Uncovering 6 Hidden Cost Factors of Instant Locs

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How Much Do Instant Locs

Finding out the price of instant locs can be very helpful when planning to kick off your loc journey.

It’s an important element to check before booking an appointment with your loctician.

Moving straight to the core point, instant locs cost averagely between $250- $600. And the charges might rise to $1000 or more depending on some crucial factors.

Based on my research study and experience as a former loc wearer, this post seeks to clarify the factors that affect the price of instant locs.

Trust me; you’ll understand why your local stylist sets outrageous fees sometimes once you’ve gained insight. 

6 Factors Influencing How Much Instant Locs Cost

Several factors determine the loctician’s pricing of instant locs. And here, we’ll explain them in full, so you don’t feel a pinch when paying for them.

1. Your Hair Length

The length of your hair has a hand in how much your instant locs installation will cost. The longer your hair, the greater the effort implored. As such, it will take longer to crochet the instant locs. Because of that, the price will be higher compared to short hair.

So, you’re likely to meet professionals charging hourly instead of a flat rate. Therefore, as the client, you get billed regarding the hours spent working on your hair. Most locticians claim that instant locs take 8-12 hours on average to install them. 

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2. The Volume of Your Hair

When getting instant locs, your loctician considers how dense your hair is to arrive at what you’ll pay. Hair volume varies in people as some have thin, sparse hair, while others have thick hair.

If the hair is voluminous, fixing the locs will consume much more time. It requires greater attention to detail because thick hair barely twists or coils easily. And the harder the installation, the more you will spend.

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3. Location of the Loctician

The price of instant locs depends on the state or area you live in. The costs differ from state to state and town to town.

For instance, the amount you will pay at a salon in a big city will be more than a salon located in a rural area. Also, a salon situated in a high-traffic shopping mall is more expensive than a street salon.

The loctician weighs their pricing against the costs of running their business. In most cases, the rent payments majorly influence the salon rates.

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4. Loctician’s Level of Expertise

Sometimes, the final bill includes the quality of service you receive and the loctician’s experience in the industry. Therefore, the stylist you opt to go to matters a lot.

If you choose a loctician with several years of experience and a great customer rating, you will pay more. The loctician cares more about their worth than the number of clients that come in. In such instances, the pricing is also based on the client’s perception of value for their money.

The level of skill may make you travel extra miles seeking premium quality services. However, most people like the convenience that comes with close-range locticians.

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5. Styling

If you decide to give instant locs extra flair, the overall costs will go up. One thing, instant locs are versatile in their styling. You can curl, cut or dye them to suit your desired outcome.

The additional services by the same service provider involve more work and time. Speaking of dying, the loctician has to look at more elements before color switching.

Color shades you desire and whether you prefer highlights or merely ombre finishes significantly impact the cost. Moreover, your locs must be examined to determine if you’re eligible and prevent unforeseen damage.

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6. Instant Locs Maintenance

For instant locs to stay robust and healthy, they require proper maintenance. Expert locticians recommend visiting them every 2-3 months for root maintenance. That’s when retightening happens but at an extra cost besides the installation costs.

Like installation, the effort it takes to do serious maintenance affects the price. Hence, in the long run, you will need to keep in mind the maintenance costs and see if they’re manageable.

Remember, there is also loc maintenance on your side whereby you will take care of them. You will be washing them once weekly with quality moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Plus, apply hydrating oils at least once a week or as needed for healthy-looking locs.

These products are part of the maintenance costs because you will purchase them. Nevertheless, good care makes the locs more long-lasting, saving you money.

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Final Thoughts

If you make a final decision to wear locs, ensure you get the right treatment for your money. The best way to deduce whether your chosen loctician is the best fit, check their sites and social media accounts. Their past work, duration of experience, and client reviews will enable you to discern quickly.

Got more insights to share? Leave a comment below at your pleasure.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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