11 Best Synthetic Wig Brands to Buy Good Wigs

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Best Synthetic Wig Brands

We are going to see the best synthetic wig brands worldwide. Adding beautiful synthetic wigs to your hair improves your visual appearance. 

They are more affordable choices for expensive human hair extensions. But to get a quality close to that of human hair extensions, you should know where to find them. 

As a wig wearer, I firmly believe you should be sure of which brands to consider. Wigs can only be good investments if you buy the best synthetic wig brands.

So, here are the best synthetic wig brands below. 

11 Reputable Synthetic Wig Brands in 2023

Let’s unveil much information about these synthetic wig brands tried and tested by us. 



Just from the name, the brand makes you feel like a diva and is subtle in your looks. They sell thousands of wigs from world-leading brands like Outre, Sensationnel, Free Tress, and Bobbi Boss. They understand the best source of high-quality hair for their customers. 

And they’ve focused on selling synthetic lace wigs and half wigs. Most of their hair wigs are long with a silky hair texture. The cap is flexible that it lays itself and takes the shape of your head. 

Synthetic wigs are easy to maintain their styles and can be manipulated into other styles. They also provide an assortment of colors for an unrestricted color selection. They target making you stand out in a crowd with the most vibrant, unique color. 



Outre is one of the oldest hair brands in the market, with over 40 years of hair manufacture. Over time, their products have been influenced by technological advancements and upcoming trends. They’ve grown to be a very popular synthetic hair brand. 

From weaves, wigs, braiding hair, ponytails to bangs, name it all, they make them. Their hair is resilient, vibrant, and with captivating color shades. They have a multi-faceted color chart for you to explore and be adventurous. 

Even the unique shades like blonde, ombre, and highlights you can get them with ease. They make an effort to deliver comfort and convenience. They’re a reputable hair brand with constant innovations that improve hair quality. 



Sensationnel brand has over 35 years of industry experience with over 40,000 products. They implore technology and research to improve and invent more wigs by the day. 

Their synthetic wig products include headband wigs and lace wigs. These headband wigs could be full or half wigs in plenty of color shades and thicknesses. They also have a soft touch and natural density, and good hair texture

Some of the wigs are afro-textured, jerry curly, bob, and Cassidy. They make extraordinary fashion wigs to glam up for special events and parties. You’ll notice that their wigs make you look younger because they believe in giving you the best appeal. 



Ebonyline is an online retail store selling several brands of synthetic wigs. They’ve gone over and beyond to enable you to get a brand without going to their hair website. Speak of Outre, Sensationnel, Zury Sis, and Vanessa; you’ll receive the finest part and 360 lace wigs

The wigs are of great length and look natural, from the roots to the tips. The cuticles align in one direction that you may think it’s human hair. The quality of the synthetics is incomparable and beats most average hair brands. 

Moreover, they offer a flat rate shipping fee of $30+ orders. They lower the fee to a level that’s affordable for you. Processing of the orders occurs within 24 hours and may take more time if the product has to be sourced from the manufacturer.

Epic Cosplay

Epic Cosplay

Epic Cosplay majors in synthetic cosplay wigs. They’re a US-based cosplay store with a mighty collection of cosplay wigs for cosplayers. If you want to take up acting or enkindle a Halloween vibe, they understand your needs. 

You could be an anime character as they perfectly meet the completion of your costume. 

They have a 900+ wide selection of colors and styles. All their wig bundles are long-lasting, soft, heat-resistant, and tangle-free. 

They satisfy quality standards expected from them by their customers. They also offer active customer service that promptly responds to your queries and requests. Shipping is free for orders within the US. 

Wig Is Fashion

Wig Is Fashion

Wig Is fashion is a hair shop and manufacturer with over 10 years of hair service. They came up in 2010 with interest in hair matters and sell their products to people globally. They’re also wig suppliers to both wholesale and retail businesses, with their factories in China and Hong Kong. 

Their retail hair stores are in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. Whichever you buy from, the wig will be delivered anywhere in the world. Their synthetics are of premium quality with great heat resistance.

