Invisible Locs: How to Install & Remove

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There are times you look at yourself in the mirror and see your hair really needs refreshment. No more bad hair days when you can hop onto invisible locs as your next style.

I bet the hairstyle may conform to your personal style and fashion sense. 

While perusing social media trends, you might have glanced at the hairstyle without your knowledge. 

Today, we’re going through the ins and outs of invisible locs. Know what they are and even how you can install the hairstyle.

Roll with us to the end to affiliate yourself with them. 

What are Invisible Locs?

Invisible locs are two-strand twists with fed-in synthetic twisting or braiding hair and made by twisting motion. The foundation starts by flat twisting the natural hair up to a few inches from the roots. Then synthetic extensions get fed into the hair, twisted together with the natural hair to the ends, and sealed. 

They are considered locs, not twists, because the base resembles traditional dreadlocks. But again, they are not the faux locs type. The hair extensions are not crocheted or wrapped around a braid like faux locs. 

And neither are they traditional locs. They are not purely your natural hair and are not left to intertwine to naturally form the dreadlocks.  Invisible locs are unique in their own sense, even though they’re mistaken for the two-strand twist dreadlocks.  

The Benefits Accrued From Invisible Locs

If you’re going for invisible locs, these are the expected benefits.  Most of the advantages are similar to those of most loc forms, be it the actual locs, butterfly locs, soft locs, or any form of faux locs. 

Lightweight and Comfortable


When you put on invisible locs, you will surely gain the comfort you seek. The hair extensions used to achieve the hairstyle are usually lightweight, hence comfortable to wear. They do not weigh down your head, so you have the best feel for the longest time possible. 

Additionally, the tight itself is not tight and painful. It does not involve the tightening process of wrapping the extensions around the roots like the faux or soft locs. So, even immediately after installation, you’ll be fine and pain-free. 



Being that the hairstyle is a product of fed-in hair extensions makes it highly versatile. In the hair industry, synthetic hair extensions are available in a wide range of brands, colors, lengths, and textures. This grants freedom of choice whether shopping in-store or online. 

All you have to do is ensure the color you choose blends well with your hair color that pops up at the roots. As for length and texture, choose what suits your hair desires and hairstyle. Brandwise, look for quality and reputable brands with long years of production. 

Not forgetting, invisible locs can be worn in numerous hairstyles. There are more than 65 invisible locs hairstyles that you can easily switch up from one to another.

Protective Hairstyle

Apart from invisible locs’ ability to stay comfortably loose, they are a protective hairstyle in that regard. The fact the installation does not tighten the hair at the roots whatsoever makes it safe for your hair. 

Your hair barely faces the danger of weakening and breaking. On the whole, there’s minimal possibility of experiencing hair loss and adverse alopecia. When that is in order, your natural hair grows healthily without interruption as long as you properly care for the invisible locs.

Therefore, invisible locs are a great way of making your hair grow faster. 

Low Maintenance

We cannot overlook how the hairstyle has low maintenance compared to traditional dreads. They require minimal care and protection to realize their expected service life. 

Like washing, you don’t have to wash the hair often. Your natural hair is conjoined to the extensions, reducing environmental damage. Plus, you don’t need to worry about gel flakes or wax buildup that necessitates frequent hair clarification. 

You only have to think of oiling them to rejuvenate the shine, softness, and hydration. 

Personal Esthetics


Once you embrace this unique hairstyle, you’re sure to stand out in crowds. That extraordinarily incredible appeal boosts your self-esteem by making you feel good and so highly of yourself. 

And just looking nice in invisible locs helps you overcome doubts or concerns about the hairstyle. So, ensure the installation is flawless and your stylist does thorough work if installed at a salon. 

How to Install Invisible Locs


When ready to effectuate the invisible locs hairstyle, go through our installation guide below. As said earlier, a perfect installation accelerates your personal aesthetics, including facial features. 

What You’ll Need

  • Cuban twist or Marley hair
  • Rat tail comb
  • Elastic rubber bands
  • Duckbill hair clips
  • Moisturizing oil of choice

Your Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Step 1: Take your rat tail comb and start paring your row from the back. Clip up the rest of the hair using the duckbill clip to keep it out of the way. 

Step 2: On your first row, size out your box, triangular or diamond partings. Work with your partings in twos for each individual invisible loc. Braid down the partings a few inches away from the roots and braid loosely in two strands. 

Step 3: Once you’re sure you’ve left enough length for the flat twist base, crotchet in your extensions at the beginning of the braids.

Step 4: Dab a pinch of braiding gel to the sections. Then start flat-twisting the first base together with the extensions and clip it up to avoid unraveling as you work on the other parting. 

Step 5: With your flat twists intact, take both the flat-twisted strands and twist them over each other in opposite directions till the ends. 

Step 6: Upon reaching the ends, roll up the loc strand and tie it with an elastic rubber band to seal the ends. 

Step 7:  Repeat the same procedure on the next invisible loc strand as you move up your head. 

TIP: Remember to dab gel or coconut oil along the shaft to tuck in flyaway hairs. It will also keep the twist shape intact and the invisible loc as neat as possible.  And after fixing all the invisible locs, oil your scalp along the parting lines for shine and to seal in moisture. 

Invisible Locs Care and Maintenance

Definitely, for the installation to turn out a worthy ordeal, you’ll have to maintain it. On the positive side, caring for invisible locs is easy, and most of it is your own doing, not the stylist’s. 

