How To Make Hair Extensions Last Longer?

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Hair Extensions Care Tips

Whether sew-ins or clip-in extensions, every hair extension accords you with the desired length and fullness. Most importantly, hair extensions are a source of beauty and profound glamour.

However, you cannot gain these benefits for long with improper care and maintenance. Your way of caring for your hair extensions determines their longevity of service.

I wear extensions often. And I believe how serious you care for your natural hair should be like your hair extensions.

In this post, I will share my hair extensions care tips with you. By following these simple tips, you can keep your hair extensions looking beautiful for longer.

Let’s go!

1. Install Properly

The care for hair extensions starts with how well you attach them to your actual hair. Or the professional level of your hairstylist in how they carried out the installation.

We both know that there are two categories of hair extensions, temporary and permanent extensions, which determines the installation rules.

For temporary hair extensions, like the halo hair extensions and clip-ins, you can install them by yourself. But, you have to master the tactics of installing properly with much care.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

It would be best if you exercised patience as you fix them until you achieve the right look. The good part is that you perfect the art every morning you wear them.

For first-time wearers, you can look for tutorials over the internet to learn how to install.

On the other hand, permanent extensions such as sew-ins and micro-bead extensions require the help of a professional.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a well-trained hair technician the first time. But you can ask your friends or any extension wearers you know for legit recommendations. 

Nano Ring Hair Extensions Installment

2. Brush Regularly

Indulge yourself in a regular brushing routine. With hair extensions, I advise brushing them at least twice a day every morning and evening before you get to bed.

Hair extensions are vulnerable to matting and tangling from time to time. 

Why? One thing for a fact, the hair strands move around while on your head. And the friction together with sweat encourages the tangling and clumping of the hair extensions.

So, if that outcome is not dealt with daily by brushing, you’ll have to remove the extensions sooner than required.

Sleep with Hair Extensions - brush your hair

The tangles and knots will be more by the day and eventually form an irreversible matted nest of hair.

Your brushing routine should focus on these crucial guidelines:

  • Always use a quality hair extensions brush or a wide-toothed comb to detangle.
  • Always brush in a gentle motion. Gentle is better to avoid pulling the hair extensions.
  • Start from the hair ends, working up to the hair roots while holding the hair at the base.
  • If you intend to wash your hair, brush before washing the hair to detangle it. And brush again after the hair is dry.
  • Never brush wet hair since hair is very fragile when wet.

3. Washing

Ladies, don’t you ever make the mistake of wetting your hair within 48 hours after installation. In other words, wash, work out or swim in your hair extensions only after the 48 hours elapse.

The attachments will loosen if you go against that advice since the bonds will not have entirely sealed to the hair.

You should avoid over-washing the hair extensions because it will strip off moisture.

wash hair extensions

Or the bonds will be less tight faster, especially the micro-ring and fusion hair extensions.

As a general rule, wash your hair extensions once to thrice a week if they’re permanent extensions.

For the clip-in extensions, ensure you remove them before washing and wash them every 6-8 wears.

Always use sulfate-free mild shampoo and conditioner, which are safe on hair extensions. And to confirm that, check the ingredients label on the container. [1]

Washing hair extensions is easy once you go through this simple guide.

4. Sleeping

First, ensure you remove the clip-in and any other type of temporary extension before you jump in your bed.

You can sleep with your permanent extension on, but you must adopt these hair care hacks:

  • Avoid sleeping in wet hair
  • Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase.
  • Braid your hair into a loose pigtail.
  • Alternatively, wrap a silk hair scarf or wear a sleep cap.

Otherwise, read this sleeping guide to find clarity on how to sleep with extensions.

Sleep with Hair Extensions

5. Conditioning Treatment

Your hair extensions deserve to be moisturized and hydrated at least once a week, especially in the post-shampoo phase. Therefore, a hair conditioner is a must-have beauty product.

If you didn’t know, shampoo tends to de-moisturize and dry the hair strands, resulting in frizzy and dull hair.

Instead of helping with sealing the cuticle to prevent natural moisture loss, it opens it up. The conditioner solves this issue by applying it after rinsing out the shampoo.

Working the conditioner into your hair should not get to the hair roots where the attachments are.

