8 Maintenance Tips to Ace Your Instant Locs

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How to Maintain Instant Locs

While you’re eager to ace instant locs for a facelift, learning their maintenance is equally important. 

Usually, there’s the misconception that instant locs maintenance is less demanding than with loose natural hair. 

And some believe it’s the best idea to avoid regular care regimens compared to all hairstyles.

This article disputes that by showing instant locs require serious maintenance. To rock in them, they must be strong and healthy throughout wear. 

So, jump onto this bumpy ride to learn more. 

Instant Locs Maintenance: 8 Easy Tips to Follow

Consider these maintenance tips for your instant locs to last longer. 

1. Deeply Moisturize with Natural Oils

The life of your instant locs depends on the adequacy of the oils they receive. Locs can turn into a stiff tuft of hair if you limit the amount of oiling or apply substandard oils. So, when browsing loc product vendors, eye to get purely natural oils derived from plants.

1Best Oil for Human Hair Wigs

Of greatest importance, these oils should be capable of sealing moisture in your locs and promoting hair growth. In addition, they should not be the type that accumulates into gunky grime over time. Use oils with the label lingo, lightweight, moisturizing, extra shine, or scalp soothing. 

These oils include castor oil, argan oil, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil. Argan oil and castor oil are good hair strengtheners preventing hair breakage for thicker locs. Tea tree and peppermint oils have anti-inflammatory properties that soothe an itchy scalp. 

2. Avoid Excessive Washing

Even though instant locs are vulnerable to product buildup, they need not be washed often. Wash them at least every two weeks with an appropriate residue-free shampoo. But on weeks you gym a lot, you may wash them earlier before the two weeks lapse because of sweat. 

However, do not let it be more than one wash in one week. If you wash them every day or more frequently, you will strip the scalp and the locs of their natural oils. The aftereffect is a dry, flaky scalp with brittle, weak locs gradually thinning out. 

Not forgetting, always be gentle when washing the locs, especially at the roots. Massage the scalp and the root section in slow motion to prevent tugging and loc loosening. Tugging pulls the hair follicles, and with time, they begin to break off. 

Dread Detox

3. Wrap Them Up Before Sleep Time

Before you get into bed for a night’s rest, cover your instant dreads with a clean satin, silk bonnet, or scarf. Mostly, emphasis is put on silk or satin material when it comes to hair matters for a reason. They are soft; thus, they’ll prevent friction between your instant locs and the pillow. 

Cover Your Dreads

Your instant locs lying bare on your pillow brews irreversible disaster. As you toss and turn in bed, the locs twist and rub hard against the pillows, becoming fragile. 

Another good rule of thumb is to untie the instant locs if you have tied a bobble or headband. Refrain from sleeping when they’re tied because of the imminent tension. 

4. Condition Your Instant Locs 

Yes, conditioning your locs from time to time is essential. It’s advisable to condition them every 1-2 weeks once they mature after one year. Including this in your care routine replenishes the locs with moisture and vibrance. 

The instant locs in their starter phase should not be conditioned. If you saturate them with conditioner, they are likely to loosen. The matted rope of hair will unravel itself. 

Moreover, if you’re unsure when to introduce them to a conditioner, consult your loctician. The loctician will check whether they’re ready for conditioning. 

Dreadlock Shampoo 1

5. Dry Them Properly After Washing 

After washing your instant locs, ensure you dry them as thoroughly as possible. Since they’re interlocked hairpieces, they’re prone to trapping moisture for an extended period of time. This breeds mildew and a nasty musty smell in the hair and scalp which may lead to infections. 

You will notice the hair around the fungal scabs weakens and eventually breaks. So, invest in a blow dryer to quicken drying and later air dry the instant locs. Do not manipulate the instant locs until they’re fully dry. 

6. Avoid Frequent Retwisting Habits

We usually enjoy the versatility of styling offered by instant dreadlocks. As a matter of fact, it keeps us glammed up. 

But we’re unaware that the frequent retwisting makes the hair frailer. So, allow your hair to stay longer before the next retwisting with your loctician. 

The tension from pulling jeopardizes the strength of the instant locs. Also, when retightening the locs to obtain a more neat look, abstain from making them too tight. It’s a painful ordeal you ought not to put yourself through. 

instant locs (2)

7. Don’t Over-apply the Oils

Oils breathing life into locs doesn’t mean applying them excessively and often. Going contrary to that catalyzes product buildup and the formation of thick grime. Your instant locs will feel the weight of the buildup and weaken.

Apart from that, some buildup can remain after washing your locs if not thorough. Over time, the buildup will increase because you will continue oiling them. Therefore, it’s safer to apply oils sparingly and as needed. 

3Best Oil for Human Hair Wigs

8. Consult With Your Loctician

When things hit rock bottom, we recommend you turn to your trusted loctician for guidance. Times you cannot figure out what to do and what not to do, they’ll come to the rescue.

Even if the products you use are not working for you, they can endorse alternatives. But make sure whoever you consult has lots of experience in the locs industry. Otherwise, you can conduct your online research to learn the best care and maintenance for your instant locs. 

Final Say

With the right dedication towards your instant locs maintenance, your instant locs will thrive and grow faster. Hopefully, the tips we’ve availed to you will guide you accordingly during your care routine. 

If you have additional maintenance tips, feel free to share them in the comments below.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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