The Hottest 50+ Barrel Twist Locs Hairstyles

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Great-looking Barrel Twist Locs Hairstyles matter whether you’re a beach bunny, an indoorsy person, or the corporate guy. 

For the sake of your self-esteem and impressive perceptions, it’s nice to pull off attractive barrel twist locs hairstyles. Of course, there’s nothing rocket science when it comes to upgrading your image.

At first, it may seem challenging to find a suitable barrel twist dread hairstyle. With us, it’s impossible to come across stunning hairstyles that befit your taste.

We have a big collection of barrel twist locs hairstyles. Variety is the spice of life, so make your barrel twist locs hairstyles different with the outlined hairstyles below. 

1. Pompadour Style


Pompadours on barrel twist dreads scream your presence wherever you go. They make a bold statement about your affair with artistic retro hairstyles. 

It’s a form of an updo hairstyle whereby the barrel twists are shoveled up. And the ends are twisted down in a massive tapering hump that’s largest at the top front. 

2. Barrel Twist Mohawk


This mostly seems like a crazy hairstyle but often adorns beautifully long, slim faces. In this era, we’ve seen stars like Rihanna dress up this vintage hairstyle. 

Most times, mohawks involve shaving sides, but as for locs, the sides are unshaven. The barrels start from the sides towards the crown from both sides of the head. Then, the ends are styled in a sleek mohawk ridge, running centrally from the front to the back. 

3. Double Barrel Loc Lines


Double barrel lines are another way to wear your barrel twist locs hairstyles and look absolutely amazing in them. They appear massive because they are two, gradually increasing in size towards the neck. Two is a great number if you want a barrel loc style, taking little time to touch up. 

4. Double Fishtail Braids


Rather than having the simple double barrel twist lines, your dreads can possess fishtail barrel locs. You can make the fishtail braids more if they satisfy you more. 

The fishtail braid pattern has always been a unique spice to your dreadlocks. Resembling the skeletal fish, it appears funky and thrilling to try. 

5. Half Double Barrels, Half Waterfall


The double barrels can fail to go all the way down to the lowest back. Make them cover half your mane, and leave the back half portion freely flowing in singular dreadlock strands. It’s a casual idea to minimize tension in your hair while having the picturesque barrel dreads.

6. Two Strand Twist style


Well, the barrel locs ending in two-strand twist ropes is a fantastic idea. Although the ends can be left free, this augments the beauty of the barrel locs and works best in long dreadlocks. The two-strand twist ends will be huge because each of the strands will entail several dreadlocks. 

7. Half Up, Half Loose Down


If you fancy simple half-up, half-down hairstyles, rock the barrel locs in the style. Here, you will put the upper half in a ponytail or bun updo; the choice is your decide. 

The other half hangs down. Such diverts you away from the regular full ponytail or bun hairstyles. It’s one of the most popular dreadlock hairstyles. 

8. Short Dread Cornrow Barrels


A favorite dread hairstyle in the rap group Migos, you can make it your next favorite. Migos lovers could adore 5-7 cornrow barrel twists and get the look of Quavo or Offset. Show your love and enthusiasm for the rap culture in this manner. 

9. Freeflow Barrel Twist Dreads


Even though most barrel twist locs hairstyles are laid down along the scalp like conrow lines, they could hang loose. The barrels go down and flat for a short length and end in free-flowing plaits. These plaits will have a wrap-around pattern all the way to the tips. 

So, if you don’t want long cornrows, this is fabulous for a change of style. 

10. Undercut with Fade


Fade undercuts are a popular edgy hairstyle for short-haired people, including women. Instead of the top short hair styled differently, put in short dreadlock barrel twists. 

As usual, shave and fade the sides slightly and shave the back more to bring up the undercut feel. It mostly turns out to be a masculine hairstyle, but with expertise, it may give off a feminine aura. 

11. Low Bun


As a contemporary woman always on the go, seek low buns for your barrel locs. By taming your dreadlocks while being appealing on the outside, you get to have an easy working time. The barrel locs are braided and nestled at the neck, where they are twisted down into a bun. 

12. Barrel Twists Ponytail


Just because ponytail hairstyles are too common doesn’t mean you cannot make one for yourself. With your barrel locs intact and perfectly done, hold the ends in a hair tie, bobble, or hair band. These hairstyles could be bejeweled with beads to brighten the look. 

