The Best 13 Half Up Half Down Loc Hairstyles

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This article breaks down details about half up half down loc hairstyles. The styling idea is popular for its way of transforming full-head hairstyles. 

For first-timers, you need a starting point to try out the hairstyle on your locs. If you don’t want to look bothersome to people, we teach you every possible knack for the half up half down loc hairstyles. 

We’re going to cover:

  • Advantages of the half up half down loc hairstyles
  • Materials for achieving the half up half down loc hairstyles
  • Different half up half down loc hairstyles
  • Maintenance tips for the half up half down loc hairstyles

Why Style Locs in the Half Up Half Down Loc Hairstyles 

Whether you wear natural locs, faux locs, butterfly locs, or goddess locs, expect to enjoy the most out of the half up half down loc hairstyles. Beyond its simplicity, there are more advantages for an outrightly polished look. 


The half up half down loc hairstyles is not as individualistic as most people think. When we speak of this style, it’s more like a category consisting of different styling techniques to achieve it. In short, the half up half down loc hairstyles is highly versatile.

You can get creative with the hairstyle whichever way you love. Well, some ideas we’ve listed for you below. You’ll never be at a rope’s end if you’re adventurous and arty. 

Another thing is that the half up half down loc hairstyles allows you to tweak it with twists and braids. You can accentuate with decorations of your own to add a unique touch to your look. It blends beautifully with floral clips, cowrie shells, ribbons, and beads. 


We cannot overlook how the half up half down loc hairstyles gives an elegant and sophisticated vibe. The hairstyle oozes class and overflowing aura to befit any occasion of choice. It suits both formal events and casual outings.

Going for an early morning run? Feel at peace to glow in the style. Equally, it doesn’t matter whether you’re attending a corporate seminar, as you can adorn the hairstyle and look professional. 


Comfort is always the key concern when needing a new loc hairstyle. The half up half down loc hairstyles is comfortable for long durations of wear. When worn, it provides comfort to your face and neck.

That means, your locs will not come onto your face and cause discomfort. The hairstyle is loc-taming. Similarly, if the back half is held, your neck will breathe during hot weather. 

However, there’ll still be comfort even if the back half is loose because less hair touches the neck, unlike letting all the locs hang loose. 

Reduced Tension

Compared to fully-tied hairstyles like ponytails and buns, half up half down loc hairstyles strains the locs less. Splitting the hair into two sections and one-half free minimizes the tension on your scalp and locs. It helps reduce the risk of breakage and extreme hair damage. 

Also, it reduces the bulky feel when half the mane is not tied. That’s especially true when your locs are too many and voluminous. Plus, the hairstyle makes it easier to create a ponytail, though a half ponytail. 

Materials Needed to Achieve the Style 

When you’re aware of the benefits, you might be eager to head on with the hairstyle installation. Every installation requires tools and materials to actualize it, including the half up, half down one. The following are all that you’ll need. 

Loc-friendly Shampoo and Conditioner

In order for the half up half down loc hairstyles to look opulent, lustrous, and neat, your locs must be clean. So. shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for locs will come in handy. The shampoo application precedes the conditioner. 

And the shampoo removes dirt and residues for a thorough clarification. While the conditioner softens the strands after the shampoo’s rough and frizzing effects. You may use a wash-out deep conditioner if your locs need intense softening. 

Natural Moisturizing Loc Oils

Go in with an organic moisturizing loc oil after the cleanse and before the locs completely dry. You apply the oils when the locs are damp, not dripping wet. Doing that ensures the oils fully penetrate the hair cuticle with the help of moisture. 

Use oils like argan oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil to rejuvenate the locs. As you apply, dispense sparingly to avoid excessive applications and wastage. 

Hairpins and Clips

Hairpins and clips help hold down the locs. 

But hairpins work with small hold-downs. For instance, when making your side swoop at the front, you’d tame it with hairpins. Or, when you want to secure the twist in your bun, you’d slide in the hairpin. 

Clips stylishly secure a bun or ponytail updo. If the locs are few, you’ll use a small clip. Contrarily, large clips are the most appropriate for bulky locs. 