Thorough Washing

Clean hair means good hair days, right?  The same works for invisible locs; you’ll wash them once every 2-3 weeks. 

If you plan to have them for 3 weeks, washing them while wearing them is unnecessary. You can wash your hair after removing them for a meticulous cleanse. 

Detox the invisible locs with an apple cider vinegar wash for longer wears. That’s in your final rinse. The process helps prevent buildup and bacterial and fungal infections for a healthy scalp.


When your Invisible locs are clean, it’s important to lock in moisture by moisturizing. This gives the invisible locs a smooth texture and luster. 

Use a hair moisturizing oil of your choice. It could be avocado oil, olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil, or any other that fits your hair condition with its additional benefits. Apply them on your scalp to keep it moisturized. 


Besides moisturizing with oils, occasionally go in with the mousse to keep the twists looking nice. Spread on the locs, from the roots to the ends, ensuring you cover every loc shaft. A small amount is best to avoid damp spots within the locs.

For the best results, blow dry over the locs to dry out the mousse and eliminate sogginess. 

Care when Sleeping

Like most hairstyles, wear a satin bonnet at night before going to bed. Or wrap a silk hair scarf with all the locs tucked in. This is overnight protection to keep the invisible locs healthy even at night. 

Seasonal Adjustments

Also, learn to respect the weather or seasons with regard to your invisible locs. Do so by adjusting your locs care routine for the different weather conditions. For adverse seasons like summer, winter, and other transitional periods, provide special care.

It means doing more than usual and giving the locs more attention. 

Removal in Good Time

Avoid extending the wear of the invisible locs immediately 4 weeks clock in. 

It doesn’t have to be 4 weeks. As soon as you notice excessive new growth, remove the invisible locs and refresh your natural hair. The removal takes a less long time than faux locs do. 

How To Remove Invisible Locs

Taking out invisible locs should be done in this manner. We’ve listed the few items you require for the process before starting to remove them. 

What You’ll Need

  • Rat tail comb
  • A pair of hair-cutting scissors
  • Double prong clip
  • Hair tie
  • Afro comb

Your Step-by-Step Removal Guide

Step 1: Going strand by strand, hold your first invisible loc strand.  Find the location of the rubber band and cut it out with your scissors.

Step 2: Further find the end of the invisible loc, somewhere close to where the rubber band was. Then begin untwisting the strand to unravel the twist shape. Upon getting to the top, the extension just gets out if you fed it in. 

Step 3: If you crotcheted the extension in, you’ll have it cut it and pull it out. Do the same to the other extensions in the rest of the invisible locs.

Step 4: For each invisible loc, undo the braid after removing the extensions and before moving to the next strand. 

Step 5: Comb out the hair to remove tangles and knots. Hold the hair in sections with the hair tie while taking out the remaining invisible locs. Once done removing all of them, prepare for a thorugh hair wash. 

TIP: If your hair is short, cut the loc close to where the braid ends along the invisible loc shaft so that you fasten the removal process. Be careful not to cut to your hair.

FAQs about Invisible Locs

What kind of hair is used for invisible locs?

Whatever your preference is, you’ll need either the Cuban twist hair or Marley braiding hair. If the two types of hair are out of stock or unavailable at your nearest local hair store, ask for any freetress pre-fluffed synthetic hair. However, it’s best you work with the Cuban twist hair because of its extra kinky nature for the most natural look. 

How many packs of hair do I need for invisible locs?

This depends on the hair type you’ll use, and the sizing for your invisible locs. If you go with the Cuban twist hair, you’ll need 3-4 packs of hair for a full-head install. 

And if it’s the Marley braiding hair, you’ll require more packs, as 6-7 packs suffice. Therefore, assess both at a hair store and compare the prices, quality, and color options before making purchases. Equally, know that you use a small amount of hair if you want them thin and a big amount of hair if you want chunky twists.

How much do invisible locs cost?

While budgeting for your hair, plan for an average of $150 to over $500 for a salon installation. But to be fully equipped, consult with your preferred salon and let them explain the full cost. The price varies with the location, level of stylist’s experience, preferred sizing, and service time. 

Otherwise, you can install the hairstyle by yourself and spend only on the hair bundles, averagely 10 – 30 bucks. 

What is the difference between twists and invisible locs?

Invisible locs don’t differ much from twists. Twists are a general plaiting technique as well as a basic hairstyle. When taken to be a hairstyle, the twists start from the foundation up to the very ends of the hair. 

As for invisible locs, the foundation is flat twists; later, the twisting hair is fed in and twisted normally to the ends. The foundation gives the illusion of locs twisted in the two-strand style. 

Can you keep invisible locs in forever?

Truth be told, invisible longs cannot extend for more than 4 weeks because of the nature of the installation. They last shorter than faux locs and other synthetic loc forms. So, you cannot keep them permanently and let them stay in your hair forever, or else you risk hair damage. 


Topping up the intricacies of invisble locs, your patience and time are matters of concern. Keep in mind the fact that you’ll have hours of sitting at a salon. And if you’re fixing them at home, you’ll spend much time moving your hands. 

Prepare yourself for the time-consuming service. Achieving beauty and a feel of glamour demands effort to enjoy hairstyles. 

Also, check out our different invisible locs hairstyles for attractive appearances. 

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Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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