Plus, they boast over 100 different wigs ranging from regular synthetic wigs, braided wigs to cosplay units. And their wigs are reasonably priced. Their cosplay units imitate the hair appearance of various actors in certain film franchises.

For example, you can get a wig giving you the appearance of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things. Or go with the Harley Queen cosplay look. The brand comes in handy in mimicking fictional characters and fits Halloween parties perfectly. 



Glamourtress is majorly an online business platform. They’re certain to provide their customers with a variety and affordable prices. They want your natural beauty and glamor to peak in the most convenient way possible. 

Like Divatress, they stock wigs from manufacturing brands such as Outre, Zury Sis, Sensationnel, and Bobbi Boss. They’re a well-equipped beauty store with all the products your hair needs. Therefore, you’ll come across an abundance of synthetic wigs in different colors and sizes. 

These wigs are either wavy, straight, or curly. And they’re in different styles, curl patterns, and textures. They often give discounts intending to make hair products more acquirable.

So Good BB

So Good BB

So Good BB started running in 2000 in the US. They seek to provide women of all ages with the hair of their dreams and an explicit shopping experience. Their products are cheap, taking away financial constraints.

In some instances, they give you gift cards and gift vouchers. And they sell beginner-friendly full and half synthetic wigs. These wigs are easy to use, and you can delightfully rock them. 

So, easily slay and exhibit killer looks in no time with their synthetic wigs. That is made convenient for you with their free shipping services in the US for orders above $69.99. They also ship to other parts of the world at fair shipping charges. 

Noble Hair

Noble Hair

Noble Hair is the epitome of chic synthetic wigs with a fashionable style. This UK-based brand has been in Fareham since 2014, though founded in 2000. They’re a team of five hair professionals who aim to deliver quality lace synthetic wigs. 

They make afro kinky curly, body waves, and silky straight synthetic lace wigs. Their wigs take up the appearance of a natural hairline with sheer lace hanging at the front. This lace ensures a realistic look at the forehead. 

Usually, their synthetic wigs are in a broad range of colors, lengths and styles. You may also use synthetic dreadlock wigs from them. They’re so vested in providing variety for unlimited choice-making. 

Joedir Wigs

Joedir Wigs

Joedir has been with us since the 2008s in producing beautiful lace front synthetic wigs. Their objective is to bring out the brilliance and shine in women through their good merchandise. 

They have a strong presence online and internationally. The brand sells to more than 100 cities in North America. And its enterprise extends to Asia, Africa, and Western Europe. Their hair products are highly trusted to the point that the brand is registered in 15 countries. 

Being a credible and transparent brand, they produce synthetic wigs in several colors, lengths, and textures. The hair looks so natural on you, and it fits snugly. You may not need glue, and you can tweak it easily to meet your desired hairstyle.

Additionally, they have great packaging as the hair reaches you intact and untampered. They wash and oil the hair before shipment to alleviate the foul smell. Delivery is free of charge to the US, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, the UK, and Germany. 

Kalyss Wigs

Kalyss Wigs

Kalyss Wigs hold dear the beauty of a woman through developing braided wigs. They value the allure and trust in seeing women display the best versions of themselves. Mr. Cheng, a professional hairstylist, founded the brand.

They discovered most women have very busy schedules. Because of that, they barely have the time to do hair touch-ups. And doing styles on their hair is expensive and time-consuming, yet they can’t create time for that. 

Since they cannot have pretty braids easily, the brand came up with braid wigs. You can wear them within 10 minutes or less and still look like real braided hair. Their braided wigs are made from high-grade Japanese synthetic fiber.

Every wig has high-definition (HD) Swiss lace. So, when you wear them, they’re comfortable and make the wig invisible as it melts into the scalp. The braid wigs have various styles, such as box braids, faux braids, boho braids, knotless braids, twist braids, and half braided, half wavy wigs. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article helps you purchase a synthetic wig that you’ll barely regret. We carefully curated the best synthetic wig brands in the industry out of thorough research and investigation. Keep rocking your best look in the days to come. 

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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