Hair Ties or Bands

Instead of using clips, hair ties or hair bands suffice. They’re much easier to work with when setting your half bun or ponytail to hold the locs away from your face and eyes. And they offer a perfect grip so that your half up half down loc hairstyle does not easily unravel. 

Styling Gel or Cream

You’d like your edges well laid along the hairline. That’s where you’ll need a styling gel or cream to lay them beautifully. It enhances your locs appeal with a nice feminine touch. 

The Best 13 Half Up Half Down Loc Hairstyles

This is the section to style your half up half down loc hairstyle in different ways. 

1. Half-Up Buns

Pulling half your hair up in a bun and allowing the rest to flow loosely is a trending hairstyle everyone loves to the core. It’s wowed hearts even on the glamorous red carpet and celebrity events. The bun can be sleek, like a ballerina bun, a donut bun, a messy bun, or in any bun feature you like. 

The bun adds dimension and constrains volume while grabbing attention from every corner. Luckily, it flatters everybody. Whoever you are, feel at ease to rock the style. 

Half Up Half Down Loc Hairstyles : 1-Half-Up-Buns-1_375x464

2. Half Cornrowed Out

Touching up the upper half with cornrows on your locs is a cool girl idea. Conjoin the locs to form a cornrow line on the half front. You’ll look effortlessly beautiful. 

You can pimp the hairstyle with bejeweled beads and braid rings. Let yourself glow from head to toe. Or hold the ends of the cornrows in buns at the crown for a more plush semblance.  

Instead of a bun, it could be a ponytail. The world is your oyster, honeypie. 


3. Ponytail Up Loose Down

This is the simplest half up half down loc hairstyles yet splendid. Placing the pony at the crown gives off a regal appearance. It uplights your cheekbones and unique facial features, specifically if you have a long, sharp face. 

It befits every age group. Your dearest grandy will look good in the hairstyle in her 60s. Concurrently, your little weenie will adore the hairstyle when she finds out she’s a beauty to behold. 

You could work with double ponytails to appear more youthful. 


4. Twist Up Curls Down

Be the visual inspiration of curly half up half down loc hairstyles with the twist up curls down style. The style has never looked less enticing. 

Resemble Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, but you’ll be a piece of magic with the locs in place. The pop of curls on the half down makes it suited for a night in town or a girls’ night date. 

Steer up envy in your girlfriends and enjoy the compliments thrown at you. 


5. Top Knot Style

Top knots are great alternatives for buns. As the name suggests, you tie the pony into a knot after holding half the locs up with a hair tie. It takes less time and effort. 

It’s a perfect gym accessory when you want your hair held up in a short while. But you still desire to be a feast for the eyes. Lift your weights and dumbbells, knowing you’re a sweet scenery before other gymers. 


6. Half-Up Faux Hawk

Strike up extra drama in your locs with the half-up faux hawk on your locs. In so doing, you reveal your wild side and love for exaggerated looks. 

The faux hawk will involve locs pulled from the side to the center and a hump from the front to the back. Some people improve the style with loops in the hump or a fishtail braid. Then, the half back is loosely free, with the ends of the faux hawk spreading over it for a gorgeous demeanor. 


7. Half-Up Claw Clipped

Think of stealing the show with the half-up clipped in a jaw or claw clip for your Rapunzel long locs. To make the style conspicuous, the claw clip should be brightly colored and large-sized. Go for a clip color that complements the color of your locs. 

Usually, the ponytail is twisted up and clipped into the mane. Before relaxing, ensure the clip tightly secures the locs with no signs of falling off. You may elevate the style with springy curls on the ends of the locs to create bounce. 


8. Half Down Two or Three-Strand Twist

When you want to make the half-down locs stiffer and less in motion, braid them in two or three-strand twists. But they’ll remain freely loose and flowing on your back. The idea generates a thicker look that gives a chic contrast with the hairstyle in the half-up portion. 

Leave two face-highlighting two-strand or three-strand twisted tendrils falling over your forehead. Tendrils juice up the entire stature to keep heads turning. 


9. Half Up Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids on locs are undoubtedly classic and state-of-the-art. Installing them on the half-up section gets you further ahead than a full fishtail bread on the whole tresses. This one is intricate and will require your trusted loctician to exercise their expertise to achieve the look.

