Welcome to the beautiful world of hair beauticians! We’re glad that you’ve landed here to know about us and who we are. 

Our Commission

We’re a team of hair problem solvers inspiring the wig-wearing generation and instilling unbridled hair confidence all across the planet.

As hair is a crucial aspect, we launched online to dispense information-rich knowledge, guidance, and expert advice in all wigs and hair extensions specialties.

We are always ready to hold your hand and walk you through wig matters with our resourceful articles and insightful tips. In our mind, the key destination is wholesome hair, beauty, and glamour in women regardless of background or race.

Our Vision

At Wigsmaster, we hope to be the source of encouragement to people in their quest to own fabulous and better hair every day.

We seek to take it a step further and become renowned champions for unwavering hair beauty and all that comes with great responsibility.

By interacting with interested parties on a one-on-level, we encourage the masses to share their hair perspectives and personal hair experiences to build a strong rapport.

We want to see more and more people confiding in us about the hair predicaments they face daily. What they cannot disclose to anybody, they can rest their hearts with us.

We envision a large online hair community-powered to develop and unearth new and realistic wig ideas. 

Where does the name “WigsMaster” come from?

We must admit that we’re not the so-called “master”. We’re not exactly gurus of wigs and hair extensions but passionate enthusiasts on the road to becoming real masters in the hair industry.

Our true love and avid nature stimulate us to learn more and teach people wise counsel on hair essentials. We like to grow with people through our educational content and let them be masters of their own.

Together, we will be the unshakeable wigs masters adept at their craft and worthy of the powerful title.

Who We are

Charity Nasike

Charity Nasike is our Kenyan author, expressive and talented in twisting words to a very comprehensive level. She cannot sit egocentric with informative knowledge. She is always itched to go the extra mile of providing in-depth, far-fetched hair discoveries. 

She grew up in a kinky-haired African family. With the hassles of managing such hair, she embarked on a journey to find something that could eliminate the pain and the time wastage in her morning tussles to work. First, she tried cornrows, but that was not satisfactory. 

Upon consulting at her favorite salon, her adventurous hairdresser introduced her to wigs, though she was adamant in the beginning. Today, she speaks of wigs as her second love- her first love being herself. 

Another side of her is her enthusiasm for food and nature. She enjoys coming up with food recipes. And she derives comfort and tranquility from viewing birds and the wild. 



Serena is the website owner. She spearheads the website’s general functionality.

Her selfless personality engenders a rising population of wig fans. She is a mother of two beautiful kids away from her website projects. She acknowledges them as the force that propels her to be better in all angles of life. 

She’s had the opportunity to travel worldwide, through which she realized most women out there are grappling with hair problems like her before. In all honesty, she was a victim of hair loss a few years back. That is the core reason for her odyssey to create wig blogs to help fellow women in the same bracket. 

When she does not attend to her website, she is engrossed in playing tarot and word card games. She’s a dog lover, genuine foodie, and flowers evoke a smile and a sense of calm in her. 

Serena with her puppy

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We hope that our witty and inspirational articles and online resources are helpful in the realm of understanding wigs and hair extensions. 

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