Top 65+ Invisible Locs Hairstyles for You

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Be the kind of person who enjoys invisible locs hairstyles to the maximum by exploring different hairstyles. In the 4 weeks of wear, tweak your dress code to look your absolute best in crowds. 

We’ve gone out of our way to highlight 65+ most beautiful invisible loc hairstyles for you. Every hairstyle is well-detailed for easy comprehension. 

The variety we’ve exposed aims to give you liberty of choice. So don’t conform to monotony. 

Let’s now get to the most awaited part. 

1. Blonde Highlights

Blonde hair is considered attractive and gaudy. Therefore, adding blonde highlights with some of the invisible loc strands is a great idea. These blonde invisible locs may be blended with black or brown extensions to light up the dark hue.

Invisible Locs Hairstyles: 1-Blonde-Highlights

2. Black and Blue 

Why go full black when you can combine black with blue? The two colors easily complement each other. In this case, alternate blue locs with black locs. Or start with blue at the base till midway and let blue continue to the locs’ ends. 


3. Purple Highlights

Be royal and queen-like with this color of love and luxury. Highlight your locs with purple extensions to bring out a more conspicuous look. 

Dark purple readily melds with dark-complected people. If you’re one, try out this style for your invisible locs. 


4. Box Braids

For a start with the invisible locs hairstyle, section out box-shaped partings. A secret for you; let the partings be square boxed to look neat and even at the scalp. This common parting is easy to do at home by yourself. 


5. Braided Updo

You can hold up the invisible locs in a stylish braided updo. The hairstyle flatters everybody, whether round-faced or oval-faced, in terms of facial configuration. 

It’s done by plaiting cornrows of the invisible locs, and the cornrow ends upheaved at the furthest front. That’s close to the forehead.


6. Colored Tips

Rather than having color highlights, you may have the tips of the invisible locs in a different hue. It may be black, which ends in pink, purple, brown, or blue. Or go with fiery reds ending in ginger tones. Whichever color you choose should complete the starter color. 


7. Curly Bangs

Popping curly bangs in your invisible locs transforms it from a basic look to an extraordinary one. The curls in the bangs elevate the bangs’ appearance to make you look outrightly beautiful. The style appears the most elegant on bright-toned extensions like blondes and ginger. 

8. Half Up Bun

This hairstyle looks incredible on small-faced women. It’s also appealing on sharp, oblong facial shapes. It includes the top half tied down in a bun and the remaining half left to spread at the back. The bun may be in any bun shape of choice, whether donut, petal, or a simple knot.


9. Halo Braid

Halo braids are a way to go all loud and easily noticeable. The hairstyle instantly adds glamour and could be perfect for your wedding day. Wear it as the bride on your grand day and accentuate the look with floral hair clips. 


10. High Bun

As for high buns, they’re fancy in their own unique way. They give off a tower-like appearance to attract attention and eyes moving your side. Simply hold the hair with a hair tie at the highest front and bun down the ponytail. 


11. High Ponytail

Instead of the high bun, you could just work with the high ponytail. It’s much easier and takes less time. After tying with the hair tie, allow the pony to lie loosely free. The style is best suited for long invisible locs for it to turn out gorgeous.


12. Jumbo Twists

By the word jumbo, you already know it’s all about chunky invisible locs. So, you’ll use large-sized bunches of the extensions to produce the jumbo twists. It’s great for people who’d love a short installation time as it takes little time to finish fixing. 


13. Layered Style

The invisible locs don’t have to be at the same level after installation. Make them be at different levels in cascading layers for a touch of exquisiteness. This requires a professional stylist to achieve the look and be totally comfortable and confident in the style. 


14. Middle Part

Middle parts are one of the easiest to accomplish. It juices up freely, flowing invisibly locs. 

The hairstyle involves creating a parting at the middle of the locs from the front to the crown. Then, let the locs lie on both sides of the part for the parting to be visible. 


15. Mohawk 

If you want to appear unruly and tough on the outside, try out mohawks. It’s a matter of testing the waters even though you’re a sweet girl deep down. With this style, you tie up the locs from the sides to the center and create a hump from the front to the back or reverse. 


16. Ombre

Ombre is a popular hair color for decorating your invisible locs. You need not bleach but feed in ombre-colored extensions. 

It’s a cute graduation from a light hue to a darker hue. The ombre shade could gradually transition from white to silver gray, or purple to black. 


