45 Passion Twist Hairstyles for You to Try

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Looking for a chic and trendy hairstyle? Passion twist hairstyles will definitely be a good choice. If you’re on the hunt for a new go-to style for this summer, then passion twists are the one to be!

They are created by Miami-based hairstylist Kailyn Rogers in 2018(or Boho Babe on Instagram). The passion twists are the new options for protective styles.

Passion twists are two-strand twists that are made by water wave braiding hair extensions. Their typical curly textures lend a Bohemian vibe while maintaining a natural look.

There are many benefits to having them, such as easy to maintain and water-friendly. It also caters to all hair textures that can be customized by a variety of lengths, colors, and sizes.

Following are 45 of the most outstanding passion twists hairstyles, keep reading to learn more.

Short Passion Twists

Short passion twists are classic and easy for summer seasons. Unlike many other passion twist styles, they are usually much shorter in length.

To achieve this cool hairstyle, there are a variety of different ways. We can simply use 2 packs of water wave braiding hair packs to create it.


Shoulder Length

Next comes with that shoulder-length styles. As its name referred to, the hair length of this style just reaches our shoulders.

The way to make this style is similar to short passion twists. We need to use 2-3 packs of passion twists braiding hair packs. But only need to cut up the hair packs in half.


Waist Length

Unlike the super short passion twists, the waist length is quite long till our waist. It is more popular among people during cold seasons. But in hot seasons, wearing waist-length twists hair will also make you stand out in the mass short hairstyles.

For this goddess style, remember to cut the pack’s length just around your waist.


Long Passion Twists

Another similar style is long passion twists. In these styles you don’t have to reach your waist just make it according to your preference.

They are usually created by 10 packs of water wave hair with different colors. Like like goddess locs, long passion twists have an elegant vibe to show. Wear this style with a long silk dress that will make you much amazing.



Next, we have ombre passion twists to show you. Ombre passion twists is a hairstyle that helps to show different colors of graduation. We can pick any colors such as from dark brown to light brown or dark brown to black.

This style fits better with longer hair packs so that can show the ombre more naturally.


Passion twists can also go with the highlight style. For people who don’t want whole black or ombre colors, then adding some highlights would be a great choice for you.

For example, dark hair passion twists with just a speck of lighter blonde highlights in the front will be excellent! We can also add highlights throughout the hair to brighten them all.


Two-Tone Passion Twist

The two-tone passion twists are another edgy style with bold hair color. With this style, we can combine two distinct shades to create a very contrasting appearance.

This colorful hairstyle is great for women of all ages. Whether we are long or short locks, we can pick any pair of colors. For example, vibrant pink and brunette, or some natural tones.


Colored Passion Twists

For people who feel hard to pick one or colors to add, colored passion twists are the suitable style for you. It is an excellent way to combine all your favorite multiple colors in your hair.

The multi-colored will give your hair a playful look and make you stand out from the crowd.


Blonde Passion Twists

Next, we come to the classic and sexy blonde passion twists. In the summertime, blonde is surely one of the trendy bright colors to pick from!

Blonde passion twists can suit various hair lengths, either shoulder short or waist length. It also helps to brighten our faces by lighting the texture of our braids.


Red Passion Twists

If you’ve been looking for some special color but are not a fan of bright colors. The red passion twists are the choice for you.

These red passion twists have a deep and rich shade of red color that fits great on medium to dark skin tones. With this eye-catching color, you will look gorgeous among the crowd.


Pink Passion Twists

Feel blonde or red passion twists still not outstanding enough? Try these pink passion twists! It can surely help you to t make a statement for your hairstyles.

While the merits of these styles are obvious, the downside of this pink color also needs to know. Like all light hair, it will show frizz and breakage of our hair easily.


Platinum Blonde Passion Twists

If you are tired of classic blonde passion twists, then platinum blonde passion twists are a good way for you to experiment.

The platinum blonde color is one of the most gorgeous and brilliant hairstyles for a long time. And it might work great with the long wavy texture of passion twists to show our hair’s fullness and thickness.


Grey Hair Passion Twists

Passion twists with grey hair can be worn by women of all ages to have a different look. For younger people, the cooler color of hair is stunning and fashion-forward. While for elder people it is a mark of wisdom and a feminine look.

Also, the grey hair color is easy to fit with a variety of styles of makeup.


Blue Passion Twists

Blue passion twists are another outgoing and fashion-forward color for us to pick. It is an excellent way to show your personality and style. As it is quite a unique and bold color to make your hair noticed by people around.

So if you are tired of common colors, why not try the blue passion twists to look different?


Jumbo Passion Twists

Jumbo passion twists are fashionable and easy-to-maintain hairstyles. And it is available with all hair lengths.