Conditioning Treatment Hair Extensions

Apply it from the hair ends to the mid-shaft region. This will dissolve the bonds of fusion and tape-in extensions as it contains oils. And the micro-ring extensions are likely to slip down prematurely.

If the hair extensions are too brittle, use a deep conditioner or a hair mask treatment. Let it stay in your hair for at least 10 minutes. But the best is to let it stay overnight.

For additional treatment, you can choose to apply a leave-in conditioner afterwards. The whole conditioning process also helps with revitalizing the hair’s glow. Besides, it softens the hair for easy combing and styling.

6. Avoid Heat Damage

It’s never been safe to expose your hair extensions to excessive heat, either from a heating tool or a blow dryer. The cuticles get damaged, and hair strands start forming split ends.

You may feel the urge to switch your hairstyle using the flat iron. The versatility that the hair extensions offer is a plus. 

But if it’s not a must to curl or straighten the hair, live with the hair extension’s original hairstyle.

Or you can opt for heatless hairstyles. For instance, you can wear tight braids overnight to achieve the curl effect.

And if you have to use a heating tool, ensure you apply a heat protectant spray beforehand and use the lowest temperature you can.

Do the same when you use a blow-dryer to dry your hair. Additionally, set the blow-dryer to a cool setting whereby little to no heat is emitted.

7. Avoid Too Many Hair Products

The excessive use of any hair products is harmful to your hair. You might think you’re optimally nourishing your hair, but you’re actually doing the worst to them.

What hair products are we talking about in this case? 

Anything right from the shampoo, conditioner to hair spray, or mousse works effectively when used sparingly.

Hair Extensions Products

Applying hefty amounts of the conditioner and hair spray contributes to an oily buildup over time. Washing it out becomes difficult, and you might leave some grime in your hair.

At the same time, working too much shampoo in your hair leads to over-washing and drying out your hair to extreme levels. The dryness, in turn, encourages friction between the hair strands. Hence the hair tangles and knots up easily.

8. Coloring Tips

You can decide to have some fun with your extensions by invigorating a different color of choice.

Feel free to select any shade you desire, like when you dye your natural hair. But your hair safety is the most critical concern.

Most hair professionals recommend transforming the color of your hair at a salon. A professional colorist in the extensions space should do the process for you to avoid damage.

Choose Hair Extension Colors - A Hair Color Ring

However, if you’re sure you can dye the hair extensions by yourself at home, carry on without fear. But before you start coloring, consider the following:

  • You can only dye your hair extensions to darker colors and not a lighter color than that of the hair extensions. 
  • Consult with the manufacturing company for dyeing guidelines if you want to lighten the hair extensions.
  • Dye your natural hair separately from the hair extensions before you install them. Then blend the dyed extensions with the natural hair.
  • Ensure you color your hair extensions if they are made of 100% human hair. Coloring synthetic hair is not recommended because it’s chemically processed and would be severely damaged.

9. Storage

At times you may have your hair extensions removed. But they’re still fit for another installation in the future.

How you store them within that waiting period will determine their suitability in the next wear round.

The clip-in extensions will require you to store them properly to extend their lifespan.

You can choose to keep them in an airtight box, a shoebox, or the original packaging they came in.

storage bag for hair extensions

Alternatively, you can store them in a storage bag specifically for hair extensions or clamp them onto a hanger in the closet.

Whichever storage solution you use, ensure it’s a cool and dry place to prevent attack by mold and bacteria. Plus, you can put the extensions in a ponytail before storage to minimize tangling.

To understand how to store the hair extensions properly, you should go through this post

10. Replacing It

The saddest truth is you cannot wear your hair extensions forever. It will reach a time you will have no choice but to replace them with new or refreshed ones because they’ll have worn out.

Different hair extensions have different longevity. So, the type of hair extensions you use will need replacement at a different time from your friend’s hair extension. 

Hair extensions such as tape-in extensions should be replaced between 4 to 8 weeks. Sew-in extensions on the other end last 2 to 4 months.

You should look for signs that show the hair extensions are ready for replacement. Most times, you will notice your natural hair has grown too long and is starting to get matted at the hair roots. 

In a Nutshell

I hope that the above tips and advice on hair extensions care come in handy. If you have your own care experiences that have worked before, please comment below. Sharing is caring, folks!

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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