23 Peekaboo Braids Hairstyles for You to Try

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Peekaboo braids hairstyles, with the word “Peekaboo”, how this simple word brings up happy memories! Just as its name implies, peekaboo braids promise playful surprises.

On the surface, you are looking at an ordinary high ponytail. But when the girl turns to you and says hi, – “peekaboo!” that orange highlight pops out and says hi to you too.

If you are considering getting peekaboo braids, this article is for you. Among the 23 hairstyles, there is a high chance that you will find one you love!

1. Shoulder-Length Peekaboo Braids


You can wear peekaboo braids at any length. Although waist-length braids are more common, this shoulder-length lob is cool.

The hairstyle combines the benefits of long hair and short hair. Like long hair, it forms a beautiful backdrop for your face, highlighting your facial features. Like short hair, it is lightweight and scalp-friendly.

Another bonus of this hairstyle is versatility. You can show off your fiery-red peekaboo by sweeping the braids to the front. When you need to look formal or, say, professional, tie them into a ponytail.

2. Peekaboo High Ponytail


Peekaboo has the magic of bringing any ordinary hairstyle to extraordinary. Check out how ponytail transforms this plain high ponytail.

The bright color, initially hidden beneath, now pops out and grabs everyone’s attention. As the viewers began to examine closer, the braids’ smooth and silky features would make them smile.

Wear this ponytail to parties, nightclubs, and anywhere you would have fun. It would make you a star!

3. Half-Up Bun


Among the many ways to make your peekaboo shine, this one combines fashion and practicality.

Pick up the upper half of your braids and tie them into a loose bun. In this way, the bright color at the nape would become your stylish focal point.

If you want a neat and elegant look, tie up all the black braids at the upper half. If you want a more carefree look like in the picture, leave a few loose braids and let them blend with the peekaboo.

4. Half-Up Top Knot


Top knot has never lost its popularity in the last decade. After all, who doesn’t like this bold and unique look?

The knot focuses the viewer’s attention on the upper part of the face, which makes it a perfect choice for those who have a beautiful forehead.

To further enhance the look, add hair beads to the tips of the braids. Transparent beads are suitable for all hair colors, so you can always have some of that. Besides, beads that resemble the peekaboo in color are also sensible choices.

5. Half-Up Low Bun


Wear this hairstyle when you want to look bold yet sophisticated. The sleek texture of the braids carries elegance and poise. The messy bun at the back is chic.

If you want a low profile, leave all braids at the back and conceal the peekaboo. If you’re going to make a fashionable statement, sweep some of the peekaboo braids to the front.

This hairstyle is suitable for casual or semi-formal occasions. You can wear it to dine with your friends at a classy restaurant or travel with it in your casual vacation outfits.

6. Double Buns


You may have seen it once or twice on the street, but this stunning double-bun look is taking the internet by storm. Celebrities and online influencers are embracing this hairstyle for its fashion-forward look.

As a variation of the space bun, this hairstyle has that distinct symmetric look. While space buns are traditionally knots, the buns in this hairstyle are created by loops. The loops are airy and light to look at.

7. Classic Half-Up


This hairstyle reminds people of girls on the cheerleading team. Indeed, how could this vibrant and cheerful look not bring high spirits to the court?

The high ponytail is athletic and youthful. The bright pink peekaboo braids go well with the shirt and hairbands in similar shades. The side-swept bang adds a touch of femininity to the look.

Any sports event would be lucky to have cheerleading girls dressed like this!

8. Half-Up Claw Clip Bun


Claw clips are gaining tremendous followers among women in all age groups. This hair accessory is affordable, easily accessible, and comes in all colors and materials.

The most popular type of claw clip is like the one in the picture. It is usually plastic, so it is lightweight and scalp-friendly.

Choose one that matches your peekaboo colors, and use it to hold together the braids above the peekaboo. This way, you will get a chic hairstyle suitable for brunch at a classy cafe.

9. Half-Up Claw Clip Ponytail


If your peekaboo braids are in a customized shade, you may have to spend some time finding a claw clip exactly that color. However, you can never go wrong with a black claw clip.

In this picture, the girl uses the claw clip to create an interesting variation of a traditional ponytail. With the support of the clip, the braids spread out naturally, striking the right balance between mess and tidiness.

Instead of making itself the focus of attention, a black claw clip can highlight other stylistic elements. When paired with black clothing, it creates a low-profile look with a mystical touch.

10. Goddess Peekaboo Braids


You don’t have to be a fan of fashion to know goddess locs. In fact, this hairstyle is everywhere. Fashion bloggers are competing for the most creative goddess loc look. Celebrities rock them to attend interviews.

When adapted to peekaboo braids, this hairstyle still makes whoever wears it look like a goddess. The braids are sleek and elegant, with the airy curly ends adding a romantic touch.

The bright color serves as a focus of the whole look, bringing this trendy hairstyle to the next level. After all, how can a goddess with a modern twist not be alluring?

11. Big Top Knot


If you have a demanding day ahead, rock this hairstyle to boost your productivity! The big knot prevents any loose strands from getting onto your face. You won’t be bothered when being busy with phone calls and numbers or when typing the keyboard like crazy.

Besides its practicality, this hairstyle looks cool with peekaboo braids. It will allow your bright colors to show, whether it be lime green, electric blue, or bright orange. With this hairstyle, you can immediately head off to the nearest bar once you finish your long day.

12. Elegant Updo


We’ve seen how peekaboo braids can handle everyday scenarios, but they can do more than that. An elegant updo is another area where peekaboo braids win fans.