As simple as that, you have your ponytail, and you’re ready to hit the road for an early morning jog.

13. Shaved Sides


Shaved sides are the exaggerated cut version of the undercut. In this case, the sides are shaved to levels of bald skin, if you want that. Or a little hair could be left, depending on which one looks best on you. 

This style, combined with pompadours, offers the most wholesome semblance in women. 

14. Barrel Rolls with Blonde Ends


Why be boring when a splash of the blonde hue to the ends of your barrel twist locs hairstyles is the ultimate game changer? It effortlessly takes your barrel dreads from ordinariness to extents of unfathomable uniqueness. 

It may appear not too refining to your locs when heard of. But once you actualize it, you’ll love what you’ll be seeing in the mirror in front of you. 

15. Barrel Twist Updo


All one needs to do with the barrel twist is updo is create the barrels all around the cranium. The barrel cornrows will meet at the crown. You can choose to hold them in a bun or leave the ends unmanipulated. 

The hairstyle is great for mature women. It gives them an easy time to handle their hair when they got lots to do at their age. 

16. Half Cornrow Barrels, Half Loose Dreads


I bet you’ve once spotted Wale, the famous American rapper, in the half-cornrow barrel loc style. Several cornrows run from the front to the midback or the crown. From where they end to the back are loose dreads falling on the back. 

The hairstyle is a showstopper in any event. Walk in style and confidence to a night out, wedding reception, or birthday.

17. Blonde Barrel Highlights


In your barrel cornrows, you can let one or two cornrows be blonde.  That lights up the solid dull hues like black and brown, uplifting the suave appeal of the barrel twist locs hairstyles. You may do that to rejuvenate your youthful energy and look to feel younger than your actual age. 

18. Middle Criss-cross Pattern


While most of your head is in cornrow barrel twists, you may enhance everything with a criss-cross pattern.  In between the two middle cornrows, take a dreadlock from one conrow and feed in the other conrow. Do the vice versa for the next dread to crisscross the initial dreadlock and form the pattern. 

19. Braided Ends


As an alternative to two-strand twists, you may go with the easier option. That’s braiding the ends in alternating three strands to create the braid plait. 

It’s a classic touch for your barrel dreads. And it helps protect the ends of the dreadlocks as long as the braiding is loosely done. Then, seal the ends with elastic rubber bands to prevent unraveling. 

20. Cute Heart Shaped Style


Teach yourself to be artsy with your barrel twist dreadlocks. Try out different shapes of the barrel; like the heart shape is one of our most liked designs. 

The barrel ridge is what forms the shape of the heart as you come up with your barrel twist locs hairstyles. It really looks good on dread-wearing kids. 

21. Zigzag Parting Style


There’s no rule that the cornrow parting lines have to be straight. They may be in the zigzag line and easily spruce up your entire countenance. 

Everyone will be mesmerized by the simple idea yet sassy. Give it a try and see for yourself. 

22. Side Drop 


Break the societal norm of styling the barrels up or down towards your neck. This time, style them to one side, whether the left or right. After that, let the ends fall to the side for a stylish demeanor. Create the illusion of the dreadlocks dropping on the side. 

It’s a perfect style for thick dreadlocks and young ladies in their late 20s and 30s.

23. Intertwined Barrel Loc Style


After an intense exploration of the usual barrel loc hairstyles, you may taste the sweetness of the intertwined style. The barrel rolls of the dreadlocks intertwine, going above and beneath each other in different directions. When you glance at it, It’s a wonderful piece of art to behold. 

24. Centre Line Bantu Knots


Mohawks can be replaced by Bantu knots along the center. Similarly, for the center line bantu knots, the barrel locs come from the sides to the center. But then, they’re styled in back-to-back bantu knots. Some people call the style a multiple bun hairstyle and deem it an expression of African heritage. 

25. Double Buns 


As opposed to some, this is a great styling option for college and university students. It grants them the chance to play with their dreadlocks and create fun hairstyles on them. 

The double buns, as the term suggests, are two buns, either side by side or back to back. Parting is in your hands to decide what line you’ll have, whether a straight, zigzag, or rugged one. 

