The Best 22 Locs Updos Hairstyles for You

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Welcome to the world of locs updos hairstyles! Regardless of age and occupation, you may need to style your locs into updos from time to time.

Cocktail parties, business networking events, music festivals – updos can handle all these occasions. Updos are also a perfect choice for your nephew’s graduation ceremony or even your own wedding!

In this article, I have curated 22 updo locs hairstyles. Read through and tell me which one you love best!

1. Classic Locs Updo

Locs Updos Hairstyles : 1-Classic-Locs-Updo

Though simple, this hairstyle has never fallen out of fashion entering the 21st century. Girls today like to dress themselves with simplicity and elegance. If you don’t know where to start, consider this classic knotted look.

This updo is perfect for any formal or semi-formal occasion. Pair it with a little black skirt, and you look neat and chic, good for dining at a classy restaurant. You can also wear it to an interview, where this hairstyle will speak for your quick-minded and vibrant personality.

2. Sleek Huge Bun


Women who are proud of their voluminous long hair love this hairstyle. This huge bun is practical, clean, and sophisticated.

All hair is tied together, with ends hidden at the root. No loose strands are going to get onto your face, so it keeps you focused on your tasks.

Besides, the elegance this hairstyle exudes is irresistibly alluring. Your face appears smaller and more delicate in contrast to the size of the bun. The updo also guides the viewers to look at the upper half of your face, drawing attention to your forehead, eyebrows, and eyes.

3. Locs Updo with Curtain Bang


The magic of a bang is that it can immediately transform your look. This bun updo is already gorgeous by itself, but when adding the curtain bang, the whole look becomes softer and more feminine.

The curtain bang creates a little middle parting at the forehead. The symmetric pattern is balanced, aesthetically pleasing, and, of course, classy. The loose strands soften the angles of the face, so it is a sensible choice for those who have prominent cheekbones.

To complement the bang, you can leave a few ends out of the bun. The whole look is also airier thanks to the movement these loose strands provide.

4. Locs Updo with Blunt Bang


We have seen how a bang can add softness to your look. But do you know you can go edgy with a bang? Check out blunt bang, a hairstyle reserved for cool girls only.

Generally, you would like to wear the blunt bang past the eyebrows. That means the bang rests right above your eyes. The result is bigger, deeper, and more watery-looking eyes.

You can ask the hairstylist to give you a blunt bang, but make sure you have decided to commit to it. If you are not, I recommend you use clip-in hair extensions instead. They are affordable, widely available, and beginner-friendly.

5. Messy Bun


Sleep updos are timeless. But that is NOT the only right way to be elegant. Check out this messy bun – wouldn’t it make you a graceful bride?

This messy bun has the wildness that complements the texture of dreadlocks. The bun is styled loosely, so the viewers can appreciate the interesting combination of softness and coarseness of the locs. The loose strands highlight the volume of the locs, creating a youthful and romantic vibe.

This hairstyle is suitable for weddings held in a natural setting. Whether the ceremony is in the high mountains or in the forest, you will look like a fairy with this hair. It will be perfect if it is a sunny day because sunlight will set off your hair beautifully.

6. Locs Petal Bun


Petal buns are for those looking for originality and practicality. Each individual loc is styled into loops to create the “petals” for the big blossoming updo. This look can handle a wide range of occasions: family gatherings, weddings, Friday night-outs, old-friends reunions, you name it.

Intricate as it may seem, this hairstyle is easy to achieve. You can always go to the hair salon, but there’s no need if that takes an hour’s drive. Follow this tutorial and do it at home:

The best hair to rock this updo is medium-sized locs or bigger. If your locs are about the size of a pencil, then you can achieve this look within half an hour. For microlocs, however, you may tire yourself in styling all the locs respectively.

7. Box Braid Locs Updo


Among all the installation methods, box braiding gets the sleekest result. Braids are flat and silky. If well-maintained, the braids can remain in this condition for a long time without going frizzy.

Make a careful decision on braid size upon installation. Big braids are wild and chic. Smaller-sized braids are more delicate in comparison. If you are looking for an elegant updo for a wedding, I recommend you have pencil-sized braids.

It may cost you some money to get this look, but the result is worthwhile. The gloss of the braids sets off your jewelry beautifully.

8. Locs Updo with Cuffs


Wedding updos are traditionally feminine and dreamy. But for punk lovers, how could the ceremony not speak for their vigorous and rebellious personality? If you are looking for an unconventional bridal look, this hairstyle is right up your alley!

Tied up in a cuff, the short hair becomes spiky. For long hair, you would get a fountain-like cascade that is also stunning. You can also add bright-colored hair extensions to further spice up the look.

The metallic reflection of the cuff is eye-catching, especially under strong PAR cans or LED bars. Wear bronze earrings or other metallic accessories to finish the look. Now enjoy your unique and unforgettable wedding party!

9. High Ponytail


Another hairstyle for punk weddings. Of course, it looks stunning for nightclubs, bars, or crazy parties in the backyard at well. Pair this look with bold makeup, a colorful sweater, and leather boots; you will look like a queen wherever you go.

Before looking at this hairstyle, you can never imagine how “high” a high ponytail can get. By tying the roots of the ponytail a few inches above the scalp, you get this unique hairstyle.

To add more interest to the look, use a golden strand to create patterns on the cylinder, like in this picture. The delicacy of the thread will make a subtle contrast with the coarse texture of the locs.

10. Twisted Locs Updo


Twisting is another loc installation method loved by fashion-forward men and women. They are sleek and bouncy. With only a few strands, they can create a voluminous look.