The style rejuvenates the locs appearance. Surprise your family with the new look to smirk at their funny stares. 


10. Half-Up Pineapple Updo

Ignite the fire left in you with a pineapple updo in your half-up part. For the love of the flesh and juicy fruit, create an illusion of it using your locs. Hairwork is the best way to spill your creative power.

The hairstyle is doable on medium-long, or lob-length locs. Hold up the locs, take a few of the locs, and wrap them around the ponytail to keep it tower-like. Then, let the ends of the ponytail spike out by ending the wrap somewhere close to the ends of the ponytail. 


11. Half-Up Bow Style

If you’re looking for a style more unique than the casual bun but closely similar to the bun, try the bow hairstyle. It’s a fresh take on bun styles and is more sophisticated for parties and the under-25 ladies. 

School teens also are magnificent in this hairstyle. The bow requires you to know your way about it. It’s a masterpiece amongst all bun hairstyles, and a stylist perfect at it will bring out the absolute best.


12. Half-Up Bantu Knots

Rather than having a single knot on the top half, explore the multiple Bantu knots and experience the African hairstyle. Each knot involves twist downs, and the ends are secured with a pin or a bobble band so that the twist doesn’t come undone.  

The numerous knots keep you gussied up. Very few people wear the hairstyle, especially whites. And you going extraordinary in the hairstyle will be a groundbreaking moment for you. 


13. Half Up Halo Style

The style sounds too complicated. But with the right mindset and idea of how to do it, your stylist will bring it into reality. The halo is a ring of braid going around at the half-up section. The ring could be in the fishtail braid on cornrowed, depending on preference. 

It exudes a bridal feeling, with no doubt. You may put the hairstyle on your wedding day. The D-day should exhibit glamour, and you should be the greatest focus of the day. 


Maintenance Tips for the Half Up Half Down Loc Hairstyles 

Ladies aspiring for a long service life from the half up half down loc hairstyles need these maintenance tips. You’re guaranteed longevity if you carry out the following. 

Cleanse and Condition

Learn and stick to the habit of keeping your locs clean. It’s advisable to clean them immediately if you notice dirt and product buildup, especially at the roots. With clean locs, you wear them for a longer time because of the prevailing comfort. 

During those washes, use a loc-friendly shampoo and conditioner. Allow products that are toxic-free and nourishing to touch your locs. 


Moisturize, moisturize, girl! We’re persistent on moisturization as hydrating kicks life in locs and maintains their healthy look. If your locs are dry, still moisturize when they seem to thirst for hydration. 

Secure the Half Portion

While securing the half-up portion, secure it well and not too tightly. Ensure the grip is sufficient to prevent the half-up section from falling out. Use hairpins, clips, hair ties, or hair bands to achieve the desired grip. 

Avoid Over-styling

When doing your half up half down loc hairstyles, avoid over-manipulating your locs. Try not to switch from one style to another often and within short durations. The frequent tugging of the locs, particularly at the hairline, may lead to adverse breakage and a receding hairline. 

Night-time Routine

Daytime care is not entirely enough for your locs if, at night, you throw caution to the wind. Therefore, incorporate a night-time routine into your overall loc care and maintenance. 

First, don’t sleep with them bare; cover them with a satin bonnet or silk scarf. Then, sleep on silk or satin pillowcases in case your cover cap slips off without noticing. And lastly, never go to bed with your locs wet. 

Those 3 night-care tips will avert damage and make the daytime routine worth the course.  

Refreshing Your Style

Avoid overstaying with the half up half down loc hairstyles. Even you, as the wearer, will suddenly feel bored. 

Please do not ignore these signs, but see to it that you have a hair makeover to refresh the style. You will be eliminating frizz and reviving your look. 

What’s Left for You? 

Darling, it’s response time. Be a free soul and let out your adventurous spirit, willing to give the half up half down loc hairstyles a shot. Our story isn’t sufficient until you make your own story by trying out the hairstyle. 

How will you know it’s your favorite if you’re reluctant? Step your loc styling game with confidence. And let us know your experience through a comment below. 

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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