Peekaboo Braids: Benefits, Tips, and Cares

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You may remember that night when you took a stroll in the city, when that jogging girl ran past you. 

Her face was blurry in the dark, but a sudden splash of fiery red dazzled you. It was her peekaboo braids: box braided all over, with a few strands of colors at the nape. As she trots away, the little flames pop out and hop up and down.

Thinking of this makes you smile. Indeed, this is how peekaboo braids work: it creates playful and memorable surprises.

If you are interested in this hairstyle or even considering making it your next look, read this article. It will walk you through everything you want to know and need to know.

What are Peekaboo Braids?


Peekaboo braids are a protective hairstyle that uses colorful strands underneath other braids. They are usually box braids, but feed-in braids and stitch braids are also common.

As its name suggests, the purpose of peekaboo is to hide the color, only letting it “peeks out” occasionally. It doesn’t require that much confidence like when you are rocking a full head of lime green, but it is definitely getting you a charming look with a playful twist.

You can choose any color for the peekaboo. Ordinary shades like blonde or brown create interesting and subtle contrasts. But opt for bolder colors if you want a classical peekaboo look: think about fiery red, electric blue, and lime green – colors that you used to draw as a kid.

Hair dyeing has been used as an artistic expression in the past decades. Ombre, balayage, all-over – coloring techniques have evolved rapidly. As peekaboo took straight hair by storm, protective braids soon followed suit.

Today, peekaboo braids have marked their place in the fashion world. From celebrity tabloids to Instagram, this hairstyle is everywhere.

Why are Peekaboo braids popular?


Many embrace peekaboo braids not only because it is unique but also because it has many merits. Which one do you value most?


Some hairstyles only look nice on certain face shapes or have a limit on hair length, but peekaboo braids are for everyone.

The stylistic focal point is at the back, so any face shape can rock this hair without worrying whether it frames the face.

Long or short, peekaboo braids look gorgeous. You don’t have to go through trimming or wait for hair growth to be eligible for the look. Instead, peekaboo complements your hair at any length.


Braids are known for their versatility. Any look that can be worn on loose hair can be adapted into a braided version. Peekaboo braids have all the merits of traditional braids, only that the bright color adds a vibrant and unique flavor.

If you want to hide the color and only let it “peek out” occasionally, you can let the braids cascade on the back or tie them into a ponytail. For the bold shades to manifest themselves, a messy bun will do.

Unconventional as it is, this hairstyle can handle all occasions. On the one hand, it allows you to make a bold statement at parties or artistic festivals. On the other hand, you can still stay low-profiled when attending formal events. 


As a protective hairstyle, peekaboo braids are friendly to natural Afro hair. When braided together, the delicate curly strands navigate harsh conditions better. 

For example, they suffer less from sunburn caused by UV light; They undergo less hydration loss due to minimum exposure to wind; They also have less friction and entanglement.

Minimum Upkeep

Some hairstyles are beautiful but require meticulous maintenance. You may have to wear a bonnet to sleep if wearing soft locs. If you’ve got blonde all over, you may need to avoid heat styling. Fortunate for peekaboo braid lovers, this lovely hairstyle only needs basic upkeep!

We have the details covered in the later sections, but now you can rest assured that you can have peekaboo braids even if you are busy or lazy.

Statement for Individuality

Peekaboo braids are not for dull souls. They are bold, edgy, and full of mystery. Besides, it looks a bit different on everyone. No peekaboo looks alike.

You can change the size of the braids to set the tone for your look. Big, bulky braids are wild, while small, sleek braids have a touch of delicacy. 

The peekaboo color at the nape is another chance to speak for who you are. Opt for a color that best reflects your personality!


If you have been following hairstyle magazines for years, you will know that peekaboo braids have never lost their popularity. 

From time to time, you can see celebrities appearing in the tabloids with their fresh peekaboo look. Youtube tutorials and styling tips on this topic also get considerable views and likes.

How to Create Peekaboo Braids?


The key to installing peekaboo braids is to understand how to braid color hair extensions into your natural hair. You can definitely get this look at the hair salon. But if you are a DIY lover or have a limited budget, you can do it at home!

Follow this video step-by-step to rock the style:

Step 1: Part your hair

Part your hair into three sections: two small ones on the top and one big one at the back. Start sectioning from below. You can decide on parting patterns that suit your preference, but it is recommended to make smaller sections at the nape and go bigger as you move up.

Step 2: Attach the colored hair

Take a strand and divide it into three parts. Add the braiding hair into the middle. Wrap the hair around. Repeat this step until all three colored strands are added.

Step 3: Start braiding

Braid the hair down. Hide your hair behind the extensions if you want the braid to appear one-colored and sleek. But it’s okay if you can’t do it. The contrast between the bright color and your natural hair creates texture and is interesting to look at as well.

6 Styling Tips for Peekaboo Braids


The tutorial above may have given you a basic grasp of peekaboo installation. But before grabbing your hairstyling toolkits, read these tips. They are helpful for achieving satisfactory results.

Prep Your Hair

“Well begun is half done.” It is exciting to learn new things and I fully understand your eagerness to rock this peekaboo hairstyle! But make sure to do the first step right.

Wash your hair and dry it thoroughly. Gently finger-comb through your hair to check entangling. With a full head of clean and smooth hair, you are good to start!

Parting patterns

If you are new to braids, it is recommended to section your hair in the traditional rectangle fashion. 

But if you have tried that one, why not explore more unique patterns? Zigzag, diagonal, or straight parts are all stylish choices. Consult your friend about which one suits you best!

