31 Soft Locs Hairstyles You Will Love and Try

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Are you searching for a stunning and versatile hairstyle? Look no further! Soft locs have been on trend in recent years, allowing you to experiment with different lengths, colors, and styles.

In this article, I have curated 31 soft locs hairstyles that will take your look to the next level. Read through to find your perfect fit!

1. Cascading Soft Locs

soft-locs-hairstyles: 1-Cascading-Soft-Locs

Speaking of soft locs, is this what comes into your mind? Indeed, this long, sleek cascade is the most iconic look for soft locs.

One benefit of soft locs is that they lengthen your hair immediately. It allows you to transform from a pixie cut to waist-length hair within half a day.

2. Side Part


Middle parting is suitable for formal occasions. In contrast, the side part adds a more personal and intimate touch.

The hairstyle exposes half of your face, making your beautiful eyes and cheekbones prominent. Another half of your face is partly shaded. This side-parting creates a mysterious vibe that adds to your appeal.

3. Knee-Length Soft Locs


It can take a year for shoulder-length hair to reach the waist. It takes even longer to grow knee-length hair like this. But with soft locs, you can shorten this process to a few hours.

You may need a few more packs of twists to reach this length, so get enough hair in advance.

You are free to get any hair length that pleases you, be aware of the weight, though. Too much hair may feel heavy and create unwanted tension on the scalp.

4. Pixie Soft Locs


After wearing long locs for a while, you might want a shorter look. Try this layered pixie cut before you totally remove the soft locs.

The varying length creates a carefree and youthful vibe, which looks lovely on casual wear like T-shirts and denim. You can also play with hair beads, earrings, and other accessories to make it uniquely yours.

5. Shoulder-Length Soft Locs


This sleek and shiny bob can handle all occasions. It is sophisticated enough to be worn to ceremonies and formal meetings. Yet you can still feel at ease wearing it to the casual party held in the backyard of your old friends.

Another benefit is its weight. Soft locs are the lightest among faux locs. It almost feels like nothing at this length.

6. Half-Up Half-Down


If you want to wear your hair down but don’t want loose strands to get onto your face, this half-up half-down hairstyle is right up your alley.

You still get the beautiful cascade that forms a backdrop for your facial features. The half ponytail at the top creates a voluminous and youthful look. It also balances the short face shape by making the forehead the focus of attention.

7. Half-Up Ponytail with Fringe


If you want to look a little different from yesterday, try adding a fringe at the forehead. You will be surprised how this small change invigorates your hairstyle.

You can leave the fringe at a similar length to other soft locs. This creates an elegant and sophisticated look. You can also trim down the fringe, making it just long enough to reach the cheekbone. A fringe at this length is chic and cool.

8. Half-Up Top Knot


If you have beautiful eyes, make sure they stand out! This half-up top knot draws the viewer’s attention to the upper part of your face. It is perfect for showing off the forehead, eyebrows, and, of course, your eyes.

This fashion-forward hairstyle speaks well for your bold personality. Why not rock this style to artistic events and TV interviews? It also makes the perfect photo for your Instagram profile.

9. High Ponytail


You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle when rushing to work.

It is quick – you can do it within seconds. It is easy – all you need is a rubber band (You don’t even need a comb!). It is practical – no loose strands, no entangling, no fuss, no muss.

Besides, it literally looks nice on anyone, don’t you think?

10. Soft Goddess Locs


As its name suggests, this hairstyle can be described with all the words befitting a goddess: elegant, alluring, classy, you name it.

This hairstyle is an interesting variation of soft locs. They are basically the same, only that Goddess loc has loose curls at the tips. These soft and springy ends add to the tenderness of the look, making it a perfect choice for romantic occasions.

11. High Ponytail with Side Bang


The magic of side bangs is that they can immediately add a feminine touch to any hairstyle. The bang can soften the angles on your face, so it works well for angular faces.

The hairstyle is easy to achieve. Leave a few loose strands at the front when you tie the ponytail. Sweep these locs to your preferred side and let them cascade down naturally. Now look at the mirror – aren’t you beautiful?

12. High Bun


Huge high bun has never lost its popularity in the 21st century. Indeed, this hairstyle is bold but chic, making a clear statement for independent and unconventional lifestyles.

A trendy choice to elevate this style is adding a wide headband. This easily-accessible accessory comes in all textures, colors, and patterns, so you can always find one that goes with your outfit. If you have no idea which one to buy, choose the black one!

13. Messy Bun


Check out another bun hairstyle. This messy look gets all the swagger of a high bun, but it carries a more bohemian vibe. The contrast between casualness and delicacy is exactly what people call “effortless chic.”

The loose strands create a dynamic to the bun, making it ideal for a vibrant and youthful look. The silky texture of the locs adds a touch of refinement. Messy as it is, the bun is not untidy if your soft locks are in good condition.

14. Twisted Updo


If you’ve ever watched Disney movies as a little girl, you may have dreamt of having a hairstyle like this. Indeed, with your best evening gown, you can look like a princess at graduation parties or a queen at galas. In fact, this classic look can make you stand out in all important events.

15. Loc Knots


This hairstyle is a go-to if you want to get heads turning. The numerous knots on the top are a stylistic focal point that helps you draw attention wherever you go. You can wear it to parties, bars, and music festivals and get the best selfie with it!

