12 Best Hair Extension Brands of 2023

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Best Hair Extension Brands

Most hair extension brands in the market rarely come clean about the shortcomings of their extensions. 

So, if you’re a novice buyer, you get predisposed to the confusing variety, especially online. It’s hard to settle on the right pick without prior guidance and exposure. 

Eventually, you find yourself with a hair extension that loses beauty in a few days. Who would love to spend their hard-earned money on merely low-grade hair?

As you wouldn’t love to, I wouldn’t love seeing my fellow extension wearers go through a daunting tussle.

Stay with us to know the best hair extension brands we’ve sampled for you.  

12 Best Hair Extension Brands In Detail

Without further chit-chats, let’s dive into the important details about these extension brands. 

Bellami Hair


Bellami is widely-known for their exemplary lace-weft clip-in extensions. They also provide invisi-weft silk seam extensions suitable for fine to medium hair. They’re considerate of the health and beauty of all hair types regardless of their thickness. 

Their hair material of concern is Remy hair. They do not deviate from that as their hair is not mixed with synthetic hair. They target lifting up the elegance and outlook of women with high-grade hair.

The length of all the hair extensions ranges between 16-26 inches, and the weights of each pack range from 120-360 grams. They credit real beauty and glam to lengthy hair. And all the clip-in extensions are in the widest array of over 20 shades per product. 

Glam Seamless

Glam Seamless

Glam Seamless is one of the top high-end extension brands worldwide. Thanks to Alexandra, a reputable entrepreneur, this brand got into existence in 2012. 

That year, they discovered they could change the trajectory of the hair industry. Finding great hair extensions at affordable prices and online was a challenge. So, they introduced price-friendly salon-quality extensions, revolutionizing the industry up to date. 

They believe in equipping you with value for your investment. Their seamless extensions are made from durable, non-shedding, double-drawn, 100% Remy hair. The hair lasts for a year, and a variety of types, colors, textures, and curl patterns are available.

They have more than 100 shades to choose from. Plus, they generate not only tape-in extensions but clip-ins, halos, wefts, and ponytails. Delivery could be the same day you order on their site for you to instantly enjoy the magnificence of their extensions. 

Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair is a Canadian-based hair company with their warehouse located in the US. They have a strong passion for beautiful hair. To them, every lady deserves products worth their never-dimming beauty. 

No wonder they align themselves with Remy hair extensions. Their hair extensions are easy to wear and use to fit your hair expectations. They deliver clip-in, halo, ponytail, and weft hair capable of adding length and volume.

On top of that, they offer a collection of hair blogs and care guides for hair insights. They do not end their service over a purchase but extend it afterward for you to get the most out of their extensions. They even outline hairstyle options and explain how to do them. 

The brand is also environmentally-conscious. They boast a hair recycling program whereby they gladly take back used extensions instead of ending up in landfills. The extensions don’t have to be their brand; they accept other human hair brands with wholesome pay in return.

The Hair Shop

The Hair Shop

The Hair Shop is extensively knowledgeable of hair matters with keen detail in their hair manufacture. The founder, Ryan Tokko, started his interest in hair over three decades ago. The company preyed on the fact that most manufacturers produce hair extensions but lack quality adherence. 

From that, they grew from one beauty store to several retail shops in the US. The founder stands to be the first person to create clip-ins. And partnered with other hair experts to improve techniques and quality. 

The hair is 100% human hair with a diverse assortment of colors and lengths. Here, you also do not get clip-in extensions only. There are keratin-tip, micro-ring, tape-in, and weft hair extensions at your disposal. 

On every product page on the hair extension website, you receive information on the specs, maintenance, and tools you’ll need. The brand further relays the procedure of installation for appropriate installation. And recommends the number of bundles enough for wear. 

Indique Hair

IndIque Hair

Indique hair is a well-established brand with over 30 years of dominance in the hair industry. Their presence is international, with distributors in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Coming to their retail stores, they’re based all over the US.

With their team of hair professionals, they understand how to satisfy hair lovers. Their expertise lies in virgin human hair of the greatest hair quality. 

They make clip-in, ponytail, tape-in, and keratin-tip extensions you can easily buy on their hair website. 

The hair undergoes quality inspection and thorough washing before packaging. And it’s not treated with chemicals; it’s more like your own hair. You can heat style it without worrying about heat damage and reuse it for a year or more. 

Zala Hair


Zala Hair’s headquarters are in Australia, but their hair factory is in China. They’re a renowned hair and beauty products seller specializing in luxurious hair. They source their raw material from Asia and Eastern Europe. 

In detail, they buy their hair from willing adult sellers with healthy hair. These adults accept selling their own hair under an agreement reached a few months prior. Hence, their hair is ethically sourced, as you can trace the origin. 

They make tape-in, clip-in, halo, weave-in, and keratin hair extensions. These extensions could be double-drawn, quad-wefts, or ponytails. And their lifespan depends on how often you wear them.

