Top 40+ Deep Wave Wig Hairstyles for You

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Deep wave wigs are popular for their cascading waves and voluminous, bouncy hair. The wave pattern on the tresses nearly looks like the cool beachy texture. 

The best thing of all, they possess versatility in styling. We’re going to show you how you can pull off different deep wave wig hairstyles. 

You don’t have to wear your deep wave wig in the style they come in. There are numerous hairstyle ideas, offering an elegant yet effortless look.

For a striking aesthetic, get down to trying these deep wave hairstyles one by one. 

1. Half Top Knot Half Down

Deep-Wave-Wig-Hairstyles: 1-Half-Top-Knot-Half-Down

Your flattering deep wave wig can flatter your face more with the half top knot, half down hairstyle. Rather than having the usual freeflow after fixing the wig, let your creativity dominate. 

Make your natural-looking wavy lace wig speak volumes about your explicit styling talent by dividing the hair into two halves. Leave the back half hanging down and hold up the front one into a loose top knot. 

2. Classic Center Part 


The classic center part, commonly known as the middle part, is an unsophisticated wig hairstyle for an unsophisticated woman. If your days are about moving up and down, tweak the wig with a parting in the middle, running from the front to the crown. Then, comb the cute waves to fall on either side of the center part.

In less than 5 minutes, you’re set to go on with your day’s business. This deep wave wig hairstyle appears the most beautiful on medium-length to extra-long wigs. 

3. Rainbow Style 


Be the face of color fusion by taking up rainbow-styled deep wave wigs. The rainbow shade is extraordinarily an amazing creation of different bright hues. In fact, the base color cascading its charm over the succeeding colors brightens your entire outlook. 

Some may think the style is overdone, but it defines the waves and makes them more noticeable. It’s a perfect wig hairstyle to rock in color festivals like the Carnival celebrations. 

4. Side Part


Other than the middle part, side parts suffice for someone looking for a style meeting their simplistic personality. It’s the suave version of the center part. Here, you do the parting at one of the temples on the left or right side. 

Apart from straight side part lines, you can have them curved, or diagonally-lined. Lay down the hairs around the parting with an edge gel to nicely define the parting. This aesthetic has been out of style before, but it’s now crawling back to be a groundbreaking trend. 

5. Front-edge Braid Cornrow 


We keep hearing you can style lace wigs however you want. Well, it’s true, and cornrows in them look undeniably appealing to the eye. You can braid a single cornrow on the front hairline of the deep wave wig from ear to ear. 

Pin the ends of the cornrow to the back to touch up the look. The front-edge cornrow is a uniquely cool hairstyle and hard to come by on the streets. 

6. Half Slicked Down with Fluffy Wavy Pony 


Your 360 lace or full lace wig is best for this deep wave wig hairdo. The installation starts by splitting the front from the back. After that, the front part is slicked down to the sides with a middle part and tied up in a fluffy, wavy ponytail.

The ponytail spreads over the back and becomes undetectable with a rearview. For a change of hairstyle, you may slick down the entire head and create a ponytail updo. 

7. Straight Lines Rubber Band Hairstyle


You needn’t create single or double cornrows on your deep wave wig. Get out of this comfort box by plaiting 8 lines from the front to the crown level. The remainder of the hair stays loosely free.

The lines entail square sections held in small rubber bands. Precisely, the pony of one section is tied to the next section, back to back, till you reach the end of the line. These rubber bands can be in any color of choice. 

8. Red Waves Style 


Flashy red waves on your deep wave wig denote a charming, vibrant self. It’s a color associated with luxury and aggression. It depicts the world as your place to explore, unafraid of any circumstances. 

Remember, red is not solidly red. There are several red shades, such as ginger red, scarlet red, auburn red, and burgundy. The exquisite variety poses an opportunity to go on an adventure, whether a monofilament, lace, hand-tied, or capless wig type.

9. Sleek Side Swoop 


Combine your side part hairstyle with a sleek side swoop for a dress-to-kill appearance. After doing the side parts, swoop the upper section over the forehead to the side. Using the same wig brush, smooth down the gel to slick down the swoop. 

Lastly, go in with a ponytail or bun. This hairstyle is one popular way to style your wig hair, like the celebrated vocalist Ariana Grande. 