Match Braid Thickness


You can’t go wrong with having your braids in a uniform size. After all, who doesn’t like this nice and clean look?

But this classical look can be a little bit dull. If that is the case for you, feel free to play with braid thickness!

Use free-parting to blend thin and thick braids together. The varying thickness creates an interesting texture. Rock this hairstyle to finish your bohemian look!

Use Knotless Braid

There are various ways to add peekaboo colors. But I recommend the most scalp-friendly one: knotless braid.

They start with your natural hair, just like traditional braiding, but add in hair extension as the braid continues. Braids created in this way are smooth and natural looking. They are less likely to cause damage to the hair.  

Hair Lengths

Peekaboo braids look nice on any hair length. Whether you are a fan of bobs or are proud of your long cascade, peekaboo can bring your hairstyle to the next level.

Another good news is that you can add extra length to your braids. Just remember to buy enough hair packages in advance.

Hair Accessories


Hair accessories are the easiest and quickest way to enhance your look. As a versatile hairstyle, peekaboo braids go well with all kinds of accessories: hair beads, headbands, colorful clips, and rubber bands, to name a few.

You can be as creative as you like when adorning your braids. The only limitation is your imagination!

Play with Placement

The most classic peekaboo braids are installed near the nape so that they can be concealed underneath other braids. But this is not the only way to rock the peekaboo hairstyle, nor is it the only “right” way to do it.

Peekaboo strands can look gorgeous when scattered throughout the hair. Play with placement, and you will find that this look is more interesting than you think!

How to Care for Peekaboo Braids


Peekaboo braids are relatively low-maintenance. But it still requires upkeep to look fresh and stay healthy.


Regular and careful washing keeps your braids in good health. It avoids oily scalp and product buildup.

Focus on cleaning the scalp. Use a gentle shampoo. Rinse your hair thoroughly to make sure every hair strand is soaked in water.


Braids prevent hydration loss by diminishing hair exposure to sunshine and wind. But your hair still needs regular moisturizing to stay in good condition.

Apply lightweight oil or serum after hair washing. This much-needed upkeep will nourish and revitalize your hair.

Scalp Care

Dandruff and dryness are common among scalp problems. It can be caused by frequent washing or stress. 

Cut hair washing to twice a month if you see signs of an unhealthy scalp. Dry-wash the braids in the interval. Adding a moisturizing conditioner may also alleviate the symptoms.


Although braids are supposed to be low-maintenance, with proper care they can last longer.

One good habit is to wrap your braids with a silk scarf. It will protect your braids from going frizzy.

Refreshing and Reviving

It is okay if you have no time for this. But if you love your peekaboo look and want it to stay fresh as long as possible, you may need regular refreshing and reviving.

The easiest way is to go to the hair salon. Let the professional re-braid the strands that are beginning to frizz.

You can do it at home, though. Take time to sit down and examine your hair. Do the re-braiding patiently. You can also use a crochet hook to re-dip the braids. Watch this tutorial if you are interested:


Peekaboo braids generally last 4 to 8 weeks. After that, you may have frizzy strands, and the hair extensions will start to fall out. When your hair is no longer fresh, it’s time to say goodbye.

You can hold this “farewell ceremony” at home. Trim the braid a few inches below where your natural hair ends. Gently rub them a few times to let them unravel. Be patient, and don’t pull.

After you take off the hair extension, remember to separate your hair at the root.



How Long Do Peekaboo Braids Last?

With proper care, peekaboo braids can last up to eight weeks. Carefully follow the maintenance tips above, and there is a high possibility that your braids can outlive that of others. You also might want to avoid tight hairstyles like a sleek bun or high ponytail in order to elongate this look.

But of course, there are no penalty tickets for not wearing a hairstyle long enough. Just remove the hair if it doesn’t suit you, or you don’t like it anymore.

How Much Do Peekaboo Braids Cost?

From $100 to $400, depending on where you get it installed, what length you want to achieve, and how long is your original hair.

Oh yes! Whether you visit a hairstylist or do it at home, you’d better leave a whole day for it – at least a whole afternoon. Getting this look generally takes three to six hours.

How can I Color My Peekaboo Braids?

It is more common to use synthetic hair to create peekaboo. But yes, you can use your natural hair. Dye your hair before braiding it. If you are going through a dramatic color change, like dyeing black hair light pink, you might have to bleach the hair to ensure a satisfactory result.

Hair dyeing can cause damage to your hair. It is sensible to consult a professional on your hair condition before jumping to the decision.

Can I Swim with Peekaboo Braids?

Yes. Although this is not the best hairstyle to swim with, you can still chill out in the pool with it.

It is recommended to rinse your hair thoroughly in advance so that it won’t absorb as much chlorine from the pool water. Chlorine not only damages your hair but also turns your bright peekaboo color dull.

After you finish swimming, use a hooded dryer. Make sure your braids are totally dry before you leave. Wet hair can cause oily scalp and mold.

Are Peekaboo Braids Suitable for Formal Events?

Peekaboo braids may not be serious enough for some formal events. But there is a smart way to conceal the color: tie all the braids into a low ponytail and hide your peekaboo within other braids. Avoid running or suddenly turning around, and good luck!

However, peekaboo can be unacceptable in corporates with strict dress codes. Make sure your hairstyle works with your lifestyle.

Parting Words

Peekaboo braids are universal and versatile, suitable for all face shapes and hair lengths. If you like this style, go ahead and embrace it!

Which color would you choose for your peekaboo? Leave a comment to let me know.  

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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