Wear Wigs In Public? 7 Tips to Boost Your Confidence

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Wearing Wigs In Public

Factors such as hereditary or hair care products can result in thin hair or make you bald.

Dealing with hair loss can be a traumatic experience. For this reason, people opt for hair coverage. However, some ladies find wearing wigs in public a big deal.

Today, we outlined some tricks to help you comfortably wear your wig in public.

Let’s begin!

Is It Weird to Wear a Wig In Public?

No, it is completely fine to wear a wig, and you should not feel judged. Especially if you have lost your hair or looking to wear a new hairstyle.

When you have a solution, it will help if you do not suffer from the stigma of hair loss or hair thinning. Wearing wigs in public will make you confident, beautiful, and feel like yourself.

But, if you just started wearing wigs, it is understandable to be less enthused by your new look. 

The trick is to take your time, be patient, and be brave. With time, you will be confident going out without minding what other people think.

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7 Easy Tips on Wearing Wigs In Public

Wigs can be helpful if you have health conditions like alopecia. So if you are nervous about wearing it in public, try sticking to these tips and tricks. [1]

1. Fix Your Wig

Secure and adjust the wig to make it feel comfortable before going out. You can use the hairband, wig glue, or wig grip to keep it firm on your head. This way, you will avoid dealing with embarrassing moments of it falling off amid people.

You should also make your wig look natural by making the hairline more realistic; otherwise, the wig will look fake. It is also best to fix the part to look more like your scalp.

You can learn the best tips to make synthetic wigs look real.

Wig with hairband

If the wig is too shiny, it can be evident to people that you are wearing a wig. You should thus deshine it to make the wig look realistic. This problem is common, especially with synthetic wigs.

You can learn the best way to make wigs less shiny.

Note: When buying wigs, consider their color, length, and texture. Its shade should suit your skin tone, and the style should match your face shape. Also, ensure the wig hair doesn’t shed a lot, which isn’t very pleasant.

How to Make Wigs Less Shiny-banner

2. Wear Your Wig at Home

Wearing a wig around the house is a good and safe place to start. If you are working, consider putting it on when you get off work until you go to bed. This should give you a few hours of wearing time.

Over time, you will get used to head coverage due to the physical sensation of wearing the wig daily.

During this period, you can also get feedback from your family members. They will notice your wig and say something about it.

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Then work your way up by wearing your wig to an outing with other trusted friends or extended family. As long as they are people you trust and feel safe around.

The next step would be to wear your wig for more extended periods while you make it feel more natural on your head. As long as you own your appearance, nobody will judge you.

family member

3. Wear a Hat

Hats are not only great accessories but can also help you to wear wigs securely and comfortably. Consider wearing a fashionable hat to suit your clothes, so you don’t attract people’s attention.

Before wearing a hat, put on a wig cap, then pin your wig to the cap using bobby pins.

This can keep the wig firm and prevent it from moving or slipping around. As a result, you won’t feel nervous about your wig coming off if you remove your hat in public.

I recommend finding a hat that is a bit larger to provide extra space for it to stay comfortably on top of the wig.

Wear A Hat

4. Go Somewhere

Wear the wig and go out publicly to someplace where you are anonymous. You can visit a grocery store where you are sure nobody will notice you.

You will probably be there for about half an hour to 40 minutes. During this time, walk around, confidently carry yourself, and practice acting naturally.

You will notice that people don’t even care about your wig. They will not have time since they are busy running their errands.

visit a grocery store

You can also do something that requires a drive-through. This will not require you to talk much with others. All you will do is get what you order and drive away without getting out of your car. [2]

Another action would be walking out of the house to the mailbox. Or you can walk a few yards away from your home.

In a word, the more you do these activities, the more you become comfortable with yourself.

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5. Make an Announcement

Consider letting your coworker or office know that you will start wearing a wig. This way, they won’t act alarmed or surprised when you wear a wig to work.

By telling people ahead of time, they will not act as shocked as they would when they had no idea.

They might as well give you compliments that will make you feel assertive. Your wig journey will be easier and more exciting.

Make an Announcement

6. Be Confident

Before going out, you need the confidence to own your wig and feel great in it. You should be able to overcome and conquer the fear of jealousy or judgment by others.

Contemplating others’ opinions might give you anxiety and keep you from being yourself. Therefore, one way to start is to enjoy your new look without caring what people think.

Remember that if you feel confident, you will look confident. And, when you are okay with yourself, others are too.

360 Lace Wig-2

One thing you can practice to boost your confidence is taking photos. Go ahead and pose, then let someone take a picture of you. You can also take a quick video while having fun with the wig and watch it later.

On top of that, today, there are quality wigs such as the full lace, 360 lace wig, and headband wigs. When you invest in these, people will not notice that you are wearing a wig or give you a weird look.

lace front wigs

7. Practice

Get prepared with your responses when someone asks if you are wearing a wig. You also need to know how to handle public reactions.

The thing is, you might eventually get a ‘side eye’ from somebody. And someone might ask, “What is different with you?” or “Did you get a haircut?”

You can give them answers like you started wearing wigs some time ago due to hair loss issues. Or that you are having fun wearing wigs. Just come up with something interesting to keep the conversation going.

hot comb

If you are shy and can’t come up with anything, then smile or say thank you and move on. It might be awkward, but remember, the other person feels the same way too.

Note: We also don’t recommend you ask someone if they are wearing a wig; it is not polite. Instead, be mindful, ignore the wig talk, and speak about a different subject.


Final Thoughts

So you can get comfortable and confident enough to wear wigs in public. Follow the tricks above to go about your agitations. Likewise, you can buy headband wigs as they are pretty natural to wear in public.

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