What Is Remy Hair? Everything You Need to Know

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When you choose wigs, vendors may always claim that their wigs are Remy hair.

But, you indeed have no ideas about that. Right?

People can hardly distinguish various hair types if they know very little about them.

I spent one week researching Remy hair. Keep reading you will learn its definition, benefits, judgment, and more details.

Get ready?

Let’s go.

What is Remy Hair

Remy hair, also called Remi hair, is 100% human hair with the cuticle intact. Besides, its strands cut from one or several donors’ scalps, move in the same root-tip direction.

What is Non-Remy Hair

Non-Remy hair is also made of human hair. But, it usually comes from the fallen strands, the hairbrush, salon, floor, etc.

Non-Remy hairs easily get tangled after washing, as the varying collection process.

To make it more smooth and shiny, non-Remy hair must have a concentration of acid. So, the non-Remy hair cuticle is stripped and not intact.

Difference Between Remy Hair and Non-Remy Hair

There are 3 main differences between Remy human hair and non-Remy human hair.


Remy hair is hardly preceded by the chemical, it is like your own hair growing from the scalp. So it is rather healthy, smooth, and shiny.

Non-Remy hair is not intact, it will get low moisture like the hay.

The black silicon mixed with hair is to achieve a shine and smooth appearance. But, non-Remy will get fragile and into a great mess after several washes with the silicon coat coming off.


Remy hair wigs or extensions can last for one or two years with daily wearing, as it comes from quality hair.

Due to bad hair and chemical treatments, non-Remy hair can only last for several months.

remy hair vs virgin vs non remy hair


Remy hair is much more expensive than non-Remy hair in the market, for rare is precious. Compared to Remy hair, non-Remy hair comes from anywhere, like the ground, salon, and temple.

Remy-vs Non-Remy hair Price

How To Tell If Your Hair Is Remy Hair

If you hope have a long-wear. I recommend you buy Remy hair from reputable companies, instead of unnamed sellers.

To help you get real Remy hair, I list out 3 easy ways to help you distinguish Remy hair from non-Remy hair or others.


The color of Remy hair seemed like the natural color of donors’ hair. The color is well different between tips and roots, for the hair travels in one direction. Moreover, the hair bundle color is not uniform. You can find different highlights both darker and lighter except the primary color.

Non-Remy hair color is almost the same because of silicon applied to conceal the hair’s flaws.


Before placing the order, you would better touch the hair by yourself. It can tell you much more than what the salesman claims.

Remy hair touches like human hair, you can feel a little coarse when you run your fingers across it.

But, you will feel rather smooth and silky on the non-Remy hair, as it passes the chemical process. What’s more, you may even feel or smell silicon on non-Remy hair.

touch remy hair


Washing can beat all fake Remy hairs. This is the best way to judge hair types.

After washing several times, if you can brush them tangle-free and smooth. Congrats! They are Remy hair.

But, if you find the hair gets too frizzy and tangled to brush. That’s non-Remy hair (even synthetic hair).

Tips: It’s wise to buy wigs or toppers from these sellers, who allow you to do the hair-washing test.

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For more details, you can watch the video.

How To Care for Remy Human Hair

Do it the same as your own hair. There are two simple rules you should follow.

#1 Use a comb to brush Remy hair without any strain on the cuticles, which is to get rid of tangles caused by daily wear.

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#2 To keep its silk and shine, you should use quality hair shampoo and conditioner in routine wig care.

brush remy hair

Other Questions about Remy Hair

Can I dye or bleach Remy hair?

Yes, you can color and bleach Remy hair, for Remy hair is 100% human hair rather than a synthetic one. But, dying or bleaching will shorten the lifespan of Remy hair. It is better to get hair experts’ advice before dying or bleaching.

What is the difference between Remy hair and virgin hair?

They are two different hair types, though both of them are 100% human hair. Virgin hair is better than Remy hair in general.

The virgin hair comes from one donor and has no chemical treatment, no dye, no coloring, no bleach. Remy hair is more likely to be a little dyed, curled, or with other chemicals.

Where does Remy hair come from?

Remy hair almost comes from Asia countries including India, China, Malaysia, Mongolia. Of course, there is still some Remy hair from other countries like Cambodia, Brazil, Peru, etc.

Where can I buy quality Remy hair online?

You should trust your friends, get real feedback from them. You can also buy Remy hair wigs from high-rated sellers on Amazon or other websites. For more wig brands, you can check our post of best wig online stores.

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