This peekaboo updo has many interesting details. The braids are sleek and shiny. They look nice, no matter under the sunshine or in the limelight. The curly tips of the braids add softness to the look, a must-have stylistic element for romantic occasions.

The peekaboo braids are what make this look unforgettable. The strawberry pink is both bold and girlish. Who would not love this sweet highlight?

13. Waist-Length Peekaboo Braids


If you are a fan of extra-long hairstyles, you will definitely love these waist-length peekaboo braids. This emerald green is gorgeous, isn’t it? But before embracing this look, there are a few things to consider.

First, braids can be heavy at this length, and they can cause unwanted tension on the scalp. If your braids are too tight or if you wear this hairstyle for an extended period, you may suffer headaches or hair loss.

Second, if your original hair is short (for example, you have shoulder-length hair), budget first. You may need an extra few packs of hair extensions to reach this length.

14. Brown Peekaboo Braids


Most peekaboo hair is of bright colors. But natural colors are also excellent choices. Check out these brown peekaboo braids. The brown shade creates a warm and soft autumn vibe.

You might have noticed that this peekaboo look is slightly different than others. You’re right. The hairstylist plays with the placement of peekaboo braids, scattering them throughout the hair.

This hairstyle is more nuanced and natural. If you want to have fun with your hair but are not confident enough to rock bold colors, this is the one for you.

15. Ombre Peekaboo Braids


Ombre is beautiful. The bad news is that ombre hair extensions are not for a tight budget. The good news, however, is you can actually achieve a similar result with a single-colored hair extension.

In this picture, you can see a gradual transition from black to lime green in the peekaboo braids. With a little practice and lots of patience, you can also rock this style at home!

Braid your natural hair for a few inches. Add in hair extensions and braid them down. When your braid to the bottom of your natural hair, secure the end and continue to braid down the rest of the hair extension. It’s done!

16. Peekaboo Braids with Colorful Rubber Bands


Braids look gorgeous when worn down, especially with peekaboo highlights. But this hairstyle can feel a bit dull at the top sometimes because “nothing is happening there.”

If you feel so, let rubber bands bring your hairstyle to life! Some people prefer to match rubber bands with their peekaboo braids colors. But it is also interesting to add a contrasting color or add lots of different colors. The choice is yours!

17. Double Buns with Beads


Beads are another popular hair accessory to speak for your individuality. Wooden beads are wild and natural, making you look like a princess from the savanna. Metallic beads are funky, suitable for fans of rock culture.

But plastic beads may be the best choice if you are having peekaboo beads. The reasons are obvious.

Plastic beads have all the bold colors that are popular among peekaboo braids. They are light, so they wouldn’t add to the burden of the braids. Furthermore, they are easily accessible and affordable. If you haven’t tried plastic hair beads, I recommend you not to miss it.

18. Heart Parting


Heart parting is having a moment right now! The little heart is like a tattoo on your temple, making a bold statement for your uniqueness and speaking for your vibrant personality.

Intricate as it is, you can actually achieve this hairstyle at home. Watch this tutorial for more details:

An extra benefit is that, unlike a tattoo, this heart parting can be removed at any time, and the removal can be done within minutes.

19. Fulani Peekaboo Braids

19- Fulani-Peekaboo-Braids

This Fulani-inspired look is stunning, isn’t it?

The zig-zagging pattern at the front resembles a headband. The Fulani pattern at the top exposes the scalp beautifully. The boldness of the peekaboo and the elegance of Fulani braids create an interesting contrast.

Although you may need some courage to rock this hairstyle, any woman from all age groups will look nice with it. Wear it to music festivals or art galleries, and you will not regret it.

20. Goddess Lime Green Peekaboo Braids


Lime green is a great color for spring and summer. Cool and refreshing, this color always energizes whoever wears it.

You may have noticed some thin curly strands among the braids in this picture. Yes, this is another popular way to style goddess loc. The loose strands create volume and texture, which explains goddess loc’s popularity among girls with thin, fine hair.

This hairstyle has a soft and alluring vibe, perfect for a romantic evening. Yet the bold green color adds an edgy touch. Who wouldn’t like to know a girl with this hair?

21. Brown and Pink Peekaboo Braids


We have seen a lot of peekaboo braids with black as a base color. That’s because most people wear peekaboo with their natural hair, which for most of the time is black. However, rest assured that peekaboo braids can look nice on any other base colors.

Check out this picture. The golden-brown shade sets off the pink peekaboo nicely. At the same time, the brown shade also makes the girl’s complexion radiant.

22. Rainbow Peekaboo


When you are little, have you dreamt of wearing rainbows in your hair? With synthetic hair extensions, you can realize this dream!

I recommend you to go to the hair salon to get this look. The professionals will give you a sleek and neat appearance like in this picture. You can also do it at home – only you need to take extra care to hide your black hair behind the braids.

Since you have used such beautiful extensions, why not finish it with gorgeous makeup? Light-colored eyeliners and lip gloss complement this hairstyle perfectly.

23. Platinum Peekaboo Braids

Peekaboo Braids Hairstyles : 23-Platinum-Peekaboo-Braids

Platinum and black is a classy combination that frequently appears at fashionable events and galas. The cold golden shade looks elegant whether used in money pieces, piano highlights, ombre, or, of course, in peekaboo braids.

You may have to bleach your hair to reach a light color like this. As bleaching can cause damage to the hair and should be done under professional guidance, I recommend using synthetic hair instead.

To Try Peekaboo Braids Hairstyles

Congratulations, you have read through all of these gorgeous peekaboo hairstyles!

Which one do you like best? What color would you choose for your peekaboo? Leave a comment to let me know.

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