11 Best Fashion Hair Jewelry for Your Locs

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This is our review of the best dreadlocks jewelry in 2023.

Now, Can’t wait for one more second to decorate the matured dreadlocks or faux locs with your jewelry?

All dreadlocks ornaments are cute and beautiful. But, dreadlocks jewelry has different styles, such as cuffs, beads, hair rings, pendants. Also, its material varies from wooden, Aluminum, alloy, fabric, shell.

Feel overwhelmed when choosing the right dreadlocks jewelry? You are not alone. I also used to hesitate to buy locs jewelry online.

So, I want to help you out. After several weeks of research, I found that WXJ13 120 Pieces Dreadlocks Jewelry Rings and Cuffs is the best overall jewelry.

As everyone is unique. So, I’ve included reviews of the best hair jewelry for every kind of dreadlocks.

Let’s get started.

Top 11 Dreadlocks Jewelry for Women and Men

The below locs jewelry are all from Amazon, so you can get them in hand even with one-day shipping via FBA. Moreover, each of them has its features and advantages for different dreadlocks.

WXJ13 120 Pieces Dreadlocks Jewelry Rings and Cuffs

71ft3HV2R7L. SL1001
120 Pieces Dreadlocks Jewelry with Metallic Cord
  • Package: 40 rings, 30 cuffs, 30 hair pendants, 20 curve circles, 100m metallic cord
  • Color: Golden, silver
  • Material: Aluminum, shell
  • Hairstyle: Dreadlocks, faux locs, braids, passion twist, spring twist hair
  • Best for: Overall

The locs jewelry is 2 main colors golden & silver, which is the most popular color for hair accessories. You can wear them on your dreadlocks for any occasion, such as parties, shows, photos, weddings, etc.

Aluminum cuffs are soft and flexible. You can install them on your dreadlocks in place, no tool needed.

The golden string is beautiful and long enough so you can customize how long it should be. That is pretty handy for the different dreadlocks. One thing you should notice is that it’s better to put the rope on the spool to protect it from getting tangled.

Some reviews reported that the golden color is a little like Yellow, and will tarnish after a few days.

140 Pieces Dreadlocks Jewelry Hair Pendants

712PQMlB2OL. SL1000
140 Pieces Dreadlocks Accessories
  • Package: 60 cuffs, 30 golden rings, 10 hair dreadlocks, 10 shells, 10 leaves, 5 stars, 5 cross, 5 feathers, 5 snowflake
  • Color: Golden, silver
  • Material: Aluminum, shell
  • Hairstyle: Braids, dreadlocks, twists, ponytails, and hair extensions
  • Best for: Golden jewelry

It has 10 different styles, leaf, star, cross, etc. So you can change your styles with these accessories.

The aluminum is easy to open and close, you can install them with your fingers, no pliers necessary. Also, it has 110pcs golden hair accessories, which is the best choice for the golden jewelry lover.

A plastic box organizes all the jewelry in order, which is very efficient to get the right one, even in the dark. : )

But, some reviews complain cuffs are not durable enough, will break after times of bending.

587 Pieces Dreadlocks Wood Beads Locs Jewelries

71Vyg5aJ gL. AC SL1000
Dreadlocks Wood Beads with Jewelry
  • Package: 200x rings, 100x cuffs, 50x 10mm beads, 50x 12mm beads, 100x 16mm beads, 40x coils, 20x crowns, 25x clips, 2x needles
  • Color: Golden, silver, mixed colors
  • Material: Wood, aluminum, shell
  • Hairstyles: Hair extension, bangs, dreads, braids, faux locs
  • Best for: Price

Looking for a cost-effective one when shopping? If so, this dreadlocks package is the best for you. It has 587pcs locs accessories, much cheaper compared to others in the list.

Wooden jewelry is a unique design to express your personality. And, there are 3 different sizes, you can weave dreadlocks through them without any hassles.

The different hair cuffs, rings, pendants can meet all your dreadlocks decoration needs.

The beading needle is very helpful to install the jewelry on your dreadlocks. But reviews demonstrate the small-size beads are not suitable for curly hair. 

300 Pieces Dreadlocks Pendants Hair Jewelries

71OEly23JJL. SL1000
300pcs deadlocks cuffs and pendants
  • Package: 100 cuffs (silver & golden), 100 rings (silver & golden),  20 spring dreadlocks (silver & golden), 20 coil dreadlocks (silver & golden), 60 pendants
  • Color: Golden, silver
  • Material: Aluminum, shell
  • Hairstyles: dreadlocks, braids, extensions, updos, faux locs
  • Best for: Various jewelry

People like to try fresh things, the same as dreadlocks jewelry.

This is the largest style on the list, with 20 different ornaments, shells, butterflies, leaves, stars, snowflakes, crosses, etc.

The aluminum is stretchable & flexible to adjust, and not easy to rust. The natural shell will not fade its color even after a long time of wearing. But some reviews complain that the silver cuff is not high quality, the color will fade after a few days.

