Wig Installation Prices: A Comprehensive Guide

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Navigating the world of wig installation? You’ll quickly find that prices can be as varied as the styles you’re considering. From a simple clip-in piece to a full lace front wig requiring professional installation, costs can range from $100 to $500, or even upwards of $1000 for the most intricate services. It’s important to factor in the nuances of customization, such as cutting, styling, and adding features like baby hairs for a seamless hairline.

This insightful guide unlocks the mysteries of wig installation costs, whether you’re leaning towards the lustrous appeal of human hair or the practical versatility of synthetic options.

A salon chair with a wig stand, pricing list, and a variety of wigs on display

Hair Type

The types of hair used greatly influence the price. Remy human hair wigs, known for keeping the hair cuticles intact, are pricier but offer a more natural look and durability. Virgin hair wigs signify that the hair has not been processed, guaranteeing its pristine quality.


Ever wondered about the accessibility of wig options? Non-Remy hair wigs stand out for being budget-friendly. They are made from human hair, collected from various sources, meaning the cuticles are not aligned, which can sometimes lead to tangling and matting issues.

Despite these drawbacks, Non-Remy wigs offer you a versatile range of styles and lengths. They are treated to ensure a uniform appearance, achieving a natural look without breaking the bank. Installation costs typically range from $50 to $300, reflecting variables like length and complexity of the style you choose.

You might notice that Non-Remy is often more affordable, making it an attractive choice if you’re looking to experiment with wigs without committing to a higher price point. Keep in mind, that hair care products and regular maintenance can help mitigate tangling and extend the life of your wig.

Reflect on this: You get to change up your look without the hefty price tag. Isn’t that a deal worth considering? But be cognizant of the extra care Non-Remy wigs might require—a small trade-off for such an economical option.

A price list displayed in a hair salon, featuring various wig installation options and their corresponding prices

Remy Hair

So, you’re considering a Remy human hair wig. You’ve heard it’s the gold standard, but what sets it apart? Remy hair presents the peak of hair quality for wigs. Its defining feature is that all hair cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction, ensuring a smooth, natural look free from tangles.

The price point for Remy hair can certainly raise eyebrows—it’s steeper in comparison to its non-Remy counterparts. You’re not just paying for a wig; you’re investing in superior craftsmanship and longevity. The hair’s alignment not only promises a more authentic appearance but also increases durability, meaning your Remy wig can withstand more styling and wear.

To give you a clear idea, the cost to install a Remy hair wig generally ranges from $150 to $300, while non-Remy wig installations might start as low as $50. Why such a gap? The meticulous process of collecting and preparing Remy hair justifies the price—giving you a more natural blend with your own hair for a seamless look.

Remember, you get what you pay for. Investing in a Remy human hair wig is just that—an investment in a product renowned for its quality and longevity. While the upfront cost is higher, the extended lifespan and the premium appearance of Remy hair make for a wise and beautiful choice.

Virgin Hair

A salon display board lists Virgin Hair wig installation prices

When considering a wig, virgin hair wigs are at the pinnacle of quality. Let’s unpack why they stand out.

Virgin hair wigs are celebrated for their uncompromised quality. As untreated and unprocessed strands, virgin hair maintains its natural texture and color. This quality translates to a more natural appearance and increased durability, making these wigs a long-lasting investment. Unlike other hair types, virgin hair has never been subjected to chemicals like dyes or perms, preserving its pristine condition which you’ll surely appreciate.

Expect to pay a premium for virgin hair wigs, as they represent the highest tier of hair quality. Not only is the hair itself more costly, but installation prices reflect this excellence, too. Installation costs typically range from $500 to $700, though exceptional cases or intricate styles can drive this figure upwards. But here’s the thing: this upfront cost is balanced by the wig’s longevity and the ability to withstand frequent styling without losing its luster.