10. Half Zig Zag Part Space Buns 


Teens in your household would love this hairstyle. They enjoy being lethal beauties in college to drift every attention their way. 

For the exhilarating youthful countenance, the front portion is split into two with a zig-zag lined parting. The two halves are tied down in space buns. 

Spruce up everything with tendrils and beautifully laid edges. So, expose your grown babies to deep wave wigs with plucked-out hairlines for them to get the most out of this hairstyle. 

11. Half Cornrow Braids 


Half the deep wave wig in cornrows is equally worth a try hairstyle. This hairstyle is slightly similar to the aforementioned rubberband line hairstyle. Only that in this case, rubber bands are absent, and the lines are cornrow plaits. 

The cornrows gradually increase in size as they move away from the forehead. And they’re neatly spaced to disclose the excellent artistry. 

12. Double Line Cornrow


If the time to attend to your hair is little and cornrows are your favorite, opt for double line cornrows. Before wearing the wig hairstyle, plait the cornrows while the wig is on a wig stand or mannequin. That’s in your leisure time.

So, on those hectic mornings, you just wear the wig, and you’ll be spick and span to show up at your workplace. 

13. Wave Highlights 


Deep wave wigs mustn’t own a monotonous solid color from the roots to the tips. Look for wig pieces with color highlights to undo the monotony and dive in exuberance. These color highlights are often bright and take up small wig sections. 

For instance, a brown wig may have honey blonde highlights. Or a deep black wig with burgundy highlights is another chic highlight idea. 

14. Half up, Half down Claw Clip


Due to their tiny size, hair ties are mostly invisible. It’s better to use big claw clips to grip the hair, and the clip’s beauty is still visible. Claw clips come in various lovely shapes and sizes. 

You may hold the whole hair with the claw clip. But half claw-clipped hair looks more aesthetically pleasing. With the bouncy waves, the entire semblance is breathtaking. Ensure the clip color compliments the color of the deep wave wig. 

15. Half Double Ponytails 


Half double ponytails are refreshingly youthful and juvenile. In this era of dynamic fashion trends, children relish a little extra sass and this hairstyle is undoubtedly appropriate for them. 

If they wear wigs for health reasons, transform their allure with the half double ponytails. Some may prefer the ponytails tied down to tame them; not a bad desire after all. Of most importance is that they feel good about their hair and overall physique. 

16. Tied with Beaded Hair Ties 


Modify your ponytail or bun hairstyles with colorful beaded hair ties. Mostly, it’s considered kid’s fashion, but young adults can glow in them. The hairstyle offers dramatic fashion statements. 

You match the bead color to your body attire to bring out a magnificent look. They are a great way to have fun with color on your deep wave wig hair. The beads may be candy, round, ribbon, or flower-shaped beads. 

17. Blonde Hair 


Women with blonde hair look incomparably attractive. Challenge yourself by wearing a blonde deep wave wig, especially if you’re light-complected. However, it’s pretty on sharp-faced brunettes, too. 

It gives you a frivolous, soft demeanor. It shows glam and is often perceived to make a woman approachable, frank, and somewhat entertaining. Wear blonde wigs to a nightclub or a thrilling party to display your fun personality.

18. Colorful Butterfly Clip Hairstyle


Turn yourself a little younger and childish by incorporating butterfly clips into your style. It’s a technique to pimp your deep wave wig and uplift a hairstyle’s vibrance. 

Be all bubbly with different colors of the butterfly clips. Fix them in different locations. You may have them along the ponytail or clipped onto buns or the slicked-down region. 

Balance out the clips on your head to avoid an overly exaggerated look. The fewer the small butterfly clips, the better. 

19. Fluffy Massive High Bun 


You can bring out your wild side with an outrageously huge high bun on your deep wave wig. Considering it’s an updo hairstyle, you will need a full lace or 360 lace wig to create the most natural look. 

In order for the bun to be as big as possible, you will have to wear extra-long wigs. Such wigs help you achieve long ponytails that build up into a massive bun when loosely twisted down. 

20. Criss-cross Rubber band Hairstyle 


In the slicked-down region, create hair sections and tie them in criss-cross patterns using rubber bands. The hairstyle provides a special flair and a fancy design on the deep wave wig. 