17. Perm Rod Set

You can alternatively enhance the look with perm rods. Roll over sections of the invisible locs over the perm rods and sit under a dryer for the recommended time. 

If you’ll be doing the activity yourself, seek guidance from an experienced hairdresser. The finished look will be springy, tight curls with a lovely demeanor. 


18. Pineapple Updo

Love fruit shapes? I bet you can be artsy and attain a pineapple updo. It may sound tricky, but a determined person will enjoy the most out of the look. It will involve a high ponytail followed by wraps round the high ponytail and leaving the ponytail ends free. 


19. Invisible Locs with Curls

Don’t be so usual with straight invisible locs. Spice up the locs with curls for a different yet impressive countenance. The curls kick out the boring appeal for a style that will rarely irk you. Sometimes, flip your head for the curls to bounce and show off your girly attitude. 


20. Green Highlights

The highlighting invisible locs can be green. With some of the locs green, you’re sure to look marvelous and do the transformation because you want to. 

Green has a wide range of shades. You can first taste light green shades. The darker shades are awesome for you if you have a dark complexion.


21. Red Highlights

If other bright-colored highlights are unsatisfactory, venture into red highlights. Red reveals fierce personalities. 

To not be screaming red, highlights moderate the brightness rather than having all the locs red. Mix with black, for instance, for a subtle magnificence. 


22. Shaved Sides

Flaunt your cheekbones and the jawline with shaved sides. The style may be slightly masculine with regard to societal norms. But it’s a trendy ladies’ hairdo and undoubtedly feminine. 

It looks good on young ladies, especially those with voluminous hair that creates bulky, invisible locs.


23. Short Bob

Short bobs make a statement when it comes to beautifully framing your face. You can have the bob reaching your cheek or chin. 

Well, short hair always receives attention because it emphasizes the facial features. It makes your eyes, nose, and eyebrows more noticeable.


24. Lob Style

You can still have the bob but have it long to form an alluring lob. Let the length lie between the chin and the collarbone. It’s a medium length that is best for someone who wants neither too short or long invisible locs. 


25. Mid-back Locs

Needing a hairstyle longer than the lob, think of the mid-back invisible locs. The invisible locs will go over your shoulders and lie in the middle of your back. It’s up to you to find the correct length of the extensions to actualize this hairstyle. 


26. Side Part

Side parts offer a killer look. It’s more fascinating than the ordinary middle part. This time, you part your invisible locs at one of the temples, depending on which side is suitable for you. It could be on the left or the right. 


27. Side Swoops

Side swoops can either be due to creating side or middle parts or just flipping all the locs to one side. The swoop looks like a heap of locs nestled on one side. You may touch up with a high bun to augment the appearance. 


28. Low Ponytail

Ponytails needn’t be high all the time when making your ponytails. You may have them low, held at the nape of your neck.

The style is good for an evening run or jog. You look sassy as you exercise hard to keep fit. 


29. Crown Bun

Your bun can be at the crown. This time, let it not be at the topmost part of the head or held low. Crown buns are nice when you want to play around with your bun locations. 

It’s sleek wear that could be your corporate wear, regardless of the misconception that locs are not professional-looking. Do the hairstyle perfectly well and own the official look


30. Loose Twists

The twist definition along the shaft can be in loose twists. As you twist one strand over the other, ensure you do not hold the strands tight. The twist shape will be intact, and the twists will not come undone as long as you seal the ends with a rubber band tie. 


31. Straight Curtain Bangs

With this hairstyle, the bangs remain straight and fall over your forehead and very close to your eyes. Like the name suggests, the invisible locs will form a curtain for your forehead. It’s fabulous for women with large foreheads hoping to conceal them. 


32. Tapered Cut

The shaved sides can be given a tapered cut for a dose of chic and style. The shaving achieves hair length that gradually shortens towards the hairline. The hairline can also be tapered if you desire an exhilarating physique. 

Most times, the style has an undercut. The hair at the front to the crown is braided in invisible locs, which could be short bobs or long to fall over the tapered sides. 


33. Twisted Crown

To augment a crown bun, the bun can be twisted or rolled to form the bun. It simply makes the bun fancier and more attractive. Plus, it helps to tighten the tie down to tame your hair if you don’t want it coming on your face. 


34. Waist Length Locs

Some women love the thrill they get from extra-length locs. So, if you’re one who likes to rock wild lengths,  endeavor to give the waist-length invisible locs a shot. The locs reach the waistline. This requires more packs of extensions to extend the locs.  


