23 Chic Loc Ponytail Styles to Update Your Look

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To try loc ponytail styles! I know that dreadlocks are notorious for their demanding upkeep. It requires careful shampooing, proper drying, and routine moisturizing to keep the hair healthy.

Among all lock hairstyles, ponytail is beginner-friendly and practical. I’ve curated 23 ponytail dreadlock hairstyles in this article. If you are new to dreadlocks or dreadlock wigs, you may find your first loc hairstyle today!

1. Sleek High Ponytail

Loc Ponytail Styles: 1-Sleek-High-Ponytail

If you don’t know where to start, you can always tie your locs into a high ponytail. Timeless and elegant, it flatters any face shape, any gender, and any age group.

With a rubber band, you can achieve this look within minutes. Just be careful not to leave out loose strands.

To finish this look, pair it with a well-trimmed beard. Thin locks go well with short to medium stubble, as both have a sleek appearance.

2. Dreadlock Ponytail with Bangs


If you prefer appearing relaxed rather than sleek, add a bang at the front. Bangs come in a wide variety: curtain, side-swept, and blunt-cut, to name a few. Choose a toupee with a bang that suits your preference. You can also ask the barber for help. Remember to consider your face shape and occasion when making a decision.

Generally, round faces look nice with curtain bangs. Blunt cut balances oblong face shapes. Side-swept creates a mysterious and romantic vibe suitable for a date night.

3. Braided Loc


Medium to large-sized locs generally look soft and fluffy, good to go with everyday occasions. But you may prefer a cleaner and more sophisticated appearance. In this case, braided locs will be a good choice.

Sleek braids can create a put-together look. The texture of the braids adds an interesting twist to the poise you carry. Leave a loose loc or two at the forehead if you have a pronounced cheekbone. It not only frames your face but also creates an air of effortless chic.

4. Twisted Dreadlock Ponytail


Twisted dreads are another stylish option to achieve elegance on pencil-sized locs. Similar to braided locs, twists are sleek and attractive. Simply tie the locks together, and you are good to go to bars, gyms, and clubs.

Without proper cleaning, products can quickly build up in two-strand twists. The benefit of a toupee, however, is that you can look stunning without too much commitment. You only need to wear it occasionally, so it requires less cleaning.

5. Top Ponytail with High Fade


Dreadlock has an intimate relationship with the sub-culture. Check out this high-fade deep-root ponytail. Doesn’t it go well with the tattoos?

This free-form locs is the size of a sharpie marker. When styled into a ponytail, the locs create an explosive shape that screams individuality. A trick for elevating this style is this: Create volume at the top of the head. Don’t pull too tight; leave some space. This loose and slightly messy look will complement the bulky ponytail at the back.

To further highlight the boldness, you can choose bright-colored hair extensions like the picture.

6. Ponytail with Headband


Ideas for elevating a ponytail hairstyle are limitless. Among them, the quickest way is to add accessories. A headband may come in handy if you want a bold stylistic focal point.

Choose a cotton one if you are going to sweat a lot, like a trip to the beach or to the gym. Choose an acrylic one if you want the bright color to stay.

To further enhance the carefree air, leave a few loose strands on the forehead. The benefit of a loc bang is that it frames your face but will not block your vision.

7. Curly Dreadlock Half-Up


If you prefer a refined look, try thin dreadlocks or microlocs. They carry an air of serenity when styled into a ponytail. A way to distinguish you from the crowd is to curl your locs.

Hair irons can be helpful, but if you don’t have any, you can still achieve satisfying results at home. Check out this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k5-cPPDw6M

When curly locs are loosely tied into a low ponytail or a half-up, they exude an air of relaxation and confidence. Pair this look with casual wear, and you will look presentable at parties or other social gatherings.

8. Double Dreadlock Ponytails


Short dreadlocks seem not as versatile as long ones when it comes to styling. But there is still plenty of room for exploration. You see, this double ponytail resembles the look of a half-up, but it is way more interesting.

The top braids incorporate every strand, creating a sleek appearance. A few bobby pins and hairspray are your secret weapons for securing the look.

Ask the barber for a high fade if your hair is voluminous. With fewer strands to manage, braiding becomes easier.

9. French Braid Ponytail


Long and bulky dreadlocks exude masculinity when styled into a low ponytail. Simple tying the locks with a rubber band looks good enough. But sometimes, you need a more refined appearance, like when you are preparing for a romantic evening or heading to an artistic event. In this case, check out this upgrade: French braid ponytail.

Intricate as it may seem, you can achieve this look within minutes with practice. Starting from the middle front of your forehead, weave down the locs loosely. Don’t pull too tight, or your scalp will feel uncomfortable during the day. Keep the tension steady for a sleek appearance.

10. Barrel Top Braid


In addition to French braids, there are many other ways to braid your locs. Barrel braid, for example, has been gaining tremendous followers in recent years.

The charm of this hairstyle lies in its 3-D shape. French braids are flat, but barrel braid creates tube-like shapes on your scalp. You can have as many of these cylinders as you like. If you are interested, check out this tutorial: https://youtube.com/shorts/1WN1bkNJv7w?feature=share

11. High Ponytail


Low ponytails are sophisticated and timeless. But if you want a hairstyle to speak for your vibrant personality, opt for a high ponytail.

