9 Tips to Help You Swim with a Wig


Lots of peopel wonder this question: can I swim in my wig? If you are one of those who seek an answer to that question, find relief in this answer: YES! But there are a lot of things to consider. So the following are 9 important guidelines you need to know when you swim with …

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Top 10 Characters Pink Wig Ideas


Wigs are usually worn in movies to create unique characters. But in our daily life, only a few people will wear wigs and their usual choice of wig color is blonde, black, brown, platinum or russet …… But pink? Today, here are 10 memorable pink wigs characters from movies, TV shows or stage plays that …

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Why Lawyers Wear Wigs in Court?


Have you been in court? Did you see the juries and the judge wearing a wig? Did you ever wonder why? Well, let me tell you something about those wigs in court. Influence from the Past In the year 1625, there was a paper that wanted to change the dress of a high court official. …

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Wigs for Beginner: Everything You Need to Know


Today, wigs are worn as prosthetics, for aesthetic reasons, or convenience. They are also made out of several different types of materials, and almost every kind of person could have a wig that would best represent their personality and specific needs. The brilliance of wigs may make you think that they are a modern invention. …

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How to Choose the Right Wigs for Large Head


Choosing the right wig is really easy to do unless you have a larger head than normal, because standard size wigs do not really fit or slip on your head easily when you wear them. This can be really frustrating for some people and some might even feel suffocated when they choose a wig that …

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Why Most Black Women Love Short Wigs?


We have seen black women rock a wig with awesome locks and gorgeous braided wigs; whether in a box, Ghana, or micro braid wig style. They are simply amazing and beautiful! However, like most trendy things, wig styles do transition to different phases. Now the newest wigs preferred by most black women are short ones. …

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