34 Best Weave Ponytail Hairstyles to Try

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Ponytails are greatly underestimated. People often think the hairdo is fast, boring but nothing. Actually, ponytails have endless possibilities! Beyoncé, Madonna, Cardi B and other famous stars have gradually proven its versatility. You can find the right answer for any occasion, no matter the seaside holiday, a high-end banquet or a special theme bash!

Here, we will list 34 trendy weave ponytail hairstyles for you to choose from.. Read them and choose the hairstyle that suits you!

Braided Pony With Catfish Bangs

Weave Ponytail Hairstyle: Braided-Pony-With-Catfish-Bangs

If you have been tired of sleek black ponytails, it’s time to try braided ponytails with colorful weaves. 

As we can see, this look firstly mixes red weave with her natural hair for creating cornrows; then, the braided high ponytails drop down gorgeously on her back. Most significantly, the braided catfish bangs highlighted this whole look.

 If you wanna impress people at a party, then this is the perfect pony choice!

Two Buns Two Braids With Baby Bangs


This ponytail hairdo is quite impressive and popular, especially among rappers! In spite of the double low braids, the look still seems interesting and aggressive. The key lies in the double high buns and her baby bangs! 

The baby bangs can not only modify your hair edge, but add lots of senses to the whole look! If you desire to change your boring hairstyle daily, then start with the hot ponytail!

Infinity Braided Ponytail


For this low braided ponytail hairstyle, it takes multiple hair pieces instead of triple ones to create braids. Even without any accessories, this hairstyle still looks gorgeous and glimmer! The number of braids is up to you. 4-7 braids are recommended.

Low Pony With Double-Side Braids


For the attractive low ponytail, braids are used on the two sides of her sleek ponytails. This hairstyle is interesting and versatile. 

It can fit all your clothing style no matter in a cool jacket or an elegant dress. Like the girl in the picture, the red braided ponytail with black jacket gives her a cool and brisk impression. 

Short Pony With Central Braid


If you have medium-short hair, creating an attractive pony may be a little hard for you; yet don’t be sad, this short pony with central braids will help you. Braids in the center are undoubtedly effective in creating attractive looks! It’s strongly recommended to try the easy-to-make and neat ponytail!

Flicked Pony


Can anyone in the world say no to such a super cute ponytail? Nobody can. Thanks to the uncurled ends, the whole ponytail looks more vibrant and cute! 

A boring ponytail can be instantly transformed by a simple curl! And this hairstyle is perfect for everyone in daily commuting and happy holidays.

Low Ponytail With Buns


For the low ponytail, the sleek pony makes it more neat, and the bun decorated with pearls adds a more elegant sense to it. 

This chic hairdo not only can be used in daily meeting, but is proper in red carpet activities. If there’s a ceremony on your agenda, remember to try this gorgeous ponytail hairstyle.

Messy Twisted Ponytails


When it comes to iconic ponytails, people always think about the messy twisted ponytails. Blonde messy wavy hair adds a cozy sense to the pony. 

Meanwhile, pearls and other glitter accessories also promote the elegance of the whole look. The loose and messy pony will ease the tension on your scalp, so ponytail fans all love it!


High Ponytails Like Bob


Another ponytail option for medium short hair is to wear a high, wraparound ponytail like a bob! As we can see, the high pony-like bob absorbs the pros of bobs and ponytails flawlessly. 

This hairstyle not only has the neat edges of a bob, but also looks very energetic with a high ponytail. Wherever you are, wearing a high ponytail like a bob is attractive and stylish!

Ponytails With Double Sea Urchin Buns


If you have been tired of neat and conventional ponytails, just try the eye-catching ponytail with sea urchin knots! 

The ends of the hair point sharply to the surrounding, making it look like sea urchins! The blue and green hair also makes it more fantastic and impressive. 

If you’re an artist or musician, this hairstyle is meant for you.

Sliver White Weave Ponytails With Space Buns & Braids


Among various weave ponytails, pony with space buns are very trendy and fashionable! The double high buns are super cute and attractive, while the half down braids make her cooler. 

In addition, right hair extensions can make half the work with double results. As we can see, the sliver white weave makes it crazy and stylish!

White And Blue High Ponytails


Anyone who has seen the movie Suicide Squad must understand the charm of a high ponytail with different colors. In our daily life, the colorful high ponytails also provide us nice ideas! Besides, small accessories like hair clips, metal cuffs also help a lot.


Ponytails With Double Bows


If normal buns aren’t your thing, then it’s wise to change your ponytails with double bows. 

The top double buns, on the one hand, could be elegant and beautiful; on the other hand, they also look very cute and nifty! 

So this ponytail with bows also is versatile and can be paired with any clothing! 

Low Sleek Ponytail With Swoop Bangs


For the low ponytail with swoop bangs, it somewhat has proven the charm of the classic. No matter the sleek low ponytail or the neat bang, the whole look keeps perfect and quite chic. 

This simple hairstyle can greatly enhance your vibe. If you wanna pursue goddess style, try the classic ponytail first.

High Twist Ponytails With Triple Bows


For the gorgeous high ponytail, the beautiful blonde twists are used to create a luxurious look; Apart from that, the black bows are perfect to add a solemn vibe.

 If you need a gorgeous look for a ceremony, then this is your safest bet! That said, if your bows are pink, then the ponytail will become more cute and lively!

Red Bubble Ponytails With Neat Bangs


For the visual bubble ponytail, the red neat bangs in locs are so eye-catching that everyone loves it! High bubble ponytail makes her appear more vigorous and confident! 

If you are wearing dreadlocks, then this stylish ponytail is well worth trying.

