45 Passion Twist Hairstyles for You to Try


Looking for a chic and trendy hairstyle? Passion twist hairstyles will definitely be a good choice. If you’re on the hunt for a new go-to style for this summer, then passion twists are the one to be! They are created by Miami-based hairstylist Kailyn Rogers in 2018(or Boho Babe on Instagram). The passion twists are …

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23 Peekaboo Braids Hairstyles for You to Try


Peekaboo braids hairstyles, with the word “Peekaboo”, how this simple word brings up happy memories! Just as its name implies, peekaboo braids promise playful surprises. On the surface, you are looking at an ordinary high ponytail. But when the girl turns to you and says hi, – “peekaboo!” that orange highlight pops out and says …

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Soft Locs: Benefits, Maintenance, and More


If you are a hairstyle enthusiast, you may’ve seen soft locs on Instagram. Indeed, this hairstyle is quickly gaining popularity among young people, and for good reasons. Soft locs can handle a wide variety of occasions, from casual family gatherings to galas. You won’t feel over-dressed wearing them to work. You don’t have to worry …

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Starter Locs: Hairstyle, Maintenance and More


When people are considering growing locs, it might be difficult for them to choose a starter loc style. Which starter locs best suit our hair texture and personality? How to make them by ourselves and grow them with proper maintenance? After all, the starter locs journey is quite challenging for people without much experience. Further, …

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Dreadlocks vs Twists: Prons & Cons & Difference


Dreadlocks vs Twists? When you are in a salon for getting a hairstyle, have you ever hesitated to choose either dreadlocks or twists? Knowing the differences between them leads you to get the desired look. Without further ado, let’s dive deeper into an understanding of each style. What are Dreadlocks? As a type of hairstyle, …

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31 Soft Locs Hairstyles You Will Love and Try


Are you searching for a stunning and versatile hairstyle? Look no further! Soft locs have been on trend in recent years, allowing you to experiment with different lengths, colors, and styles. In this article, I have curated 31 soft locs hairstyles that will take your look to the next level. Read through to find your …

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23 Chic Loc Ponytail Styles to Update Your Look


To try loc ponytail styles! I know that dreadlocks are notorious for their demanding upkeep. It requires careful shampooing, proper drying, and routine moisturizing to keep the hair healthy. Among all lock hairstyles, ponytail is beginner-friendly and practical. I’ve curated 23 ponytail dreadlock hairstyles in this article. If you are new to dreadlocks or dreadlock …

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34 Best Weave Ponytail Hairstyles to Try


Ponytails are greatly underestimated. People often think the hairdo is fast, boring but nothing. Actually, ponytails have endless possibilities! Beyoncé, Madonna, Cardi B and other famous stars have gradually proven its versatility. You can find the right answer for any occasion, no matter the seaside holiday, a high-end banquet or a special theme bash! Here, …

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Microlocs vs Sisterlocks: What and How to Get


What are the different types of microlocs vs sisterlocks? You may be interested in being a locs starter when you get some hairstyle tips from Google. But among such sorts of hairstyles, how do you know which one is right for you? In this article, we are going to introduce more about microlocs and sisterlocks. …

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