While the investment is significant, the benefits speak for themselves. Virgin hair wigs offer unparalleled strength and the ability to be colored or styled as if it were your own hair. Their long life span, often lasting several years with proper care, provides value over time. With virgin hair wigs, you are not just buying a product but a luxurious experience and the utmost in hair protection for your budget.

Styling and Customization

Let’s dive into how styling and customization can impact your wig installation costs.

Haircut and style

Haircut and style often dictate the final look and feel of your wig. Choosing a simple trim is a cost-effective way to get a natural look. However, if you’re eyeing an elaborate updo or cascading layers, you can expect the price to climb, reflecting the increased complexity and the stylist’s time.

Hair Color

For coloring and treatments, the story is similar. Basic single-color applications will be more wallet-friendly than multi-dimensional color work, such as highlights or balayage. It’s also worth noting that some salons may charge additional fees for color correction or intensive treatments that nourish the wig after dyeing.


Bleaching and lightening services might bump up your total bill. They involve meticulous work to avoid damage and achieve that coveted seamless blend with your natural hairline. While these specialized services add to the uniqueness of your wig, they also contribute to the overall installation cost.

A salon chair with a wig stand, price list, and a satisfied customer admiring their new wig in the mirror

Hair Salon

Summing it up, the experience, expertise, and location of a hair salon play pivotal roles in wig installation prices.

Salon Experience and Expertise

When you choose a salon, remember that expertise isn’t cheap. Salons with well-trained stylists might charge more for wig installation, but the attention to detail can be worth the cost.

They often provide thorough consultations and tailor their services to your individual needs, whether it’s ensuring the perfect fit or custom styling. Keep in mind, a skilled professional’s touch can lead to a more natural-looking wig and a longer-lasting result.

Salon Location

Walking into a salon in a bustling city center versus a quiet suburb affects your wallet. Typically, salons in high-rent areas pass on a part of their overheads to customers.

You’re not just paying for the installation; part of the fee covers the salon’s prime real estate. Expect to pay a premium for convenience and the prestige that often comes with high-end locations.

Additional Accessories

When securing your wig, accessories are not just extras; they are essentials often influencing both wearability and appearance. What should you be adding to your cart?

Wig caps or liners ensure your natural hair stays in place and help to evenly distribute the pressure of the wig, enhancing comfort. Expect to pay anywhere from $1 to $20, depending on material and brand.

Edge control products are practically non-negotiable for a seamless look. They aid in keeping the wig aligned with your hairline and costs range from $3 to $15. Just a dab can make a big difference.

A salon display with Remy Hair wigs and price list on a clean, well-lit counter

Maintenance and Care

Taking care of your wig is crucial for maintaining its appearance and prolonging its lifespan. Let’s talk about how regular maintenance not only keeps your wig looking great but also affects the long-term costs.

Frequency of re-tightening

You might not think about it often, but re-tightening your wig is essential for keeping it secure and looking natural. A wig generally needs re-tightening every three to six weeks, but this can vary based on how often you wear it and your daily activities.

Expect to budget for visits to the stylist that could range from $20 to $60; this investment helps maintain your wig’s shape and fit.

Cleaning and conditioning products

The products you use to clean and condition your wig can make a world of difference. It’s important to use products specifically designed for wig care, as traditional hair products can be too harsh.

On average, wig-specific shampoos and conditioners cost between $10 to $30 each. Investing in these specialized products protects your wig’s fibers and ensures it stays looking fresh and vibrant.


Professional wig installation services come with a wide range of prices depending on the type of wig, stylist’s expertise, and location. On average, the cost may range from $50 to $350, while some high-end salons may charge up to $1000. It’s important to consider the quality and durability of the wig installation before opting for a lower-priced service. Additionally, regular maintenance may add to the financial outlay over time. Therefore, you should weigh the cost against the stylist’s experience and the service level provided.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, read reviews, and consider your personal needs and budget before making a decision. Sharing your experience can also help others in their journey to a fabulous new look.

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