frequent styling and too much heat may cause drying out and breakage. Try to limit heat styling to prolong the lifespan of your wig.

If you have to use styling tools, set the heat to the lowest level; a temperature below 350 degrees Fahrenheit would be ideal. This will preserve the moisture within the strands and protect them from heat damage.

Also, consider spraying heat protectant on the hair extension before styling to protect the strands from heat damage.

Style Synthetic Wigs


It is imperative that you detangle the halo extension before and after every wear. If you don’t do this, the hair can get tangled, matted, and strained, making the extension wear out quicker.

How you brush your halo extension is very crucial when maintaining its condition. You should use a paddle when brushing to avoid ripping off or tearing the fibers. Also, take your time and do not brush too harshly.

When brushing, start by sectioning the hair into smaller sections. Then, hold the section of hair in your palm and brush from the ends as you work your way upward. Take care not to tug to minimize creating tension on the strands.

brush remy hair


You should store your halo in a cool, dry place to prevent the extension from getting tangled or knotted. Ensure the storage is free from direct sunlight since UV rays can naturally fade the hair extensions’ color.

Also, store away from humidity and dust, as these may make the extension to dampen, matt, or frizz.

Generally, an ideal way to store a hair extension is in a box in your wardrobe or drawer. Take care not to ring the strands when storing so the extension retains its shape.

You can also store your extension on a hanger, especially if you wear your extension daily. But ensure you brush the hair first to get rid of tangles before placing the hanger in your closet.

DIY drawer for hair extensions

FAQs About the Lifespan of Halo Hair Extensions

Can You Wear a Hair Halo Every Day?

You can actually wear a halo extension daily without damaging your hair. They are pretty comfortable, convenient, and safe to wear. Unlike stock extensions, they do not attach to your natural hair, so there won’t be tugging or weighing on your hair.

However, wearing your halo daily will wear it out quicker than when worn less often. It is best only to wear it occasionally; the less you wear it, the longer it lasts.

Can You Shower With Halo Hair Extensions?

You should not wear your halo hair extension when showering since they get easily tangled. Not only that, but when wet, the water may weigh down the strands and cause tension in them.

This makes the hair more fragile, causing it to break or rip off, thus damaging your extension and significantly shortening its lifespan.

Why Are Your Halo Extensions Itchy?

A halo extension may be itchy due to the weight it adds to your scalp. The added weight may cause a strain along the invisible wire, which is why itching occurs. Mostly, mild itchiness should pass within the first few hours of wearing the extension, after which your scalp adapts to the change.

However, other factors may also make your halo extension to itch. These include tightly fitting your halo, excessive sweating, and an incorrect aftercare routine.

Bottom Line

Halo hair extensions require proper care and maintenance to stay quite longer. If you are looking to try them, you can check out this post on the best halo hair extensions for short & thin hair.

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