What Is A T Part Wig? And How to Install It

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T Part Wigs

The T part wig is one of the lace wigs, named as its lace section looks like the “T” shape, and the lace area is about 16x4x1 inch.

13x6x1 inches T Part Wigs

As a wig lover, I spent one whole day researching T part wigs. Then, I listed it out here, and hope this could help you a lot.

Please keep reading if you want to learn:

  • Are T part wigs good or bad?
  • How to install a T part wig for beginners?
  • Mostly asked questions about T part wigs


Let’s go!

Are T Part Wigs Good or Bad?

Let’s face the fact nothing is absolute in this world. That’s to say, the T part wig has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of T part wigs

I listed 3 advantages of T part wigs: convenient, wall-friendly, and natural. Let’s check the details.


Due to the T part wig being bleached and pre-styled, you can wear it out of the box.

All you need to do is cut off the extra lace edge and comb it naturally. The whole process just takes a few minutes, even for beginners. (Check the installation below.)

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Firstly, let me ask you a question. What’s the #1 Cons you don’t like the full lace wig?

Versatility? Of course, Not! (It is your favorite, right :>)

Yes, HIGH price is the #1 Con of full lace wigs.

The T part wig can help you (at least for me) beat the biggest monster – Expensive.

The main section of T part wig caps is machine-made, instead of hand-sewn, which helps its cost get down a lot.


The cheap price doesn’t always mean bad quality.

The T part lace wig owns the natural hairline in the front “T” section. You can create the natural illusion as the frontal lace or full lace wig does.

Moreover, the quality T-part lace wigs are made from 100% (Remy or Virgin) human hair. So, you can style it like your own hair, dying, washing, or coloring it.

Disadvantages of T part wigs

There are 2 main disadvantages of a T part wig: worse breathability and less versatility.


More than  4/5 of T part wig caps are machine-made. So its breathability will be worse than ordinary lace wigs, such as full HD lace wigs.

Considering that, T part wigs may not a good choice in the summer, especially for sweaty ladies.


The T section is pre-style in the middle ( also has the left or right side part). And the transparent lace is only in the “T” shape. So, you can’t part free, in another word, you can’t change the part where it is.

side T part wigs
Side T part wigs

How To Install A T Part Wig for Beginners

As we talked about above, installing the T part wig is not hard. There are steps to show you how to finesse your T part wigs.

Let’s jump in.

  • Use the liquid foundation makeup to color your lace cap, blending it with your skin.
T Part Wigs Install-1
  • Use alcohol sticking the lace to your skin
T Part Wigs Install-2
  • Put on your T part wig. Note: Adjust the wig cap strap to keep it fixed.
T Part Wigs Install-3
  • Take the scissors to cut off the excess ear lace, to show your hairline.
T Part Wigs Install-4
  • Apply the freeze spray on your hairline lace, blow dry it.
T Part Wigs Install-5
  • Use hot comb smoothing T part hair, to make your T part hairline clear.
T Part Wigs Install-6
  • Use the flat iron to get your other hairs nice and flat.
T Part Wigs Install-7
  • Take the scissors to cut open, a razor to cut off the lace, get the great hairline.
T Part Wigs Install-8
  • Fit the foundation & wig glue spray to melt the lace with your skin, dry it.
T Part Wigs Install-9
  • Comb your baby hair, to keep it smooth and natural.
T Part Wigs Install-10
  • Use the foundation to define the T part better.
T Part Wigs Install-11
  • Use a flat iron to make sure your hair is smooth and cohesive with each other.
T Part Wigs Install-12

You could also check the video here:

Mostly Asked Questions About T Part Wigs

What’s the inside of the T part wig?

Like other wigs, there are 3 combs (left, right, back) and a flexible strap in the T part wigs. The transparent lace is only on the “T” section, the main section is machine-made.

T Part Wigs Inside
T Part Wigs Inside

What’s the difference between T part wigs and U part wigs?

The shape.

The answer is Yes, but also No.

The U-part wig is hair extensions that are sewn on a U-shape wig cap. That’s to say, the “U” shape has nothing. But, the “T” shape has transparent lace.

U Part Wigs
U Part Wigs

Which “T” shape sizes do T part wigs have?

The most popular T part wig is 13x6x1 inch. It has 13 inches lace from ear to ear, 6-inch depth and 1-inch width lace in the part.

Meanwhile, other part sizes are also on the market, such as the less depth 13x4x1 inch, 4x4x1 inch T part wigs.

What’s the difference between T part wigs and 13×4 lace front wigs?

The big difference is they have different sizes of lace. The T part wig has only 1-inch lace on the part, but the 13×4 lace front wig has a wide lace area to part free in the front.

What’s the difference between T part wigs and 4×4 closure wigs?

The (4×4 or 5×5) closure wig is not a wig, as its function is to close off installation. But, the T part wig is a REAL wig to wear, instead of using it with others.

4x4 lace closure vs 13x4 T part wigs
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