Complicated as it seems, you can actually get this hairstyle at home. Follow this tutorial:

16. Space Buns with Fringe


Space buns look gorgeous on soft locs because of the natural volume. Your face becomes small and delicate in contrast with the big double buns. You can take out a few strands or wear a half-up for smaller buns.

While any hairstyle can rock space buns, soft locs carries their unique flavor. The texture and the gloss on the hair combine refinement and chic.

17. Curly Soft Locs


Voluminous cascading curls have a romantic vibe. On soft locs, the appearance has an extra touch of wildness that adds to the allure.

This hairstyle goes well in natural settings like forests and riversides. Sunshine and wind will set off the delicate texture of the locs. Why not wear it on your next vacation?

18. Braided Updo


If you have no idea how to style your soft loc for graduation ball, consider this hairstyle. Updos can hardly go wrong on formal events like this.

Compared to simple buns, braids are more delicate and interesting to look at. Braiding soft locs are just like braiding normal hairs. This video can help you get a similar look in the picture:

Leave a few strands on the forehead to frame your face. If you want a tender look, leave some loose curls at the tips.

19. Highlight


Highlight is a good way to experiment with new hair colors without dramatically changing your shade. The safest choice is colors that are a few shades away from your natural hair. The black-and-middle-brown combination, like this picture, is also popular.

The best way to add highlights is on both sides of your head. The light-colored strands will bring the viewer’s focus to your face. Their vibrant contrast with the surrounding strands can invigorate your whole look.

20. Ombre


Waist-length hair can look heavy, especially when it is voluminous. It definitely creates a warm look in winter, but you would want it to appear light and airy in hotter seasons.

Ombre can help you maintain this length while looking more “summery.” If you have black hair, choose light blonde twists for the ends of the soft locs. Use middle brown to create a smooth transition into the black shade.

Feel free to adjust the proportion between light and dark colors. Embrace trial and error to find the balance that looks perfect on you. 

21. Dark roots


You may have recognized the sweet, warm blonde in this picture. Yes, honey blonde – one of the hottest hair colors in recent years. But black hair needs bleaching to get a light shade like this.

One good thing with soft locs is that you can play with color without dying your hair, let alone breaching. If you have been considering getting this wonderful shade, try it first on soft locs!

22. Split Dye


Split dye has loads of personality. Rock this style if you want to be fun and bold.

You don’t have to dye the hair, of course. Instead, you dye the soft loc hair packs. If you want to save the trouble, pre-dyed hair is also available. Choose the one that matches your skin tone and reflects your style.

23. Three-Toned Ombre


It is pleasant to look at this smooth transition from honey-blonde to middle brown and black. The warm shades at the ends create a soft and tender look. The dark shade around the face brings out the sweetness of your smile.

24. Caramel Soft Locs


Warm colors make your face radiant. If popular choices like middle brown are too plain for you, this caramel shade may suit your preference.

This color is unique enough to express your individuality, yet it is still among the acceptable hair colors within work settings.

25. Soft Locs with Beads

25-Soft-Locs-with Beads

Beads can bring your hairstyle from ordinary to extraordinary.

Beads come in a wide variety: metal beads, wires, plastic, and more. Soft locs goes well with all these beads, but it looks particularly stunning with natural shells. Check out this picture. Isn’t the girl charming in this hairstyle?

The fluffy soft locs carry a breezy vibe that is highlighted by the glittering little shells. This hairstyle reminds people of a beautiful vacation at the seaside. In fact, why not wear this hairstyle on your next trip to the beach?

26. Textured Soft Locs


A frequently asked question for soft locs installation is: what if the wrapping is not neat?

The answer is: it doesn’t have to be. Check out this picture, and you will see that a textured look is full of personality. The coarse texture can set off your smooth skin.

The shoulder-length look in this picture combines beauty with practicality. You can wear it to literally any occasion.

27. Distressed Soft Locs


Soft locs are generally sleek and neat. But some people like this “distressed” look better.

The locs have more texture and look more realistic. They can even resemble natural dreadlocks from a distance.

This hairstyle goes well with bohemian clothing. If you are free-spirited in nature, this look can speak for who you are.

28. Two-Color Messy Bun


This creative hairstyle is achieved by making several loc knots and pinning them together. The pink and black combination is bold and interesting. Wear this hairstyle to music festivals, cosplay events, and theme parks, and have fun!

29. Burgundy Soft Locs


Burgundy is becoming a new statement of fashion. You can see celebrities and online influencers taking selfies with this purple-toned hair.

Soft locs, as a highly versatile hairstyle, look nice in this shade too. The shiny texture of the locs can further bring out the brightness of this shade.

30. Multi-Colored Soft Locs Lob


To describe this hairstyle, “iridescent” is the word. It’s amazing how the layers and the nuance color combination create a luminating effect. The colors seem to change when seen from different angles. The bright blue eyeliners complement the hair well.

This brilliant hairstyle is better worn with refined makeup. Or, the bright colors may wash your complexion away.

31. Rainbow-Colored Soft Locs


Not everyone will dye their hair into little rainbows, but surely many people secretly wish they have the gut. Wear this hairstyle to musical festivals or parties, and you will bring out big smiles from the people surrounding you!

To Try Soft Locs Hairstyles

From sleek updos to messy buns, soft locs can cater to all kinds of styling needs. Which hairstyle do you like best? Leave a comment to let me know.

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Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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