Are Halo Extensions Worth It? The Pros & Cons

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Are Halo HAIR Extensions Worth It

Halo extensions offer the quickest way of adding length and volume to your natural hair. They are perfect for everyday wear and simple enough for first-time users.

Today, halos are becoming the most desired on the market after stock hair extensions. But some may wonder if these extensions are genuinely worth the investment.

Well, halo extensions may not be for everybody, but once you buy one, be assured to get value for your money.

Below, we created a simple guide to help you learn more about halo extensions worth. You will discover how they work, including their pros and cons.

Let’s begin!

How Do Halo Extensions Work

Halo extensions have a flexible nylon wire on the front half of the hairpiece. On the back half, there are wefts of hair sewn together onto the rest of the band.

Generally, halo hair extensions do not directly attach to natural hair. Instead, the weft lays flat at the back, and the nylon wire sits around the crown like a headband.

The wire secures the hairpiece into your hair, so it doesn’t slip out throughout the day. Also, your natural hair puts weight on the weft, firmly holding it in place.

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The Pros of Halo Extensions

Halo hair extensions offer a solution for getting a lengthy and thicker mane. Here are some advantages of wearing halo extensions.


A halo hair extension is by far the simplest and fastest type of hairpiece to install. It is just a strip of hair weft attached to a nylon wire that simply slips into your hair.

All you need to do is section your hair into half-up and half-down parts. Align the wire and weft along the partings, let your hair fall over, and comb through to blend. That’s about it! And as the day ends, you can just take it off your hair in a matter of seconds since it’s temporary.

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Natural Looking

Usually, these extensions blend perfectly into your hair and look very natural. No one will notice that you are wearing one.

However, you should match the color to your hair’s shade and get the right length as these parameters will impact how your hair looks after styling.

Moreover, you should know how to blend the hair to achieve a more natural look. Your draped hair will cover the thin wire and weft, so it isn’t obvious where the wire lies or your natural hair ends.

halo hair extensions (13)


These extensions are lightweight and super comfortable. They sit on your head with no strain; you might just forget you are wearing one.

Normally, the weft of the halo extension lies on the back at an angle that makes it very secure. The halo’s flexible wire also fits nicely and snugly around your head.

Besides, the invisible wire is adjustable, meaning you can customize it depending on your head size to get a comfortable fit.

Safe to Wear

Halo hair extensions do not in any way cause damage to your hair as they do not attach to your natural hair like regular extensions.

Instead, they sit on top of your head using a nylon wire; no glues, clips, beads, or tapes needed. These accessories may create friction, tug on your hair follicles, and cause breakage.

However, with halo extensions, you don’t have to worry about all that, even with thin, fine, or delicate hair. Nothing will be tugging or weighing on your strands.

halo hair extensions (7)

Cost Effective

Getting halo extensions means you won’t have to deal with the cost of regular appointments at the salon. Their installation technique is pretty simple, and you can just do it on your own at home.

Also, its construction is way simpler than other hairpieces, such as wigs. This makes its price lower and quite affordable for most people. You do not have to break the bank to have a longer, thicker mane.

Furthermore, a single halo extension has much more volume than regular single-piece extensions. You only need to buy a single piece to achieve results, rather than numerous hair bundles like you would with other extensions.

halo hair extensions (8)

Long Lasting

Halo extensions can last longer than other types of extensions. Usually, they can last between 9–24 months with good maintenance. This is unlike most hair extensions, which only last about 6 months.

Halo extensions last this long because you do not constantly wear them in your hair. For this reason, they do not get overused and thus wear out much slower.

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Cons of Halo Extensions

Halo hair extensions may be great, but they come with drawbacks. Here are some of its major cons.

Limited Styling

It is a lot more challenging to achieve updo styling with halo extensions. Unlike other extension methods, you can only leave your hair hanging most of the time. This can be a setback for those who regularly tie their hair up.

However, you will not have difficulties creating half-down hairstyles such as low ponytails or buns.

Difficult to Blend

It may be challenging to blend the halo in if you do not have shoulder-length hair or have bluntly cut natural hair.

I recommend halo extensions on shoulder-length hair since you won’t have to put too much effort into blending the hair. However, consider visiting a professional hair stylist to install a halo on short hair.

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Easy to Tangle

Generally, these extensions are not suitable for swimming or working out. Not only that, but they can also be a nightmare in a humid environment as they tangle easily. They are thus better off kept away from water sources.

Also, halos are not ideal to sleep in since they will rub against your pillow, cause frizz and create hair knots. In turn, you end up with a big bump of hair and an uneven hair density at the back of the head.

Heat Damage

Most people prefer to style their halo extensions with heat tools to blend them in. However, frequent use of heat may dry out and cause damage both to your natural hair and the extension.

I recommend investing in a mannequin head if you style your extension using heat. This way, you can style before installing the extension to avoid damaging your hair.

synthetic hair with heat tool

FAQs About Halo Extensions Worth

Are Halos or Clip-in Extensions Better?

Halos and clip-in extensions both offer a temporary and easy-to-use hair solution. However, halos are safer to wear and do not cause damage to your hair compared to clip-in extensions. This is because they sit on top of your head using a nylon wire rather than attaching directly to it.

Unlike halos, clip-ins attach directly to your hair using combs, mostly to the same area repeatedly. This can put pressure on your strands and damage your hair, especially if it is thin, fine, or delicate.

Do Halos Damage Your Hair?

Halo hair extensions do not cause damage to your hair. You will only feel added weight on your scalp, which is quite normal for these extensions. But there won’t be any pain or tension since the weight is distributed evenly across your head.

Are Halo Extensions Comfortable?

Halo extensions are very comfortable to wear; you may not even notice you are wearing one. It has a flexible nylon wire that sits snugly on your head without causing any strain. Also, the weft is super secure, and you can wear it the entire day without fear of it slipping off.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, halo extensions are worth the investment as their pros outweigh their cons. If you are planning on buying a halo extension, consider these best halo hair extensions for you.

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