26. Tower Bun


Tower buns are a great impression of your deep affection for overly high hairstyles. To some, it may appear wild and crazy, but to others, it compliments their stature. It looks the most beautiful on long, sharp faces. 

It’s simply a tower that stands tall on your head and adds a few inches to your height. So, show off your style and receive much appreciation for your boldness. You could glam the tower bun with golden strings.

27. U-shaped Ridge Style


With this hard-to-come-by hairstyle, the barrel is in the form of a U-shape. The U-shape may face up or down;  no limitation in styling. Remember, the beauty of dreadlocks lies in one’s creativity. 

You may highlight the barrel with a warm blonde tone. Or any other bright color of choice will still work out perfectly well. 

28. Fishnet Pattern


This is a really interesting hairstyle for your mother. If she wears dreads, surprise her with this touchup at her favorite loctician. This fishnet pattern will be at the top front or the back only. Or it may be at the sides. 

The variety is her sea to choose from. The fishnet forms when the small barrels interlace each other. They’ll form small diagonal squares that are undeniably adorable. 

29. Spiky Style


Are you fashion-savvy? Then, storm the fashion arena with this spiky barrel lock hairstyle. You want to magically have all eyes on you, and this is the light and the way. 

It’s drop-dead attention-grabbing. It’s kind of an exaggerated hairstyle when the barrels end in horn-like stiff ropes. The Halloween party could make use of this wild hairstyle. 

30. Loc Bow Style


Let nothing stop you from achieving a unique loc bow in place of a simple bun.  The style resembles a bow tie. 

It’s a posh hairstyle that few know about. Don’t be surprised when heads turn because it’s their first time seeing the magnificence. No doubt this is the style to revive your inner girl power. 

31. Petal bun


Flowers and ladies fit in one sentence. Anything floral, like the petal bun, is thoughtful and special to a woman. 

The bun will have the loops arranged to look like the petals of a daisy flower. It spikes up the luxury and serenity of the barrel twist locs hairstyles. 

32. Front Braid Barrel


The barrel could be at the forefront. Starting from one ear to the other, the barrel is massive. From a front view, it may appear like a U-shape sequin headband band clipped down. 

It’s a cool way to manage the front dreadlocks that keep going onto your face. 

33. Halo braid barrel twist


The halo braid barrel twist loc is a sister to the heart-shaped barrel hairstyle. As for the halo braid, the barrel is round-shaped like a halo. Sometimes, it’s referred to as the crown braid. 

It’s a sophisticated, elegant hairstyle you can wear on a special occasion, your wedding, for example. 

34. Double Ponytail Updo


The more the ponytails, the more the sass, and dominance in terms of appearance. It’s easier for people to notice a double ponytail updo than a single ponytail because they’re rare. When you’re in the mood for ponytails, hop onto double ponytails and feel the feminine energy. 

35. Cinnamon Rolls Bun


You see how you roll your cinnamon rolls; you can imitate the process for your barrel twist loc bun. It could be one huge cinnamon roll bun. Or several cinnamon roll shapes making up the bun. 

So you take the barrel twist ends, coil them up, and pin the ends of the coil. It will consume much time, but with practice, it will be a breeze to make. 

36. Curve Barrel Design


Like the parting likes, the barrel twist locs hairstyles don’t have to take the straight shape. You can curve the barrel in an S-shape or two continuous S-shapes. This level of intricacy will require an expert loctician, somebody who’s been in the profession for years and years. 

37. Side Swoop Barrel Locs


Do you cherish hiding part of your forehead? Side-swoops are the way to achieve that. So, some of the front locs are swept to the side and form a loop over th forehead before joining the barrel. It’s so cute and adds a romantic touch to ponytails and bun updos. 

38. Side Bun


A bun on the side is moving away from the usual centrally located buns. It could be at the back, center, or top front but at the furthest side. It flatters all women regardless of skin tone, facial shape, and features. 

Women with barrel dreadlocks normally enjoy how it turns out to be a top-tier grandeur. 

39. Segmented Barrel Design


You needn’t worry about the single barrel of your barrel twist locs hairstyles looking so basic and boring. The barrel can be styled in a segmented technique. The wraps go from side to side.