To create this jumbo hairstyle, we will need 8-10 packs of water wave braiding hair packs. By parting the hair into large sections and twisting each section. it won’t take us much to create those large braids but the result is standout.


Crochet Passion Twists

Another way of two-strand twists method of passion twists is the crochet passion twists. It is a very common and time-saving way of passion twists that works for all hair length.

The number of packs of crochet braids hair water wave usually depends on the size we desired to be. And for the beginning, we should use the hair packs to make a cornrow base.


Passion Twist Bob

Another classic and cool style for women is the passion twists bob. It is an excellent way to highlight our face shapes that show people a fresh look.

To create this passion twists bob style, we will need 2-3 packs of water wave braiding hair packs. And cut the hair packs into thirds or half that make the hair length between the chin and shoulder-length.


Passion Twist Updos

The passion twists updos are one of the sophisticated styles for a variety of events. Especially for parties or special occasions, it will give you an entirely new look.

There are many ways to create passion twists updos. For example, take the braided twist to the crown of the head and gathered it into the twists updo.


Statement Ponytails

Although the ponytail is the most common hairstyle worn by many girls, a simple ponytail might be boring for some events. The statement ponytails passion twists are a great way to make your favorite ponytail stand out.

We can just add passion twists in our ponytail to create an edgy and stylish look. No matter a low-pony or high ponytail, both can show off our eye-catching facial features.


Pixie Cuts

Pixie cuts are a vibrant and popular style among shorter hair lovers. The pixie cuts and passion twists are also excellent ways to add volume and depth to our hair.

Pixie cuts passion twists can be achieved with many tiny wave packs that cover our forehead. These are simply styled and look undeniably chic.


Chunky Passion Twists

The chunky passion twists are great for adding our hair volume and thickness. It is a style that can fit multiple hair lengths and textures.

This plump and edgy style can be achieved by water wave hair packs excellently. And we also add some color for highlighting to make you more attractive.


Criss Crossed Passion Twists

The criss crossed passion twists are unique styles, especially for our root part. It will make the root part of the hair looks trendy and outstanding. And also it helps to show off our facial structure easily.

To achieve this crisscross effect, we simply part the root hair into two sections at first. Then we braid each section and twist them to make out the crisscross pattern.


Half Up Half Down

Next, we have the cute and fresh half-up half-down passion twists. It is an easy style that works well for any hair length and color.

Just like the normal half-up half-down styles, we gather some part of the passion twists upward. Then warp and let the rest twists flow freely.


Burgundy Passion Twists

The burgundy color is one of the eye-catching colors used for passion twists. It is a style that not only spices things up but also brightens our appearance.

To get this look, we usually need 5-7 packs of water wave hair packs. Then burgundy passion twists with rich bold colors will transform our hairstyles completely.


Cornrows and Passion Twists

Cornrows is one of the most well-known styles for a long time. The cornrows with passion twists are also stunning and fashionable.

There are many ways to make cornrows and passion twists. For example, we can make cornrows to the scalp of our front head and mix the rest with passion twists.


High Ponytail

The high ponytail passion twists are a super cool style that we should never miss out on. It helps women of any age to show the world a youthful glow.

When we combine the high ponytail with passion twists, it also helps add more hair volume to the front head. And to make this style more vibrant, we can add some bold hair colors too.


Middle Part

Middle-part hairstyles have been iconic hairstyles for decades. Passion twists also look glamorous in the middle part. It works well for all hair types, hairlines, and face shapes.

With the help of the symmetry passion twists, it will highlight our facial structure confidently. As it can visually elongate our faces to be more appealing.


Lulutress Passion Twists

Lulutress is another classic passion twist that is popular among women of all ages. It can come with any curls, color, and length.

It is a well-known typical passion twist to its time-saving, effortless installation. Also, it is usually at an affordable price. And its natural water wave curl patterns are versatile all year round.


Half Bun

Next is the adorable half-bun passion twists. This style might be better for people who like longer or at least shoulder-length hair.

To create this style, we should make half of the twists coil into a bun first. Then secure it with a hair tie or some bobby pins. Don’t forget to blast the roots a little bit and let the rest twists flow loose.


Side Swept Twists

Another cool and trendy passion twist is the side-swept twists. It is a quick way to upgrade your overall beauty look for any event.

To achieve this style, we only need to divide the passion twists into one bigger and one smaller section. And pull all of the twists to one side of our shoulder. In addition, it can easily mix up too many variant styles depending on our mood.


Square Part Passion Twists

The square parting is one of the most well-known ways to part our hair. For cool girls who want some unique grid patterns on the scalp, the square parting passion twist is great. It is a cooler and fresher parting placed on our heads that combines with a passion twist.


