The Hottest 50+ Barrel Twist Locs Hairstyles


Great-looking Barrel Twist Locs Hairstyles matter whether you’re a beach bunny, an indoorsy person, or the corporate guy.  For the sake of your self-esteem and impressive perceptions, it’s nice to pull off attractive barrel twist locs hairstyles. Of course, there’s nothing rocket science when it comes to upgrading your image. At first, it may seem …

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Starter Locs for Men: Create & Care


Starter locs are typically the starting point of your dreadlock-wearing journey. As a man, when you’re getting your locs for the first time, you’ll initiate the new hair adventure with starter locs. They befit fashionable men with a twist of style because of their low maintenance. Not only that, but the fact that they possess …

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Florida Dreads: Installation & Maintenance Tips


We’re mostly accustomed to the idea that dreadlocks are a singular hairstyle. If not for the natural interlocking dreads or the synthetic types, we’re out of dreadlock hairstyle forms.  But here’s one more dreadlock trend creeping back into the fashion arena. The Florida dreads were the raging fad in the ’90s, and they’re hitting the …

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Thick Locs: How to Grow and Maintain It


People wear dreadlocks for various reasons. You can wear it simply as a fashion style or to make a political statement. To some, locs are conductors for wisdom and spiritual energy. Either way, thick locs can make these reasons bolder. If you have been thinking about thickening your locs, then it’s your lucky day. This …

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Invisible Locs: How to Install & Remove


There are times you look at yourself in the mirror and see your hair really needs refreshment. No more bad hair days when you can hop onto invisible locs as your next style. I bet the hairstyle may conform to your personal style and fashion sense.  While perusing social media trends, you might have glanced …

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Top 65+ Invisible Locs Hairstyles for You


Be the kind of person who enjoys invisible locs hairstyles to the maximum by exploring different hairstyles. In the 4 weeks of wear, tweak your dress code to look your absolute best in crowds.  We’ve gone out of our way to highlight 65+ most beautiful invisible loc hairstyles for you. Every hairstyle is well-detailed for …

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Passion Twists: Tools, Pros & Cons, Tips for You


Passion twists offer a fresh alternative to the usual basic braids. They also give your hair the necessary protection it needs. If you’re looking for a trendy, low-maintenance style for the summer, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you what passion twists are and how they differ from some common twists. You …

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The Best 13 Half Up Half Down Loc Hairstyles


This article breaks down details about half up half down loc hairstyles. The styling idea is popular for its way of transforming full-head hairstyles.  For first-timers, you need a starting point to try out the hairstyle on your locs. If you don’t want to look bothersome to people, we teach you every possible knack for …

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Cornrows vs Dreadlocks: Differences & Choices


Cornrows vs Dreadlocks? Regardless of gender, cornrows and dreadlocks are excellent hairstyles to refresh your look. One is a simple, traditional hairstyle that allows self-expression. The other is a semi-permanent trendy statement. But how else are these two styles different? Let’s examine what makes each of them unique, from their history to maintenance required. We …

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Butterfly Locs: How to Make & Maintain


Going full-blown from the ordinary you to a charming Goddess can be the work of butterfly locs. Most people consider conventional locs when new hair technologies seek to upgrade and modernize.  Locs don’t have to be the usual artificial if you wouldn’t like your natural hair permanently changed. Freely adopt the butterfly locs to unlock …

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