Finalize everything with a ponytail updo that reveals the stunning waves of the wig. The rubber bands can be in different colors to buff up your look and divert attention to the criss-cross pattern.

21. Bantu Knots Hairstyle 


The Bantu knots hairstyle screams Afro-centric energy and rejuvenates the look of every woman. Regardless of the hairstyle’s origin, any lady is sure to be a real beauty. 

For frontals and full lace deep wave wigs, make the bantu knots in the front region only. As for a full lace wig, you can fix the knots on the entire cranium. The knots are achieved by twisting down the small ponytails. 

22. Side Stitch Braid with High Pony 


The side stitch on a deep wave wig effortlessly stands out. It’s kind of a small piece of art on the side to polish your visage. The stitch braid is plaited from the furthest front edge close to the ear and runs towards the crown. 

Usually, the ponytail of the stitch braid should be left unbraided. And held together with the rest of the wig hair to form a high pony. 

23. Messy Buns 


Messy buns are normal buns teased a little to appear ruffled. The buns look like hair blown by the wind. They could be double messy buns, one huge bun, or in the half up half down hairstyles.

The style looks more sexy and cute than tidy hairstyles. To some extent, the hairstyle conveys your carefree yet beautiful nature. 

24. Cool Pink Style 


Pink hairstyles are slightly abnormal in a positive way. Pink is cool and girly and tends to depict the feminine classy vibe. You’ve seen the hairstyle on cascading waves of your favorite celebrities. 

Think of the famous songstress Dua Lipa and Nicki Minaj, the queen of rap. So, why not have the pink, deep wave wig hairstyle on yourself?

This case, you’ll be the queen of pink beauty wherever you go. 

25. Stitch Braids with Low Ponytails 


Stitch braids are everything you’ve ever wanted if you desired bold plaits. The stitch pattern has the right amount of sass and unwavering prettiness. 

The stitch style may be in updos or plaited to the furthest back of the head. Then, tied in high ponytails/buns or nestled in low ponytails/buns, depending on preference. The hairstyle can be worn together with any outfit and to whichever occasion or place. 

26. Fancy Middle Part with Pearly Snap Clips 


Look at what pearly snap clips can do to your hair. In a short time, you can convert your hair from normal to extraordinary without fully committing to it. 

Make the middle part and slip in the sap clips on both sides of the part. Gleam in the hairstyle as the pearls on the snap clips glow and shine out to the world. 

Wear this style with your casual two-piece outfit, like a loose oversized T-shirt and jeans. 

27. Low Ponytail with Scrunchie Tie 


Big scrunchies are ideal for you when you want a no-fuss low ponytail. The style makes people with any face shape look more beautiful. The scrunchie just makes a bold statement of an existing ponytail at your neck.

This hairstyle is simply a twist of a low ponytail. Scrunchies can fit well in a low bun and appear gorgeous. It’s great for mature women after a simple hairdo that screams maturity. 

28. Pastel Hues 


Pastel hues give your deep wave wig an instant natural color boost. They’re soothing colors forming something like a color palette on your head. Creamy mint, lavender, mauve, pale turquoise, and sky blue are some of the most common pastel hair colors.

You may take your curly, wavy wig to a colorist for an exceptional color change. Pastel-colored wigs are excellent costume pieces for cosplaying. You may also make it your Halloween outfit as long as it fits your Halloween theme. 

29. Wrap Scarf Headband Style 


There is something timeless and deluxe about wrapping scarf headbands. It’s a remarkable retro hairstyle on its own, as scarves don’t have to be worn to bed. 

They’re fashionable accessories that a stylish woman cannot overlook. If they can’t be headbands, you can wrap them on bob deep wave wigs from the front to the back. Aim for Ankara head wraps to uplevel your fashion taste. 

30. Cap Wig Style 


With the versatility of deep wave wigs, you can try out the cap wig style. These caps may come sewn onto the deep wave wig. Alternatively, you may wear the cap on top of the deep wave wig. 

The cap style blends perfectly with casual attire. It will make you look angelic while on a beach vacation or picnic with friends. 

31. Huge Round Bun Updo 


You may mold the huge bun into a round shape to look voluminous. The hairstyle is simple, fresh, and more posh than the ordinary bun. It offers a ground to accessorize the hair with beads, strings, or scrunchies. 