Pinned Back Passion Twist

A pinned back passion twist is a perfect option for people who like sophisticated and neat looks. As it will make all the passion twist back of our forehead to show our face clearly.

By pinning up all the twists back, it will easily achieve this style. In addition, we can also dress it up with accessories to add a sparkle of glamor!


Mermaid Passion Twist Hairstyle

If you look for a free-spirited and aquatic appearance this summer, then the mermaid passion twist hairstyle will be a great option for you!

The defining feature of this style is the long strands with wavy twists. Wear this on, you will easily get the well-known sea princess look. For better results, we can make it more irregular to show its carefree feel.


Bohemian Passion Twist

Bohemian passion twist is one of the most common and representative passion twists. If you are a long-hair lover, then the bohemian style is great for you! Whenever you are going to some tropical islands in summer, this style will give you a bohemian-chic statement.

To create this style, we will need 6-14 packs of water wave hair packs depending on how you want to look.


Passion Twists with Beads

Passion twists is a versatile style that can mix up with many classic and trendy styles. It can also customize with different beads to fit our preferences and taste.

Thanks to the development of beads, there are a variety of beads to select from. Adding them to the passion twists can be a way to show our nice aesthetic and other symbolic meanings.


Passion Twists with Headscarf

Besides adding different beads with passion twists, other hair accessories can also make you stand out from the gang. Passion twists with a headscarf will be a great way to suit your personal touch.

Like the beads, scarves are also available in various designs and patterns. Like bold prints or saturated colors, to name a few. Also, it helps to protect our hair by reducing friction.


Small Passion Twists

The passion twists can be created in varying sizes, such as mini, small, medium, and large size. They are adorable styles that will show the world your playful side.

Small passion twists are created by sectioning the hair into small sizes first. And using the small passion twist hair extensions to twist each section. Besides, the small passion twists will usually last longer than the larger ones.


Large Passion Twists

Large passion twists are one of the most noticeable styles. They have much bigger and thicker twists than small ones.

Similarly, we can make this style by parting the hair into large sizes and twisting each section. The downside of large passion twists is that they might last longer than mini or small-size ones. Also, they are not as flexible as small ones to be styled in an updo easily.


Mini Passion Twists

Some people may consider that the small passion twists are still a bit large for you. Then the mini passion twists might be a great option for you.

Mini passion twists surely convey a more sophisticated and detailed look than the small and large passion twists. But, as we usually need more packs of the mini passion twists, they can also be more expensive.


Goddess Passion Twists

The goddess passion twists are the style that looks as regal as they sound. It is a perfect combination of goddess braids and passion twists.

The goddess braids look like oversized cornrows that are braided close to the scalp. The mix of the two together creates an outstanding and stylish hairstyle. The finished hairstyle is absolutely a work to show off!


Fluffy Fashion Twists

Next comes the relaxed and fashionable fluffy passion twists. When you think about effortless and casual hairstyles, fluffy passion twists will surely meet your demands. It is either not too messy or too furry but shows a bouncy appearance.

With the full head of twists hairstyles, fluffy passion twists help to show the world your playful side.


Auburn Passion Twist

Some people may have difficulties to chose from red or brown hair color. Then the auburn passion twists will surely fit your color goals. Auburn is the perfect color that gives our hair a rich tone and depth to warm our look.

Auburn passion twists are also available with different variations. For example, adding blonde to it will bring you a stunning warm glow too.


Gypsy Passion Twists

The gypsy passion twist is another creative style that works well for long hair. It mixes up the famous gypsy hairstyle of large loose waves with passion twists.

Its typically long and soft twists will give you a beachy and bushy look. Besides, when you add some color to this style, the finished product will take the to new heights.


Glam Passion Twists

If you are a long-hair lover, the glam passion twists are highly recommended to try on. It is a time-saving but elegant hairstyle.

By adding some glamour with long passion twists and parting on the side, you will get a gorgeous look to show off. With this stunning look, disappointment is not an option!



Lastly comes the classic caramel passion twists. Caramel is an appealing and stunning color available for women of all ages. And also works well with any skin tone.

We can create this style with single caramel color or a mix of black and caramel. This warmer shade will lend a sun-kissed glow that you can’t live without.


To Try Passion Twist Hairstyles

To sum up, passion twists are fashion-forward and time-saving protective hairstyles. There are numerous passion twist styles with different hair lengths, textures, sizes, and colors for us to try on. No matter what look you choose, the result will be surely gorgeous.

Furthermore, they are also cheaper and low-maintenance to allow us to change effortlessly. So, don’t miss out on this fun experimenting with passion twists!

Leave a comment to share your stylish and creative thoughts below.

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