170 Pieces Dreadlocks Cuffs Hair Locks

71y1Ku4wVGL. SL1060
170pcs dreadlock cuffs
  • Package: 25 golden cuffs, 25 silver cuffs, 24 red cuffs, 24 purple cuffs, 24 pink cuffs, 24 blue cuffs, 24 green cuffs.
  • Color: Golden, silver, red, purple, pink, blue, green
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hairstyles: Dreadlocks, hair extensions, hair braid
  • Best for: Locs cuffs

This jewelry is cuff only, it will be the best choice if you are looking for dreadlocks cuffs. And, it has 7 different colors, more choices when deciding your dreadlocks appearance.

Unlike the common jewelry breaking. Made from special aluminum, can wear for a long time without breaking. Moreover, the jewelry is great at toughness, and not being too heavy to wear.

All cuffs are in order via the box. So you can get the special one without any effort.

But it may not be suitable for children, as it will get smushed in their hair.

80 Pieces Dreadlocks Cuffs Hair Ring Pendants

81OrTBUl6QL. SL1200
80pcs cuffs and pendants
  • Package: 50 cuffs (golden & silver), 10 hair rings, 20 pendants (shell, hands, leaves, and stars)
  • Color: Golden, silver
  • Material: Aluminum, shell
  • Hairstyles: Dreadlocks, hair extension, braiding, faux locs
  • Best for: Dreadlocks cuff + pendants

It includes 50pcs cuffs and 20pcs pendants, which is the best choice if you want to try both cuffs and pendants.

The golden ring is great to manage and decorate your locs. And It’s easy to wear with your fingers, no tool needed.

But, reviews find that there is the BUG in shells, which is pretty nasty. So please check twice the shell before putting it on your dreadlocks.

200 Pieces Dreadlocks Natural Wooden DIY Beads

91AWVFBjqOL. AC SL1500
Dreadlocks wooden beads
  • Package: 200pcs dreadlocks beads
  • Color: Mixed color
  • Material: Wood
  • Hairstyles: Dreadlocks, braiding, hair extension
  • Best for: Wooden jewelry

If you are not a big fan of metal hair jewelry, then you can try the wooden beads for dreadlocks

Its size is around 9mm, hole is 4mm, which is suitable for your micro locs or pencil-size dreadlocks.

The retro bead not only manage your dreadlocks, but the unique design will set you apart from others, 

But this may not be ideal for large dreadlocks.

80 Pieces Viking Dreadlocks Beads Hair Decoration

819TuB6 vL. SL1500
Silver dreadlocks beads
  • Package: 80pcs dreadlocks beads
  • Color: Silver, bronze
  • Material: Metal
  • Hairstyles: Dreadlocks, braid, ponytails, faux locs
  • Best for: Alloy jewelry

It has 14 retro jewelry styles, can meet your different occasions, such as cosplay, party, or daily use.

Also, unlike common jewelry, this is alloy metal, which is not easy to break even after months of wearing. The Tibetan finish design is a great way to express your unique characters. Be real!

But reviews also warn that the threader is too thick to put their dreadlocks through the small beads.

15 Pieces Fabric Dreadlocks Beads Hair Accessories

81lMf5qw4JL. SL1500
Dreadlocks fabric beads
  • Package: 15pcs fabric beads
  • Color: As the picture shown
  • Material: Lychee fabric
  • Hairstyles: Braids, dreadlocks, ponytails, hair extension
  • Best for: Fabric jewelry

You may be familiar with aluminum jewelry via this list. 

Now, let’s switch to the fabric dreadlocks jewelry. It doesn’t have metal at all, which is efficient to protect your dreadlocks from being messed up, even hurt by them.

Moreover, fabric beads are more durable than aluminum ones, so they can be used for a long time. But the fabric beads are not stretchy, not suitable for small dreadlocks.

24 Pieces Dreadlocks Beads Hair DIY Decorations

91yZCnyUuGL. SL1500
Fabric beads with alloy beads
  • Package: 12pcs alloy beads, 12pcs fabric beads
  • Color: As the picture shown
  • Material: Alloy, polyester fabric
  • Hairstyles: Braiding, dreadlocks, faux locs
  • Best for: Alloy jewelry + fabric jewelry

This is a good choice if you want to try both alloy and fabric jewelry for your dreadlocks at once.

Retro alloy beads are high quality, not easy to tarnish or rust. The look is also pretty eye-catching.

12pcs fabric tube beads are very durable, and each one has a different pattern. But, you can’t adjust the hair tube according to your dreadlocks.

62 Pieces Dreadlocks Beads DIY Hair Ring Adornment

811LMOIG2 L. SL1500
Dreadlocks pendants with beads
  • Package: 12pcs pendants, 30pcs beads, 20pcs rings, 328 Feet Metallic Cord
  • Color: As the picture shown
  • Material: Wood, metal
  • Hairstyles: Dreadlocks, braiding
  • Best for: Large dreadlocks

Do you hope your hair jewelry can impress your friends? But the fact is they are always hard to find on your crown. As they are too small!

This jewelry is great for your large dreadlocks. The hair pendant size is up to 4 inches, can decorate your big dreadlocks perfectly.

