Passion Twists: Tools, Pros & Cons, Tips for You

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Passion twists offer a fresh alternative to the usual basic braids. They also give your hair the necessary protection it needs. If you’re looking for a trendy, low-maintenance style for the summer, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll tell you what passion twists are and how they differ from some common twists. You will also learn the pros and cons and how to maintain the fresh and attractive look.

Let’s go!

What Are Passion Twists?

Passion twists are a combination of Senegalese and goddess locs made with curly hair. The silky hair they are made of allows each strand to be beautifully twisted and curled. Passion twists braids come in various lengths and versions, including crochet, knotless, and jumbo.


Though sometimes categorized or referred to as faux locs, the two hairstyles are very different. Passion twists are actually made using silky fiber which is twisted into two strands to produce a full loc that looks like moisturized hair.

At first glance, passion twists may also resemble hairstyles like spring or Senegalese twists. What sets it apart, however, is the type and texture of hair used.

As passion twists creator Kailyn Rogers said, “Passion twists are two-strand twists with a curly, Bohemian, carefree vibe to them.”

How to Install Passion Twists at Home?

Passion twists are among the easiest hairstyles to install. You can crochet them into cornrows and box braids or create them from scratch by adding Free tress braiding hair to your natural hair. Either way, passion twists are pretty easy to install and don’t need professional help.

Here’s a simple guide to help you install passion twists by yourself at home.

Tools You’ll Need

  • Hair extensions
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Hair clips or rubber bands
  • Hair cutting scissors
  • Edge control gel


Preparing your natural hair is very important if you want perfect passion twists results. In addition, it makes the installation process smooth and less time-consuming.

Begin by washing out all the dirt and build-up using a sulfate-free shampoo. This type of shampoo is ideal since it doesn’t strip moisture from your hair.

Next, apply a conditioner immediately after the wash. Hair conditioning is crucial, especially for those dealing with naturally dry hair. After conditioning, apply your favorite moisturizer. Heavy moisturizers are better for nourishing as well as providing protection to your natural hair.

Spread the moisturizer evenly into your hair using a comb. In case you have thick hair, first divide it into sections and then apply the moisturizer evenly. 

The final step is drying your hair. You can use a hair dryer with a comb attachment to stretch your hair as it dries. Always protect your hair with heat protectant or put the blow dry on cool settings to prevent hair damage.

Steps to Install Passion Twists

Assuming you have assembled all the tools and prepared your hair well, let’s begin the installation. Installing passion twists is pretty easy and fun, so enjoy the process.

Step 1: Section Your Hair

First, part your natural hair into sections according to desired passion twist sizes.

Step 2: Manage the Frizz

Now, apply some control gel along the borders of the section to make them more defined.

Step 3: Secure Natural Hair to Extension

Next, separate your natural hair into two halves, then twist each half around each side of the extension.

Step 4: Start Twisting

When the extensions are secure, twist the hair down. Pull the hair taut every 2 inches to create the rough texture of passion twists.

Repeat the process for the remaining sections of hair.

As you’ve seen, installing passion twists is pretty easy. For a full head installation, you’ll need about 6–10 packs of passion braids.

However, the number can vary depending on your hair density, length and desired look. Your head size also matters, so be sure to check with your hairdresser on the number of packs needed.

Benefits of Passion Twists

Some passion twists’s advantages include:

1. Protective Hairstyle

Hair damage is one of the major reasons that people take into consideration when choosing a hairstyle. Lucky enough, passion twists are a protective hairstyle.

It allows you to moisturize your scalp and natural hair with no obstacles, especially in cold seasons when natural hair is prone to breakage.

Moreover, it hides your natural hair so that it’s not exposed to weather conditions and products from heat styling. This will enhance hair growth and keep your natural hair healthy.

2. Low Maintenance

Passion twists are perfect for someone with a busy schedule or anyone wanting to spend less time on their hair. The periodic touch-ups and restyling of passion twists aren’t necessary unlike most protective hairstyles.

Passion twists can stay on your head between 2-6 weeks, depending on how well you take care of them. The better maintained they are, the longer they will stay intact.

3. They Are Flexible

Another advantage that makes passion twists a popular choice is their flexibility. They offer a natural and flexible look, allowing you to style them in various ways, just like your natural hair. You can wear them loose, in various updos, or even in a half-bun.