If you wear them often, the brand recommends replacing them every 4-6 months. But if it’s seldom worn, replacement after a year will do. However, they give a guide to help you extend the life of your hair extensions. 



Welcome to the first-rated UK online seller for human hair extensions. They’re an award-winning brand that earned the Hair Awards 2022 accolade and stood up as finalists in other renowned awards. They make both synthetic and human hair extensions. 

This is the place to get yourself more besides clip-in extensions and weft bundles. They make soft fringes, ponytails, scrunchies, bun boosters, and braiding hair. That grants the freedom and desire to switch to buns and ponytail hair.

Each commodity has a variety of colors, textures, and lengths. Your selection is unlimited. And some come in either one or 5 pieces in a package or as a twin pack. When ordering on their website, check for such information to save some coins. 

Delivery is on the same day of the order within the UK and between 5-10 working days for the rest of the world. They also have hair afterpay services; you can buy now and pay later via Clearpay. Alternatively, you can pay within 30 days through Klarna instead of a one-off payment. 

Goo Goo Hair

Goo Goo Hair

Goo Goo Hair have built their commitment towards crafting clip-in and tape-in extensions over time. Recently, they’ve been one of the greatest Amazon best sellers. You’ll find that most of their products have high customer ratings and reviews. 

Their hair extensions are Remy human hair made. And the way in which they’re manufactured, they’re designed to have an easy peasy application. They’re seamless, lightweight, comfortable, and blend easily with your hair. 

Each type of hair extension has over 20 shades. The support team helps you choose the right color that compliments your natural ha. If the color does not fit you, they accept returns and exchanges within 30 days from the day of order. 

Orders are shipped on the same day in the US as their warehouses are there. You also get paid when you refer their site to another person. They have a referral program. 



Ugeat was founded in 2006 and set up its own factory 7 years later. They tapped the expertise of 3 hair technicians with over 30 years of hair experience. Together with those technicians, they imported advanced hair manufacturing equipment from Germany. 

Therefore, the quality of human hair production is of high standards. Even the raw material goes through a meticulous inspection before processing begins. And their sources are formal and straightforward. 

Besides, they make tape-ins, clip-ins, weft, and pre-bonded hair extensions. They specialize in both virgin and Remy human hair. The hair is spectacular, flowy, and soft to touch. 

Most brands have a 30-day return and exchange policy, but Ugeat gives a longer duration. You have 50 days to request a return of your order, and get a refund if both parties agree to it. 

Full Shine

Full Shine

Full Shine is a direct-to-consumer, couple-run enterprise located in China. The brand is named after their daughter to commemorate her and started in 2010. They’ve always worked towards inspiring women from all walks of life through chic and sleek hair. 

They’re widely available on Amazon with a good reputation. They create tape-in, clip-in, sew-in weft, ponytail, halo, and pre-bonded hair extensions. Actually, they process all types of extensions, and their sew-in wefts are the most pop. 

Additionally, their focus is virgin and Remy hair with diverse production. You’ll see that every extension type has different categories of hair. For instance, clip-ins are available as either the classic or seamless PU clip-ins. 

Also, if you’re experiencing balding and hair loss, they develop incredible toupees. Remember, the brand came up due to the brand owner facing intensive hair loss. It motivated them to find a long-lasting solution for ladies with the same condition.

Yummy Extensions

Yummy Extensions

The name “yummy” hints at the manufacture of glamorous extensions that catch your sight at first glance. And more to that, it was twisted a little from the founder’s name, Yummie. They have 10+ years of experience in natural hair extensions.

All their hair extensions are authentic and sourced organically. Even after the hair gets into their hands, they do not tamper with originality but refine it into hair extensions. They pride themselves in giving you raw hair with incomparable quality, whether tape-ins, clip-ins, or weft bundles. 

Their hair is free of synthetic fibers and animal hair and can last up to 3-5 years with proper care. Moreover, they conditioner-wash the hair before packaging to eliminate any foul smell. They work with small family-based factories to achieve their hair production goals. 



Like Full Shine, Moresoo got established in 2009 in China, thus a Chinese-owned brand. They deal in human hair, including tape-in, clip-in, halo, keratin tip, and weft extensions. They also accept custom offers and custom hair extensions. 

They’re strict and cautious with their source of human hair and factory quality. Their hair extensions are natural-looking, soft, tangle-free, and minimally shed. The clips, tapes, and pre-bonded tips are made strong so that the hair stays put. 

With regard to color selection, they walk with you towards helping you wear the perfect shade. They have various colors, from solid colors, highlights to balayage extensions. You can also customize your own color if you cannot find the right pick from their collection. 

Shipping the hair extensions is free to the US, Mexico, and Canada. You can also be their wholesaler. They provide lower factory prices for bulk orders above $1000. And you can attach your brand to the hair. 


Being that you’re in the know about the best hair extension brands, make your purchase worry-free. Any of them will work to meet your hair needs and give convenience. 

Please share any other brands you prefer in the comments section. The greater the list, the bigger the range of selection. 

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