These pendants are all made from natural stones, enjoying the unique design. You can decorate your dreadlocks for anywhere, concerts, weddings, Christmas, Halloween, etc.

It’s better to check twice the jewelry link is fixed to protect the stone from dropping down.

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How to Choose the Jewelry for Your Dreadlocks

The most important thing is to choose the right jewelry for you. Here, I have listed some tips to help you find the right one. Let’s check it.

Measure Your Dreadlocks Size

Know yourself first before making a decision!

Measuring your locs size is the first thing before you buy hair jewelry, beads or cuffs. Otherwise, the one you bought is either small for your dreadlocks, or slide off from your hair.

Dreadlocks size is different from 0.5mm to 14mm or larger. It’s very easy to know your dreadlocks’ size, you can make it via the ruler. Watch the video to get more details.

Tips: No need to measure very precisely, just need the Approx. figures, such as 3mm or 6mm. Then, your jewelry opening should be smaller than dreadlocks size, to prevent it from slipping off.

How to Choose the Correct Dreadlocks Jewelry Size

Now, you know your dreadlocks’ size. Let’s jump in to get more details about choosing your jewelry.

Small Locs5mm
Pencil-size Locs6mm
Medium-large Locs7mm
Large Locs8-9mm
* 1mm = 0.039in


The sisterlocks is around 2mm, depending on the method to install them. If you are the sisterlocks, it’s a good choice to buy thin wire-wrapped jewelry or smaller beads to adorn your dreads. As the big-size pendants will be a little weird and injure your “weak” sisterlocks.

Micro Locs

If your dreads is 3mm-4mm, then it belongs to the Micro locs. In this case, in terms of adjustment, the wire-wrapped jewelry would be a better choice than cuffs.

Pencil-size Locs

Pencil-size locs are about 6mm, it is the traditional and most seen dreadlocks. In this case, there is no problem wearing wrapped jewelry or locs cuffs.

Large Locs

The large locs is more than 7mm, even 14mm+, it becomes more and more popular in the trend. As people often put their locs together to make it bigger and thicker. 

For large locs, large jewelry is a good choice to decorate. Moreover, the big locs can stand the heavy/bigger jewelry.

How To Apply Your Dreadlocks Jewelry

You already know how to choose the best jewelry for your locs. Now, the next thing is to know how to apply them. Some tips could help you a lot, let’s check them.


1. Don’t knot your dreadlocks to fix the bead/jewelry, as it will injure your dreadlocks pretty much.

2. Keep your beads high enough on your dreadlocks, instead of the bottom. Make sure they pass the thickest locs part, which is helpful to prevent your beads slide off. You can imagine that like the ring on your fingers, passing finger joints.

3. Before you wear any metal jewelry, make sure it has no sharp opening,

Locs beads & wire-wrapped jewelry

The big opening beads are easy to put on your dreads, you can thread them directly with your fingers.

For the small beads, it’s a little hard to wear them. But, it will be more efficient through the threading tool. Watch the video to know how to use threaders.

Dreadlocks cuffs

Cuffs are the most used for dreadlocks. There are two ways to apply them: the first one is to pass the locs directly (like the beads/wire-wrapped one). The second way is to part the cuff, put it in place, then close it to make sure it will not slide off.

There is a video that could be helpful.

Loc tie

Locs ties are usually used for large or thick dreadlocks. The advantage of fabric rubber is no metal included, being less harmful to your dreads. Moreover, locs ties could be applied to other hairstyles, e.g. ponytail, bob hairstyle.

Other FAQs about Dreadlocks Jewelry

Also, I found some other questions about the dreadlocks jewelry, beads, or cuffs. Hope it is helpful to your locs journey.

When could you start to wear the jewelry?

It is better to wait 6 months to let your dreadlocks mature before wearing jewelry. Otherwise, too early to put on them will let your loc get bumps, thinning, and weak spots.

Are dreadlocks jewelry permanent or temporary?

Both exist. The permanent jewelry is usually fastened on your dreadlocks via thread, you can wear them, even swim, or shower. Temporary jewelry is a better choice if you want to change your adornment every few days.

Should you remove the jewelry when washing dreadlocks? 

It is better to take off your jewelry when washing, swimming, or getting your hair wet. As metal jewelry, especially the cheap one, is easy to tarnish, leaving the green ring on your dreads. And, it is a good choice to buy the stainless steel jewelry/bead for your dreadlocks.

Our Verdict

Your dreadlocks need jewelry to decorate it. Your dreadlocks will get more charming if you can choose the right jewelry to adorn it.

Every dreadlocks is different. Work with your locticians to decide the best jewelry for your dreadlocks. But WXJ13 120 Pieces Dreadlocks Jewelry Rings and Cuffs is an excellent choice to decorate your dreadlocks.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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  2. These are pretty cool little trinkets. I must say that things have certainly come along these days. When I had dreads (many moons ago), we used to make our own dreadlock jewelry out of bottle tops, ring-pulls and various other bits and pieces. I dont think i could handle wearing all that hair again. Any Mowhawk Jewellery?

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