 It’s visually aesthetic, and many relish the artistry in it. It may seem a ridiculous hairstyle, though one for the books. 

40. Donut Bun


Mostly, this is a military bun for military women. The hairstyle is a great life hack for busy women. The bun is made round with a small hole at the center. 

Go to the office in the hairstyle and look timelessly professional and glorious before clients and colleagues. It’s also a casual style that you can pull off in any occasion. 

41. Red Barrel style


Color could be the additive that sparks radiance in your barrel twist locs hairstyles. Go fiery and all hot with the red pigment of choice. Whether it’s rose red, scarlet red, wine red, or fiery red, you’ll look awesome only if it’s a suitable red shade for your complexion.

You may have styled in a sophisticated hairstyle, but not to satisfaction. The red hue could be the thing that completes the look. 

42. Massive Bun


This is nothing complicated. It’s a normal bun that’s huge in size and works out in extra-long barrel twist locs hairstyles. Step up your styling with the massive bun, especially if you have a round or square chubby face. 

In fact, the hairstyle enhances your beautiful, flirty eyes and chubby cheeks. So, don’t fall short of hairstyles when elevating your dreadlocks appearance.

43. Spiral Barrel Design


The barrel twist locs hairstyles can be a bunch of curves, creating a spiral effect. It allows you to have the pleasure of enjoying shapes and electrifying your dreadlocks to look extraordinary. It’s more of making your barrel twist locs hairstyles as unique as possible to stand out in crowds. 

44. Half Top Knot


You can inspire your barrel dreadlocks with the exhilarating half top knot style. This charming hairstyle is known as a charming replacement for half buns or ponytail styles. You wonder why?

The half top knot is easier to come up with. It possesses less complexity and is more time-saving. The tresses of the barrel are folded down into a knot. 

45. Rainbow Highlights


Go in with multiple rainbow colors to infuse an awe-inspiring color combination. It may be a red, yellow, blue, and green combination, for instance. 

The rainbow highlights boost the opulence of the barrel twist locs hairstyles. It’s an excellent choice for youths and teenagers who love pops of color.

46. Criss-crossing Barrel Style


For the double cornrow barrels. They may crisscross at some point midway the shaft. One barrel goes over the other barrel and continues down to the neck, while the second barrel does the same, too.

The crisscrossing happens once, and it’s an excellent sight to view. 

47. Triple cornrow barrels


We’re used to many cornrows or double cornrow barrel twist locs hairstyles. You may have them totaling to three, two on the sides and one in the middle of the head. 

It’s easier to make if you’re dreadlocks are too dense and voluminous than double barrels.

48. Barrel Twist Locs with Bangs


Adding bangs to your barrel twist locs hairstyles makes the face fuller and more attractive. Not everyone likes fringes, but you could be one fringe fanatic. 

You’ll be fascinated by how they frame your facial features. They draw attention to the contours, the cute eye bags, and the cheekbones. How would you know if you don’t try and make it the next for your makeover?

49. Looped Mohawk


This expels mediocrity out of the regular mohawk dreadlock styles. So the smaller barrels on the side won’t finish up in another Mohawk barrel ridge but a looped design. 

The looped style is a more cute mohawk design. It makes the locs fluffy and more appealing

50. Double Petal Low Buns


Double barrel loc lines can culminate into two low petal buns at the nape of your neck. They’re awe-inspiring and kick in the wow factor instantly to your dreadlocks. 

Choke people with your breathtaking beauty, thanks to the double petal low buns. It could be in church or a night out with your lovely friends.

51. Super Long Barrel Twist Locs


Pampering your dreadlocks into long lengths creates a totally natural hairstyle. Later, you can create the funky barrel twist locs hairstyles and keep your long dreadlocks amazingly maintained. 

Extremely long barrel dreads are a piece of glamor. Sometimes, flip the locs side to side sassily to show them off to admirers.

Barrel Twist Locs Hairstyles Wrap-Up

The above barrel twist loc hairstyles are the best ways to accomplish a classic, flattering dread look. Whichever you opt for, you’ll feel the chic vibe till the last day of wear.

Also, at this point, you have proof of the great versatility of the barrel twist locs hairstyles. If you have difficulty creating a hairstyle or, deep inside, you feel you have something to share, engage us in the comments.

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Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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