9 Easy Tips To Repair Hair After Extensions Removed

repair hair after extensions removed

Hair extensions offer the freedom of adding length and fullness to your natural hair. Unfortunately, these beauty products come with their drawbacks. They can lead to breakage, cause thinning, and even result in hair loss. Most extension damages result from traction or pulling of the hair follicles. For this reason, they should be correctly applied …

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How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair

Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair

Hair extensions can make your hair look longer and more beautiful.  But, customizing hair extensions can become challenging if your hair is very short. To make it look natural, you should apply extra effort and follow the correct procedures. This article will help to hide extensions in short hair. Let’s get started! Why Do Extensions …

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What Is 6D Hair Extensions? Everything You Need to Know

6D Hair extensions

You could initially install hair extensions as tape-in or clip-in extensions. But recent evolution has brought forth 6D hair extensions. Many people commonly refer to it as pre-bonded or fusion hair extensions.  Besides being simple, low-maintenance, safe, and efficient, it is also low-cost and long-lasting. Throughout this article, you will learn everything you need to …

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How to Wash Hair Extensions: 10 Steps to Follow

wash hair extensions

Enjoying the length and luxurious style brought to you by hair extensions is one thing. But how to wash hair extensions is another thing taken lightly yet equally important. Your hair extensions must always be kept clean and well-maintained at all costs. And this might not be clear, especially to ladies wearing extensions for the …

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How to Store Hair Extensions?

How to store hair extensions

Most women think the correct care for hair extensions entails detangling, and cleaning from time to time.  You see, there’s more to that. Has it ever struck you that the washing or detangling you do is meaningless without suitable storage? In any case, the clip-in and halo extensions worn and removed every day are subject …

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10 Tips To Make Hair Extensions Last Longer

Hair Extensions Care Tips

Whether sew-ins or clip-in extensions, every hair extension accords you with the desired length and fullness. Most importantly, hair extensions are a source of beauty and profound glamour. However, you cannot gain these benefits for long with improper care and maintenance. Your way of caring for your hair extensions determines their longevity of service. I …

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