Whether you prefer a professional or casual look, you can easily adapt your passion twists to match any style you want.

Drawbacks of Passion Twists

Some disadvantages of this trendy hairstyle include:

1. Installation Is Time-Consuming

Though the installation is simple, it is important to note that the process can be very time-consuming. Whether you install them yourself or hire a hairstylist, a full-head installation will take 4-8 hours to complete.

2. Potential Hair Damage

Although passion twists are protective hair styling, you have to be careful not to damage your hair. You can also prevent pain and scalp itchiness as well as the breakage of hair by ensuring that the twists are not tightly installed.

For safety purposes, ensure you use a skilled hairstylist who can maintain the needed tension level without damaging your hair.

3. Overall Weight

As mentioned earlier, passion twists come in varying lengths and thicknesses. Though thick passion twists are gorgeous, the extra weight can cause headaches, neck strain, and possibly hair loss.

4. Installation Cost

Passion twists can be an expensive hairstyle to get done. Firstly, depending on the quality and length or thickness of your desired twists, the hair extensions themselves can set you back from $50 up to $100.

The labor cost also varies according to the hairstylist’s rate in addition to location too. Generally, you’re looking at around $150-$300 for getting passion twists installed.

Maintenance Tips for Passion Twists

Proper care and maintenance are key if you want to keep that bohemian appearance. Here are a few tips to keep your passion twists fresh and stylish.

1. Occasionally Wash Your Hair

While swimming with your passion twists may be a terrible idea, occasional washing is very much okay if you want to keep your scalp and the twists clean. However, frequent washing may cause your passion twists to be frizzy and dull, so keep it to once every 2–3 weeks.


Avoid too much rubbing or twisting when washing your passion twists. Use your fingers to gently apply and work a sulfate-free shampoo on the exposed scalp. Next, use lukewarm to rinse it off, then apply a moisturizer.

Let the moisturizer sit for 5–10 minutes, then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Gently squeeze the twists to remove excess water, then dry them. You can let them air dry or use a hair dryer in a cool setting.

2. Moisturize Your Hair


Moisturizing your hair can help with the dryness and itching that comes with most protective hairstyles. It’s okay to apply anti-itch scalp oil if your scalp starts to itch. However, only use light hair oils 2–3 times a week to avoid buildup.

3. Protect Your Hair At Night

To protect your hair as you toss and turn throughout the night, wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf. These materials help keep your hair moisturized, preventing frizz and breakage. You can also use a silk pillowcase as a substitute.

Other care and maintenance tips for your passion twists include:

  • Re-twist your hair as it continues to grow
  • Be gentle and use a wide-tooth brush when detangling
  • Avoid over-manipulation

Frequently Asked Questions About Passion Twists

1. What Hair Is Best for Passion Twists?

The best hair for passion twists is one that is medium-sized, silky, not too tight and not too loose either. It should also have a looser curl pattern (wave or corkscrew type curl) and not tangle easily to make the installation easier.

2. Can I Get My Passion Twists Wet?

Yes, you can get your passion twists wet. Washing your passion twists once every 2-3 weeks is okay to keep them clean. Just remember to use lukewarm water when washing. If your passion twists are made of synthetic hair, then getting them wet may not be the best idea.

3. Can Passion Twists Be Reused?

Yes, you can reuse crochet passion twists. However, it all depends on the quality of passion hair used and how well you maintain them.

4. What Is Passion vs Spring Twist?

While most people confuse the hairstyles and sometimes interchange their names, the two hairstyles are actually different. Spring twists have a spring or coil pattern that’s tighter than passion twists. They also differ in the type of hair used, weight, durability and texture.

5. Do Passion Twists Last Longer Than Braids?

No, passion twists don’t last longer than braids. Passion twists can last for 2-6 weeks, while braids generally last for 6-8 weeks. However, both styles can last longer with proper maintenance.


Besides being low-maintenance, passion twists offer limitless possibilities for creativity through twisted hair. They come in varying lengths, textures, sizes, and colors, allowing you to style your hair in a beautiful way.
Are you curious to try out some passion twists? Read our post on passion twist hairstyles for trendy passion twist hairstyles that you should absolutely try out.

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