High Side Pom Pom Ponytail


Unlike normal bubble ponytails, the high ponytail is created on her right side. That gives more fun and body to the whole look. 

The high bubble ponytail is highly recommended for people who have fluffy hair. Little curls with big bubbles will look super cute!

Pink Zigzag Bubble Ponytails


This cute zigzag updo with pink bubbles stands out among numerous bubble weave ponytails! The zigzag bubble breaks out the normal pattern of bubble ponytails. 

Two-tone bubbles also make it more fairytale and dreamlike! Anyone who wears this gorgeous weave pony will be a flower fairy!

Half- Up And Half-Down Bubble Ponytails


If you are looking for an elegant and luxurious ponytail, then this one is totally enough. First, this style puts chic bubbles on the classic half up half down look. That makes it beautiful and tender. 

Then, decorate it with some metal accessories and feel shiny. Whether you are heading to a ceremony or your office, you look very well groomed and decent.

Smooth High Bubble


The classic ponytail still keeps prevailing and fashionable through half a century. The neat appearance has given us the answer. 

Even later variations of the bubble hairstyle were created; the most classic bubble pony has always been the most attractive one. 

Bubble hair is perfect for summer. It’s fast and can be recreated without any tool or expertise at home.

Pink Double Bubble Ponytails


For this brilliant hairdo, double bubbles are the key to being attractive! Using bright pink weave also adds a more nifty sense to her whole look. 

If you are going to Disney, then this hairstyle will help you perfectly fit into those fairytales! 

Red Braided Pony With Multiple Buns


For this braided pony with buns, it could fully reflect your personality. Multiple buns make you stand out among whom wearing ponytail with single bun. 

In addition, adding bright-colored extensions to your braids makes the whole look more visually striking! 

If you want to be eye-catching in your hip-hop club, then this hairstyle is a great help for you.

Ponytails With Double Buns


The high ponytail with double buns is one of the most classicist ponytail hairstyles. That makes you look energetic and cute. 

Remember to add some ornaments like dry flowers, pearls, etc. Recreating a pony with double buns is very easy and fast. 

So it fits all occasions like in the beach, park or fitness center.

Pixie Half-Up Pony With Top Knots


For this cute ponytail, double small knots are used to create a nifty and lively look. Half down wavy hair makes her more warm and beautiful. 

Every girl who wears a pixie haircut will look like a lively elf! 

Mermaid Braided Ponytails


For the amazing braided ponytail, mermaid braids are used to create a chic look. Moreover, the intricate braids are taken into the next level with the purple and white extensions. 

Once you wear this rock hairstyle, your valiant personality speaks for itself! 

Heart Braided Ponytails


Ponytails come in many different ways, but it’s the unique design that makes the wearer stand out. The wavy high ponytail is taken into the next level with the special heart braided design in the front. 

Also, the white weave adds more pizzazz for the voluminous sultry curls! 

Purple Braided Ponytails With Catfish Bangs


For the high braided ponytail, the purple weave extensions are braided into her natural hair for a stunning look. The back hair naturally dropping looks more vibrant and cool! 

Besides, the catfish bangs are also a good point to create the crazy ponytail. 

If you wanna change your daily look, just try it right now. you will definitely be surprised by the charm of braided weave ponytail.

Double Braid Hoop


This hairstyle is very unique and eye-catching. Everyone seeing it will say, “Interesting!” it’s the funny hoop that highlights the boring low double braids. 

If you ever get tired of conforming to the conventional ponytail, try this novel idea and you will get a fresh feeling!

Double -Braided Ponytails With Butterflies


for this cool braided ponytail, the high braids are used to create chic and clean look. Besides, you can also add some ornaments like butterflies for more pizzazz. 

It’s a simple way to get the trendy hairstyle through colorful weaves. It’s versatile and fast to recreate at home.

Pearl Accents On Low Sleek Ponytails


Who said low ponytail hairstyles can’t be sophisticated? Just combine rows of pearl accents with your usual low ponytail, and you will look gorgeous and shiny. 

If you like a gentle hairstyle like a princess, try this elegant and luxurious low ponytail.

 Dutch Braid Mohawk Ponytail


Compared with a regular sleek ponytail, the front braids make your hair more interesting and cute. If you are always on-go, then it’s a top pick for you to save time while keeping neat. 

Many celebrities have also opted for this hairstyle on the red carpet. It makes them look clean and elegant.

Sleek Ponytail With Curled Weave


Whether a ponytail looks impressive also depends on the body and volume of hair. Well, this is a pointed example for that. 

There are lots of ponytail hairstyles out there, but only the curly hair could provide you the special beauty of luscious bounce. If you like the texture of big hair, then this is worth a try.

Blonde Ultra Long Sleek Ponytails


This gorgeous long ponytail is a perfect fit for a charismatic lady. Choose the right color that reflects your own personality. It does wonders for your whole look. 

For instance, platinum blonde is a top chic option. Ultra long pony makes you more clean and elegant.

Long High Sleek Ponytails


The high sleek ponytail has proven the truth of “sometimes less is more”. If the various patterns mentioned above make you confused, then it is safest to try the most basic one. 

A high ponytail makes you look very energetic and tidy. 


It’s time to break free from the misconception that ponytails are mundane and uninspiring. They are far from being just a quick and simple hairstyle.

With our curated list of 34 trendy options, you have a plethora of choices to explore and find the perfect style that reflects your unique personality.

So, embrace the power of ponytails and let your imagination run wild. Discover the hairstyle that speaks to you and get ready to turn heads wherever you go.

Among our recommendation of 34 trendy ponytail hairstyles. Which one is your obsession? Just try it daringly and you’ll be surprised!

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