9 Tips to Help You Swim with a Wig


Lots of peopel wonder this question: can I swim in my wig? If you are one of those who seek an answer to that question, find relief in this answer: YES! But there are a lot of things to consider. So the following are 9 important guidelines you need to know when you swim with …

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Top 10 Characters Pink Wig Ideas


Wigs are usually worn in movies to create unique characters. But in our daily life, only a few people will wear wigs and their usual choice of wig color is blonde, black, brown, platinum or russet …… But pink? Today, here are 10 memorable pink wigs characters from movies, TV shows or stage plays that …

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Why Lawyers Wear Wigs in Court?


Have you been in court? Did you see the juries and the judge wearing a wig? Did you ever wonder why? Well, let me tell you something about those wigs in court. Influence from the Past In the year 1625, there was a paper that wanted to change the dress of a high court official. …

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10 Coolest Elvis Wigs for Kids & Men


If you’d like to be the Elvis Presley of today, or rather sing like him at a party, here are some of the most popular Elvis wigs on the market today. Rubies Child Elvis Wig A way to enjoy your kid’s costume party or Halloween party is to have him/her wear this Rubie Elvis Wig …

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11 Best Natural Looking Wigs for Men


Wigs are no longer a women’s affair. Men can flaunt wigs too and the best part is no one can tell if you are wearing one. In this article, I listed out the fashionest wigs for men, bringing you back to the youthful style. Let’s go. 11 Best Realistic Men Wigs for Party on 2022 …

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Top 10 Natural Looking Wigs for White Women


Most of us are not clear why white females would try wigs as they are usually already blessed with abundant hair. However, the fact is that many white women often start to find their hair thinning as they age. Then it becomes mandatory for them to wear wigs to protect their hair on a long-term …

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Remy Hair: The Ultimate Benifits


I’ve used hair extensions for several years now and have tested many different types of them in the past. This has led me to believe that Remy human hair extensions are a cut above the rest. Remy hair extensions come with a broad range of qualities. They are usually tangle-free, shed less than others and …

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