Are Instant Locs Bad?

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Are Instant Locs Bad

Honestly, instant locs can be bad only if your approach to installation and care is poor. Relate it to what happens if you throw caution to the wind with your own real hair. 

As a loc professional, I’ve seen people with loc’d hair thriving for years. Even for over a decade, they’ve maintained momentum in their loc journey. 

So are instant locs bad? Definitely, No! 

That’s why I’m going to discuss why instant locs are great for your hair. 

So, let’s get straight in. 

6 Reasons Why Instant Locs are Great

Probably, you’ve gone above and beyond in your online research to convince yourself instant locs are your right fit. If you landed here, you’re in the perfect place to understand why instant locs are beneficial to your hair. 

1. Shorter Time to Mature

Compared to traditional dreadlocks, the instant locs mature faster in a shorter time span. Instant dreads take at most 2 years to grow to maturity, while the traditional locs could go for 3+ years. 

Reaching maturity means all the hair matts into a uniform loc, and the stiffness completely disappears. This phase of locs needs no more frequent reforming of the locs because loose hair is barely present. And the locs appear smoother structurally and are able to lie flat on their own. 

You see, the crocheting technique of installing instant loc’d quickens how the hair interlocks itself. The crochet hook loc’ing the hair into finer knots speeds up the time traditional locs take to reach that level. Try to imagine how longer you’ll have to be patient with your hair for it to create locs independently without any manipulation. 

instant locs (2)

2. Conducive for All Hair Types

Another reason not to be skeptical about getting instant locs is they’re suitable for all hair types & textures. Just like it works out in 1a hair, it will work out in all the other hair types up to 4c. 

The only difference is how fast it will shift from one growth phase to the other and entirely loc up. This is based on how extensive the curl pattern is in relation to the texture of the hair types. From most locticians’ experiences, curly, coiled hair will loc up fastest due to its kinky nature. 

Crochet Dreads

3. Easy Cleansing Process

Regardless of the fact that instant locs are matted intertwined hairpieces, you can clean them when necessary. But if you cannot tell when to shampoo, go with the general rule of thumb of once in two weeks for the best loc health. The frequency gives you enough respite before the next wash. 

Additionally, the process itself is simple as the hair is in loc form. You will not go through the hassle of trying to reach your scalp through a loose, natural mane of hair. Usually, the scalp is greatly visible; hence combating the dirt buildup poses minimal difficulty. 

Dreadlock Shampoo-1

4. Neat Appearance

When instant locs get instant locs, the hair is sectioned into fine squares the whole head. These fine squares are transformed into locs from the roots to the hair tips. And what’s left in between these squares is a clear scalp that defines the shape of the locs.

Your locs eventually become tidy, neat, and attractive. You cannot compare it to how the freeform traditional locs end up being scruffy. Remember, your hair looking neat is a confidence booster as it affects how you feel about yourself and when around people. 

instant locs (4)

5. Fit for Physically Active People

You are more likely to sweat heavily if you work out regularly, play sports, or engage in other physically demanding activities. Excessive sweating occurs on the scalp, too, and with instant locs, your hair remains crisp and sleek.

It’s fantastic how your hair does not turn into a tangled mess since it’s loc’d up. Also, the nature of the instant locs exposes parts of the scalp to the air. That way, it’s easy for sweat and any form of moisture to be wicked away instead of accumulating. 

With minimal sweat buildup, you feel extremely comfortable in your own skin. You will not experience gut-wrenching scalp irritations. Furthermore, washing will be simpler if there isn’t too much buildup.

instant locs (3)

6. Minimal Hair Manipulation

Having instant locs gets rid of numerous salon visits for hair refreshment. The moment you wear instant locs, you enter into a phase whereby you choose to wear them for three months minimum. Or you can let them age and be permanent for good.

And when you get them, you’ll realize that you will not need to style them every now and then. The little hair manipulation makes it a protective hairstyle. Hence, it promotes hair growth and minimal hair shedding as the hair receives the freedom to blossom naturally.

instant locs (5)

Moreover, loc maintenance requires you to rarely carry out frequent styling because of the pull effect. Every time the loc faces pulling, the weaker it becomes and eventually breaks.

All in all, instant locs still look good without further styling. The only thing recommended every three months is the root retightening at your loctician. The appointment is important to examine the progress of your instant locs from the day of installation. 

The Takeaway

Fret not to wallow in the world of instant locs. The good side of instant locks outweighs the bad with proper installation, care and maintenance. Otherwise, keep in touch with us by leaving a comment below.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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