35. Waterfall Braids

By the waterfall, we mean the invisible locs lie freely and spread onto your back like a waterfall. Strand by strand, separately falling on the back, creates the illusion of braids when, in actual sense, they’re loc’d. The style is for people who love simplicity and are not ready to endure sophisticated hairstyles. 


36. Yarn Twists

You can make invisible locs from yarn twist hair. They’re thread-like and lighter than the Cuban twist or the Marley hair. It’s okay for those who want extra lightweight, invisible twists and no shiny hair. It’s good for those who don’t fancy attention. 


37. Half Top Knot

Half buns can be in top knots instead. In this regard, the pony is tied into a large knot. It’s less complicated than a bun. Then obviously, the back is left loose. 

It grants a youthful look. This is the hairstyle if you want to look younger than your age. 


38. Half Double Buns, Half Down

College girls will relish this dolly appearance for a show-off at school. It may divert schoolmates in your direction and even solicit sweet praises from them. Don’t be surprised if you make more friends with this hairstyle. 

So, split the upper half into two buns located side by side. 


39. Criss-cross Style

The crisscross style is whereby the flat twisted roots crisscross each other before feeding in extensions. It needs an artistic mind to fulfill the hairstyle.

It’s intricate, though urbane. I bet you’ll be the most unique in your surroundings when you wear it. You can try it on your little one and accessorize the crisscross section with golden beads. 


40. Burgundy Locs

Burgundy is a deeply rich hue that warms up your skin tone. It’s a wonderful, fun way to burnish the invisible locs look. 

It’s a mix of brown and purple that resembles a fine wine pigment. Therefore, purple fanatics can delight in the burgundy hairstyle. 

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41. Triangle Box Style

Keep the scalp cute with uniform triangular-patterned partings. Make the triangles slightly equilateral to appear neat and orderly. This parting method is peculiar and elevates your invisible locs hairstyle. 

It befits youths and ladies with an eccentric fashion sense. Glam in the style to go away from your regularity. 


42. Half Ponytail, Half Down

The half ponytail, half down hairstyle is cliche and has been with us for a long time. If you don’t want a full ponytail, this is the more comfortable version, particularly if you have dense invisible locs. 

Sometimes, tying all of the strands can be a headache. Better hold half into a ponytail to ease the styling and put less tension on your locs. 


43. Space Buns

This is a teenie bunny look. Teens may love it to express their personal style. However, your little cutie will also be marvelous in it as the hairstyle is not age-restrictive. 

You complete the hairstyle by first making double ponytails with sufficient space between them. Lastly, bun down the ponytails. As simple as that, you have your hair well done. 


44. Back-to-back Double Buns

Double buns or space buns don’t have to be side by side. You may have them back to back vertically from the front to the back. It’s an ideal technique for wearing two buns in an extraordinary way. Strive to come up with the hairstyle to be a hot pie. 


45. Invisible Locs with Hair Beads

Who said you have to manipulate your hair to possess a hairstyle? By just feeding the locs in beads, you’ll have created a hairstyle. 

Hair beads are available in different colors and shapes. For your baby girls, try out candy-shaped or ribbon-shaped beads. Be as adventurous as you can to make them fall in love with their hair every day. 


46. Swept Back

Swept back suggests no style partings in the invisible loc mane. You shovel all the locs from the front to the back with your hand. It’s more like a sweep motion. 

The hairstyle is perfect for mature women. These are women who dislike meddling with their hair and want it simple-looking. 


47. Heart Bun

Boost the tresses’ stature with a heart bun. If you believe you totally understand the sophistication that lies here, go for it. The bun is in the form of a heart shape and is terrific for a love-filled Valentine’s Day date. 


48. Bold Pink Style

Pink is the color of Barbies. Go full-blown with Nicki Minaj’s pop color for a striking hair show. 

The hairstyle is rarely worn as people presume it’s too girlish. But it’s still a sensation in today’s hair trends. Look for pink hair extensions to achieve a bubbly hairstyle. 


49. Two-toned

This blends two matching colors, one light and the other dark-toned. The two colors may alternate strand by strand, or both show on an individual strand. Alternatively, you can do with half the locs in one color and the other half in another hue. 


50. Cornrow

Although invisible locs are already plaits, you can further cornrow them down. For instance, you can create beautiful cornrow lines from the front to the middle head. 

