Wig Density: Everything You Need to Know

Grasping the nuances of wig density can elevate your style game, ensuring that your wig doesn’t just sit atop your head but blends beautifully as if it’s sprouting from your very roots. Whether you prefer an understated aura of elegance or a lavish cascade of curls, understanding wig density is key to a harmonious hairstyle. …

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Wig Installation Prices: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the world of wig installation? You’ll quickly find that prices can be as varied as the styles you’re considering. From a simple clip-in piece to a full lace front wig requiring professional installation, costs can range from $100 to $500, or even upwards of $1000 for the most intricate services. It’s important to factor …

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Why Did Brett Somers Wear a Wig?

Brett Somers, a famous actress, was known for her roles on “Match Game” and her signature assortment of wigs. Her decision to wear wigs was a practical solution to maintaining a consistent appearance on screen without subjecting her natural hair to constant styling. This allowed her to keep up with rapidly changing beauty trends and …

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How to Cut a Wig Shorter? Expert’s Tips

Are you looking to give your wig a fresh, new look? Cutting your wig shorter can be a quick and effective way to tailor it to your style. Whether you’re aiming for a shorter hairstyle or just want to trim off some split ends, learning how to properly cut your wig can transform its appearance …

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Top 40+ Deep Wave Wig Hairstyles for You


Deep wave wigs are popular for their cascading waves and voluminous, bouncy hair. The wave pattern on the tresses nearly looks like the cool beachy texture.  The best thing of all, they possess versatility in styling. We’re going to show you how you can pull off different deep wave wig hairstyles.  You don’t have to …

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Donate Wigs: A Guide on How and Where to Do

donating wigs 1

Your hair can strongly influence your confidence levels. It affects the way you see yourself and how others view you. We style our hair frequently to express our personalities and styles. However, people with hair loss can’t enjoy this kind of privilege. However, donate wigs can help such people gain back their confidence and self-esteem. …

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18 Quick & Easy 360 Lace Wig Hairstyles for You


360 lace wigs are popular for their circle of lace and the visually appealing natural hairline. Unlike the lace front wig, this wig has its lace going around the wig’s perimeter, granting greater versatility in styling. So, when you get the 360 lace wig instead of the lace frontal, you are at an advantage of …

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22 Best Bob Wig Styles for You to Try


Bob wigs are popular among modern women of today. Whether young or old, these wigs make your formal look appear casual. It totally takes you out of the corporate world and provides freedom of dressing.  Most wig companies have this wig type as one of their best-selling wigs. That’s partly due to the fact that …

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Tapered Hairlines: Benefits, Styles, and Tips


People with natural hair always have plenty of options when it trickles down to styling. One of them is the tapered hairlines that’s pretty classic and revolutionary at sight.  Tapered hairlines epitomize a magical transformation that profoundly impacts outward appearance.  You see your favorite celebrities looking ever sleek. The likes of Christiano Ronaldo, Drake, David …

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16 Best 1980s Hairstyles for Black Female


Here are some top 80s hairstyles for black female in this article. If you have been following the latest fashion trend, you may notice that 1980s hairstyles are making a comeback. From voluminous curls to Afro, retro-inspired hairs are gaining followers on social media. In this article, we have curated 16 hairstyles that were popular …

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