Does Howard Stern Wear A Wig? The Final Answer

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Does Howard Stern wear a wig? or Is Howard Stern Bald? These questions have led to the emergence of Howard Stern wigs that impersonate his hairstyle. [1]

In fact, he already denies that he wears a wig or a topper. Rather, he reiterated that his hair, which is thick and black, is real human hair. Check the video below.

Hence, many people have noticed his distinct hairstyle. Wig manufacturers began to create wigs fashioned after Howard Stern’s hair products for various costume parties or cosplay.

Let’s check the following various Howard Stern fake wigs in 2022.

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ColorGround Long Curly Rocker Style Wig

Howard Stern Wear A Wig
Long Curly Rocker Style Wig

Get that cool look of a radio broadcaster with this curly wig. This hairpiece is long at about 26 inches, and weighs about 7.1 ounces/200g. It is arrayed with small, black curls and is easy to style.

Its heat-resistant synthetic fiber can be permed, dyed, cut or DIY in your own style.

Pair this toupee with cool sunglasses and off you go for an enjoyable costume party.

Starcourtyard 70s Long Black Curly Toupee

Howard Stern Wig
70s Long Black Curly Wig

Interested in role-play, costume, or taking part in various masquerade parties?

If so, this wig is perfect for you! It brings you into a role rockstar wigs, 90 hip hop wig, 80s fashion rock, 70s rock.

This wig length is 15 Inches, made of high-temperature synthetic fiber with the simulated scalp, which seemed to be more natural.

Karlery Long Curly Black Wig

Howard Stern Wig
Karlery Long Curly Black Wig

This wig is made from high-temperature synthetic hair, which is very suitable for long term use.

It is easy to maintain, manage, and style. Indeed, you will capture the attention of guests at costume parties, concerts, theme parties, weddings, dating, and any other occasion.

All you need to do is speak like Howard Stern.


Fantalook Short Curly Brown Cosplay Wig

Howard Stern Wig
Short Curly Brown Cosplay Wig

Try wearing this toupee and surprise everyone at a costume party. This wig is made from excellent fake hair, around 11 inches long.

High quality rose net cap fits all, the inner with two adjustable straps, which can be intertwined to a fixed position to suitable adult head sizes, fits 7+ youth and adults.

Karlery Short Curly Black Rocker Toupee

Howard Stern Wig
Short Curly Black Rocker Wig

Why not try a different short curly Howard Stern wig?

Pair it with a pair of sunglasses and a jacket and act like Howard Stern. This wig is made from synthetic hair and is ideal for costume parties or any event.

Topcosplay 80s Mullet Long Curly Brown Wig

Howard Stern Wig
80s Mullet Long Curly Brown Wigs

Rock any event with this Howard Stern white wig. It features long, thick large curls that are about 21 inches long.

It is quite unique from other wigs as it is brown hair. This wig is also perfect if you want to be a disc jockey at any party.

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