Why Did Brett Somers Wear a Wig?

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Brett Somers, a famous actress, was known for her roles on “Match Game” and her signature assortment of wigs. Her decision to wear wigs was a practical solution to maintaining a consistent appearance on screen without subjecting her natural hair to constant styling.

This allowed her to keep up with rapidly changing beauty trends and contributed to her unique and recognizable personal brand, merging convenience with creative expression. Her legacy in show business left an indelible mark on her career.

The Evolution Of Brett Somers’ Hairstyle

Brett Somers' hairstyle changes over time. From a short bob to a long, curly wig. The evolution shows a transformation in style and appearance

Now, let’s dive into her natural hair. Unlike the curly locks you saw on television, Brett’s own hair was quite straight. By choosing a wig, she could effortlessly transform her look to match the bold and playful essence of her character without the constant care and maintenance of styling natural hair daily.

But why did Brett Somers opt for wigs? It wasn’t a matter of hair loss or health concerns such as cancer—common reasons many embrace wigs. Rumors aside, Brett wore wigs as a fashion statement and for her comfort and convenience. The wigs allowed her to experiment with various colors and styles, enhancing her self-expression and public image.

Each wig Brett donned was a part of the bravado and self-image she projected to her audience, boosting her self-confidence on screen. Wearing a wig, especially a curly wig, became a part of who she was—a symbol of her love for self-expression and her acumen for staying abreast with the dynamic world of fashion.

Reasons For The Wig

A wig sits on a vanity, surrounded by hair products and a mirror, hinting at the reasons why Brett Somers wore it

Brett Somers chose to wear wigs for a variety of personal and aesthetic reasons. Unlike styling one’s natural hair which can be time-consuming and rigid, wigs offered Somers an opportunity for creative expression and convenience.

  • Fashion Statement: In the colorful landscape of the 1970s entertainment industry, the wig became Somers’ distinctive accessory. It allowed her to remain trendy without the commitment to permanent changes.
  • Versatility: With wigs, Somers had the luxury to alter her appearance for different roles or events. She could effortlessly switch from one hairstyle to another, exploring various looks that reflected her vibrant personality.

Transitioning between hairstyles, wigs serve as more than just a practical solution; they are a canvass for self-expression. Whether it’s for capturing the essence of a character or making a personal fashion statement, wigs have the power to transform and empower – just as they did for Brett Somers.

Maintaining Curly Hair

Caring for curly hair can feel like a labor of love. It demands a specific routine because curls can be prone to dryness and damage, especially when exposed to heat styling. Are you familiar with the frizz and tangles that often accompany your natural curls? They happen because curly strands twist and turn, making it easier for them to interlock and create knots.

Curly wigs, such as the ones Brett Somers preferred, bypass these challenges. They’re a convenient choice, offering you a break from the daily twist and twine of managing natural hair. Imagine achieving that perfect curl without the potential harm from straighteners or curling irons. Remember, wig care is essential too, but it spares you from the wear and tear on your own tresses. Plus, wearing a wig doesn’t just protect; it’s a gesture of self-love, allowing your natural hair to rest while you showcase a style you adore.

Additional Speculations

While you might wonder about Brett Somers’s reasons for donning wigs, consider that rumors can often distort public figures’ truths. Some speculation points to self-expression; with her lively personality, Somers might have viewed wigs as an extension of her wardrobe, allowing her to reinvent her style on a whim.

Furthermore, think about self-confidence. If Somers felt more assured under the spotlight with a wig, wouldn’t that choice be as valid as any? Her public image was undoubtedly shaped by these appearances, possibly cementing her status as an icon of quirky style. It’s key to understand, that you won’t find every nuance of a person’s choice laid bare, especially when that person is a master of their public persona.

While these paths of thought give us insight, be mindful that they are not confirmations. We’re left to respect that some aspects of Somers’s life might remain just beyond our grasp.

Brett Somers's wig sits on a vanity, surrounded by makeup and hair accessories. A mirror reflects the empty chair where she would normally sit

Curly Hair

Curly hair, with its diverse range of patterns and textures, has been admired across cultures for its unique appeal. Did you know that your curly tresses are not just a statement but a celebration of historical adoration? Maintaining them, however, offers unique challenges and joys. From tight ringlets to loose waves, each curl type requires specific care to ensure that you look and feel great.

Caring for your curls might sometimes test your patience, but remember, the right hairpiece can be a game-changer, not just for your image but also for your self-esteem. Have you ever considered hairpieces as a way to protect your natural curls while still showcasing a vibrant, curly look? Brett Somers did just that; she embraced wigs to amplify her curly hair, boosting her on-screen presence and versatility in hairstyles.

Straightening Hair

Straightening your hair often involves heat-styling tools or chemical relaxers. If you’re after a sleek, smooth look, flat irons or blow dryers are commonly used. On the flip side, chemicals can offer a more permanent solution. However, repeated use of these methods can lead to hair damage and breakage. This happens due to the high temperatures and chemical alteration breaking down hair’s natural structure.

The trend to embrace natural hair textures is on the rise, advocating for the beauty of curls and waves. Versatility in your hairstyle, expression of your true self, and convenience of management come into play when you opt to keep your hair’s natural form. Have you noticed a shift towards celebrating natural hairstyles in your community or on social media?

Brett’s Impact And Legacy

Hailing from the Canadian province of New Brunswick and later making Maine her home, Brett cultivated an impressive career spanning various aspects of show business. Her roles in “The Odd Couple” as Blanche Madison and appearances on other television staples like “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Perry Mason” showcased her versatility.

Off-screen, she battled serious medical conditions, including stomach and colon cancer. Despite these challenges, Brett’s contributions to entertainment—highlighted by her wit, her theatrical engagements on Broadway, and her roles in TV theatre including “Playhouse 90” and “Kraft Television Theatre”—reinforce her place in Hollywood’s pantheon. Her lasting legacy isn’t solely tied to her wig or her battle with cancer but to her ability to be a beacon of perseverance and charisma in the entertainment industry.


Brett Somers chose wigs as a key element of her visual persona for both practicality and preference. Wigs offered her the freedom to alter her appearance swiftly and maintain a consistent on-screen presence. She utilized them to craft an image that became almost synonymous with her identity and bolstered her role in the limelight. Her unique fashion choice highlights the transformative power of accessories in shaping a personal brand. It is interesting to consider how fashion choices can impact public persona, and whether we can learn from Somers’ approach to self-expression.

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