This style is versatile. Come up with your own cornrow designs to look greatly unique. 


51. Heart Shape

You cannot have your eyes not noticing this hairstyle. The heart shape feature on one side brings out a fresh look and an unexpected way of wearing the invisible locs. 

It adds a lot of city style for snappy dressers. Incorporate a side swoop to make the heart shape visible. 


52. Big Box Style

Pretty invisible loc hairstyles are reliant on the scalp partings. We’re used to small to medium box partings when big boxes are appealing, too. 

Accompany the style with jumbo invisible locs as the big sizes complement one another. The hairstyle offers a bold look.


53. Ginger Style

Put natural hair colors on a break and embrace ginger to brighten the look. That’s without putting your hair at risk of bleach damage by working with ginger extensions. It adds a modern touch to your invisible locs and gives a calm ambiance. 


54. Red and Yellow highlights

Go hullabaloo with red mixed with yellow highlights to pop a scenic appearance. That way, you step up your color game for the world to spot your presence.  And it shows how you cultivate your styling freedom to be the best and most confident version of yourself. 


55. Low Bun

Low buns are a basic look that depends on what you pair it with for a flawless hairdo. Combine low buns with a side swoop or curtain bangs to spruce up your image. This will take you from the ordinary sass to a classy feel. 


56. Crotchet Style

Crotcheting the extensions into the braid as you fix the invisible locs is a hairstyle. Look at it as a styling option to uplift your styling techniques. In fact, it’s easier for a beginner stylist aiming for a thorough installation. 


57. Double Ponytails

For a girls’ night out, it’s fun to play with your invisible locs and turn them into double ponytails. The style is refreshingly youthful, and some consider it childish. But no doubt this is great to lessen your age.

The double ponytails lie side by side, and the extensions fall on the sides. 


58. Red Locs

Redheads are fiery and unafraid to stick out like a sore thumb. So, get creative with red-themed invisible locs to breathe life into your dull look. The dazzling hint of color could be the gateway to your hair revolution. 


59. Petal Bun

Flowers are most ladies’ love. And to be symbolic of your love for flowers, you can experiment with the petal bun. It involves loops that portray a flower petal over your head. 

It’s the outgoing, classy hairstyle that may keep heads turning. 


60. Half Petal Bun

Full petal buns are not necessarily a must-wear if you’re putting on petal buns. You can simply style only the half front in the petal bun. Undeniably, you will wow souls to love your personality and inspire them to steal your hairstyle for their next updo. 


61. Invisible Locs with Cowrie Shells

Appreciate the ocean world by accessorizing your invisible locs with lovely cowrie shells. Touch up with few, as inserting many creates an overdone look.  You can take regular hairstyles like ponytails and waterfalls to a new level of charming beauty. 


62. Asymmetrical Style

If the layered hairstyle poses problems, opt for the simpler asymmetrical style. Similarly, the loc lengths are different. But one side is shorter than the other.

The style looks splendid on the middle part, short bobs, or the lob hairstyle. 


63. Lilac Style

It’s superb to know that you can be funky with your invisible locs with the lilac pigment. The light shade of purple has become one romantic shade you cannot pass. Its pale pastel-like hue illuminates cool skin tones to look totally on point. 


64. Rainbow Style

The Rainbow hairstyle is perfect to showcase your sparkling hint of colors. It infuses a vivid texture to your invisible locs, like the braids in the picture. It’s the coolest idea to combine plenty of colors, mainly rainbow colors. 


65. Claw Clip Hairstyle

Get into this sexy hairstyle to add style and dimension to your invisible locs. Grab a quality jaw clip or claw clip, twist down the low ponytail, and clip it down. Or part the locs into two halves and clip the top half. 


66. Donut Bun

When you’re looking for something sleek and volumizing, donut buns suffice. The bun itself is widely round and donut-shaped. 

This choice of bun shape is easier to achieve with the donut bun band. Ask your stylist to help you create the hairstyle.


To Try Invisible Locs Hairstyles

The wide array of choices can be overwhelming as you cannot apply all the hairstyles in one go. We recommend starting out with simple hairstyles, such as buns and ponytails, before moving on to sophisticated ones. Keep switching from one to another to fully find the satisfaction in invisible locs.  

Also, be selfless by sharing with us your discovery of new invisible loc hairstyles. Simply drop a comment below. 

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