The spaghetti-like texture is so unique that it brings any hairstyle to the next level. A hairstyle like in this picture can be beautiful on any hair- the varying length of the strands creates an airy and refreshing look. But this twisted locs version is more eye-catching and refined.

Wear it to parties, night-outs, and wherever you would have fun. This look is going to turn heads!

11. Short Half-Up


Short hair is commonly believed to have limited styling possibilities. Shoulder-length hair is even dismissed as an undesirable “awkward phase” in growing long hair. But it doesn’t have to be.

Check out this half-up hairstyle. With it, you will look like a princess in formal or semi-formal events like graduation parties. Who would not smile at this light-hearted and radiant hairstyle?

To enhance the effortless chic, decorate the top knot with a thin golden necklace. You will be surprised at how the creative use of this accessory adds a touch of refinement. Remember to finish your look with delicate makeup!

12. Long Half-Up


These extra-long locs are stunning when worn half-up. With your hair at this length, you can easily get that big, bold knot at the top while still having enough hair cascading down the back.

This hairstyle is perfect for those with healthy skin. The coarse texture can set off the smoothness of your skin. Ideally, you would have firm muscles to complement the wildness of the locs, but it’s ok if you don’t.

You might need years to grow your hair for this length. But what if the next big day is two weeks ahead? Don’t worry. Hair extensions will solve your problem!

13. Locs Halo Updo


Talking of updos, you definitely have seen this one. Indeed, the halo, or “crown,” is the most classic updo hairstyle. When adapted to locs, it maintains all the merits of the original version while having more interest. 

The locs are braided together to form a circle at the crown. Some people prefer to add hair extensions to achieve a more voluminous look. Hair jewelry is also popular in adorning this gorgeous hairstyle.

You can achieve this look at home. Watch this video if you are interested:

14. Fishtail Braid Locs Updo


Fishtail braid has never lost its popularity in semi-formal occasions: cocktail parties, business networking events, charity galas, etc. The secret of this hairstyle is its practicality. While enjoying your night, you don’t have to worry about your hair getting messy because it won’t!

The fishtail braid forms an interesting pattern on your scalp. You can place the braid on both sides of the head, at the top, or at the nape. The braid secures your hair and creates a sleek appearance that contrasts with the carefree vibe of the ponytail.

15. Barrel Twists Locs Updo


If you were a fan of fishtail braid but are now looking for something new, try barrel twist. Like a fishtail braid, this hairstyle creates intricate patterns on the scalp and can maintain sleekness all day long.

One thing is special about the barrel twist. While most braids are flat, barrel twist creates a tube-like shape on the scalp. It is popular to wear double barrel twists, but you can have three, four, or more if you like.

16. Ombre Locs Updo


The ombre technique can bring your long cascade to life, and that’s probably why you dye the ends of your hair into a brighter shade. But you may be surprised how ombre will transform your updo.

Check out this picture. The golden strands add texture to the braid and look like a hair band. You don’t need to add other hair accessories. The highlight already serves as a stylistic focal point that attracts attention.

17. Split Dye Locs Updo


This hair has loads of personality. While the blonde shade brightens up your skin, the black complements your eyes. The stark contrast between the two shades creates a mysterious vibe.

Split dye has the magic of bringing any hairstyle from ordinary to extraordinary, like this high ponytail. The cascade forms a beautiful backdrop for your face.

You might not wear this hairstyle to formal business events. However, at music festivals, bars, or nightclubs, this hairstyle will make a bold statement for you.

18. Blonde Bombshell


If you have been following the latest hairstyle trends, you will know how popular blonde hair is among black girls! Indeed, from the lightest platinum to warm honey blonde, bombshells are eye-catching wherever they go.

This spiky ponytail updo captures the light-hearted summery vibe of the blonde hair. This makes it a perfect choice for music festivals at the beach.

19. Locs Updo with Hair Jewelry


Celebrations and galas are places where you can show off your styling ideas. The only limitation is imagination!

If you want to look classy, hair jewelry is the best choice to enhance your updo. From rhinestones to pearls, you have abundant choices regardless of your budget. In this picture, the crystals adorn the lady’s hair beautifully, reminding people of stars glittering against the night sky.

20. Locs Updo with Hair Beads


Pearls and crystals are elegant, but they are not the only accessories to elevate your style. See how this girl uses hair beads to create a carefree beachy vibe.

The metallic beads resemble the shape of coffee beans or little bells. No matter which one, they are pleasing to the eyes. The beads highlight the movement of your hair. If you are the DJ at the beach party, these little hair accessories will let you stand out!

21. Locs Updo with Head Scarf


You might have been wearing a head scarf to bed since your locs installation. But do you know wearing it outdoors is also a stylistic choice?

A head scarf is a perfect choice to speak for your amiable and warm personality. Pair it with any of your casual wear, and you are good to attend your local gardening workshops!

22. Mohawk-Inspired Locs Updo


Mohawk hairstyles are cool. The edgy look of its temple shave is loved by free-spirited men and women. But you might need to be very confident to wear a traditional mohawk hair to work.

If you are not prepared to shave your hair, consider this updo. The locs at both sides of the hair are tied up to show the scalp, just like a traditional mohawk hairstyle. When you are heading to work, you simply need to take off the rubber band.

To Try Locs Updos Hairstyles

From top knot to barrel twists, from natural black hair to honey blonde, locs updos offer a wide range of options for fashion-forward girls.

Which locs updo do you like best? Leave a comment to let me know.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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