This style is enough for everyday work. It suits corporate ladies required to comply with strict dress codes. It appears laid-back, relaxed, and calm. 

32. Afro Bob 


The afro bob is a sleek and steamy short-length hairstyle. It shows off a sassy attitude with the bouncy, dense, and massive mane. The hairstyle gives a dramatic and overly showy stature. 

With the added touch of bangs, the style is explicitly a go-to. It’s suitable for women who love fake short-length hair that’s easy to maintain. Sometimes, our long hair is a hassle to maintain and care for, and such deep wave wigs are a guaranteed solution. 

33. Purple Style 


The purple style is a color anyone can pull off and adorn however they desire. It takes courage to step out of the box and explore this hairstyle idea because purple is bright-colored.

It’s a fanciful way of enjoying deep colors. In fact, the purple hue is a color of royalty, and once that perspective gets into you, you appreciate the tranquility that this pigment boasts. 

34. Shoulder-length Lob Style


If you’re in-between, the shoulder-length lob should be your starting point as you taste different hairstyles. The lob is neither too short nor too long. It’s the long bob that goes beyond the cheeks and stands at the shoulder level or slightly beyond the shoulders.

It understands its design of flattering the jawline and making a beautiful long face conspicuous. It further highlights the cheekbones and the contours to make your special features detectable to people. 

35. Bridal Crown Braid 


In your bridal spirit, rock the crown braid to leave mouths agape as you stroll down the aisle. The crown braid, as it shows, is a braid plaited round, starting from the furthest front, and rounding the head to form a halo. 

Spice up the crown braid with a gaudy floral clip. Go ahead and swamp the style with chic curly tendrils emanating from any region and some falling over the forehead.

36. Pixie Cut 


Pixie cuts are irresistible if you know how to accomplish and style the hairstyle. If chopping to achieve the hairstyle proves difficult, buy a ready-to-wear pixie cut deep wave wig. Later, do the modifications you want to get the exact look you longed for. 

This is a unique short-length hairstyle. You’ll spend much less time getting ready for an event. It’s appropriate for all events and occasions. 

37. Wispy Bangs Style


A wispy bang totally elevates your deep wave wig hairstyle. It instantly charms your overall hairdo to admirable levels. It cutely accentuates the eyes and covers the fine lines on the forehead. 

It’s the best tactic to flaunt the texture and volume of your deep wave wig. By that, it fosters confidence and love for one’s hair. When you feel nice about your look, other people also feel the same towards your appeal.

38. Side Low Ponytail 


The side low ponytail will have you strutting in pride and awe of your marvelous deep wave wig. Rather than the tie being centrally positioned over the neck, this time, it’s pushed to the side.

If on the side, the ponytail may fall over the front onto your bust to augment the look. A style like this would be great for church days or strolls in town. It’s another casual hairstyle for your leisure errands. 

39. Side Pony Updo 


You can be more playful with your deep wave wig and create a side pony updo. Lift all the hair and tie on the side. For the most breezy look, do it on a dense medium-length deep wave and find pleasure in the style, too. 

No matter the side you position the ponytail, make the hairstyle on full lace wigs. You can opt for deep wave wigs with more closely packed waves for a more edgy style. 

40. High Tower Ponytail 


This signature high tower ponytail is an exaggerated form of the high ponytail. The ponytail is made to rise higher than the usual ponytail to bring out the illusion of a tower. 

High tower ponytails are right on trend, and you could pick up the trend. It’s the perfect sensational hairstyle for people who adore wild appearances. 

41. Vivid Blue 


Blue deep wave wigs are epitomes of femininity. It suits all skin tones and mostly young ladies. 

If you’re indecisive with dramatic hair colors for your wig, you may blindly kick off your color adventure with blues. See how the journey takes you with the inspired cool look. It may be a wonderful experience if you go in with highlights to make the blue hue more exciting. 

To Try Deep Wave Wig Hairstyles 

With their versatility and glamorous appeal, deep wave wigs are a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their hairdos. When it is time to shift from an ordinary to an extraordinary look, think of the deep wave hairstyles we’ve detailed for you. 

As you’ve seen, the deep wave wigs offer endless opportunities for style evolution and exploration. Feel free to ask questions and more details of the deep wave hairstyles in the comment section below. 

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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