Newbies to long hair may need some practice to prevent looseness beneath the ponytail. This video offers useful advice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-cGBYAt2Fw. You can also secure those locs near the nap by braiding them together.

Rock this hairstyle to athletic events and make heads turn!

12. Braided Dreadlock Ponytail


You will immediately recognize this look if you are a Viking fan. Indeed, it is inspired by the signature Viking look: high fade and ponytail.

This dreadlock adaptation does a great job of capturing the masculinity of the original look. The coarse texture of dreadlocks indicates physical strength and mental toughness. The full bushy beard adds a finishing touch to the look.

13. Half-up Half-down Ponytail


How to look fashionable while keeping a low profile? I suggest you consider a half-up half-down ponytail. This simple yet classic hairstyle goes well with virtually any face shape.

The long cascading hair can form an elegant backdrop for your face. If you have a clear jawline or prominent cheekbone, the loose strands will frame your face beautifully. You can also pair the hair with a beard. Popular choices include stubble, full beard, and goatee.

14. Sleek Low Ponytail


If you are late for work, grab a rubber band and rush off!

While waiting for the bus, run your fingers through the locs and make a few combs. When the hair no longer tangles, tie them with the rubber. Bang! You’ve rocked this easy-peasy low ponytail hairstyle.

Pair this look with suits, and you are a confident businessman. Pair it with casual wear, and you are a homie. With a leather jacket? Then you are a rock star! This hairstyle can literary be worn anywhere: work, outings, daily errands, family gatherings… Can you think of an occasion unfit for it?

15. Knotted Ponytail


If you like the sleek appearance of a ponytail but want to add a playful touch, check out this knotted ponytail. Its only difference from a classic ponytail is the messy knot at the root.

This hairstyle goes well with funky clothing. With a brightly colored T-shirt and a cap, you will look like a rapper in those fashion magazines.

Easy as it may seem, the knot requires more than tying your locs together. Check out this tutorial for detailed instructions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxmyUUOmBmA It may need a little practice, but the result is worth the effort.

16. Low Ponytail with Highlight


The low ponytail is quick, but sometimes it looks a little dull. A popular way to make this look interesting is to add highlights. The bright color adds texture and dimension.

Opt for light blonde if you want to make a bold statement. 1b/27 is a classic color combination. If you prefer milder contrast, choose middle-brown, like 30 hair color.

One benefit of toupee is that you explore new looks without commitment. You can wear highlight locs to a night party and take them off the next day.

17. Wrapped Ponytail with Fishtail Braid


If you are going to a music festival, remember to rock a fancy hairstyle! This fishtail braid, for example, is a perfect choice.

The intricate pattern on the scalp is a treat for the eyes. The wrap-around at the nape makes a stylish transition from the braid to the ponytail.

It requires a little patience and expertise to achieve a sleek fishtail braid. A professional would be of great help to save you from trial and error. But you can still do it yourself. Check this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omQB5SxZ4eA

18. French Braid Dreadlock Ponytail


This voluminous hairstyle carries swagger and poise. The delicacy of the French braid signifies your refined taste and attention to detail.

Apart from being stylish, this look is also embraced by its practicality. You don’t have to worry about loose strands getting in the way of your vision. If you do the braid right, you can wear it all day or even days – the braid will not unravel.

19. Dutch Braid Double Ponytails


Dutch braids are similar to French braids, only that they expose more scalp. The difference is created by the braiding method, but if you already know how to do a French braid, you can quickly master the Dutch braid.

Double ponytails are a great way to style voluminous locs. It is also interesting to look at. You can place one ponytail at the front of the body and leave the other at the back. Or you can put both braids behind.

This hairstyle is suitable for happy hours like outdoor barbecues, parties, or a trip to the theme park.

20. Dreadlock Ponytail with Colorful Extensions


If you have been considering having bold-colored hair, why not try it first with a wig? You can explore new possibilities with a wig and return to your natural shade within minutes.

Choose your favorite bright color and use it as a highlight, like in this picture. Your whole look will immediately stand out with this stylistic focal point.

21. Dreadlock Ponytail with Loc Jewelry


Loc coils are my personal favorite among hair jewelry. They are easy to use, and they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes.

The metallic loc coil in this picture goes well with casual wear, like a white T-shirt and denim. Add a few to your fringe, and you will immediately exude an air of classy and effortless chic.

22. Dreadlock Ponytail with Colorful Rubber Bands

22-Dreadlock -Ponytail-with-Colorful-Rubber-Band

It may surprise you how rubber bands can bring your hairstyle from ordinary to extraordinary. Check out this picture. By adding a colorful rubber band at the tips of each loc, the whole look is immediately brought to life.

You can definitely tie the locs into a ponytail. But isn’t it look smart when the locs are folded into a loose bun?

23. Mohawk Inspired Dreadlock Ponytail


You can’t go wrong with this mohawk-inspired look for artistic events. The signature high fade directs the viewer’s attention to the top of the head, where your creativity is on display.

Use braids to create texture. Frame your face by adding a fringe or leaving out a few strands at the front. At the back, style your locs into a low-profile ponytail, but use highlights to create an interesting twist. This look can be highly versatile, so be bold and have fun!

To Try Loc Ponytail Styles!

A simple dreadlock ponytail is timeless and elegant. When paired with high-fade, bang, or hair accessories, it screams individuality. Which dreadlock ponytail do you like best? Leave a comment to let me know.

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Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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