10 Best Wigs for Men 2021 (Buyer’s Guide)

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Wigs are no longer a lady’s affair. Men can flaunt wigs too and the best part is no one can tell if you are wearing one. With that said, here are the top 10 wigs for men that can bring back your youthful style.

10 Best Male Wigs – Wigs for Men Reviews

1. New Handsome Short and Straight Wig

This short and straight man wig by the Oystrong brand is made from high-quality fiber known as Japanese Kanekalon. It feels soft to touch and maintains its silky profile even with repeated use. In addition, this wig comes with internal hooks that can be adjusted to suit any head shape.

The New Handsome short and straight wig can be styled further to suit your unique taste. The male wig feels light on your head and can be washed without compromising quality. You can buy this wig in golden blonde and re-dye it if you wish.

New Handsome Short and Straight Wig


  • Made from quality durable fiber
  • Soft and easy to style
  • Adjustable to suit any head
  • Comes in a cool, golden blonde look


  • May not work with long hair
  • Only in golden blonde color
  • Size may be too small for some people

2. Namecute Short Black Men’s Wig

Namecute’s short black wig for men is made from quality, heat resistant Kanekalon. It comes with a hairnet wig cap onto which the male wig is fitted and adjusted into any position you wish. Moreover, the wig is designed to be flexible, so that it can fit any head size.

Namecute’s short black men’s wig boasts soft synthetic fiber that feels comfortable and breathable when worn. It is also versatile in application, meaning you can wear it to work and later to a party. Being heat resistant, it is possible to iron and trim this wig to a style of choice.

Short Black Mens Wig


  • Made from high-quality fiber
  • Heat resistant
  • Resizable to fit any head
  • Sold with an extra wig cap


  • May be difficult to style at first
  • May not look natural

3. Lydell Golden Brown Short Men’s Wig

Lydell’s golden brown short wig is made for men who want their hair a few inches longer. Its hair strands are 6 inches long and fashioned from a premium, synthetic fiber. Moreover, this product is sold with an adjustable wig cap to ensure it fits any head size.

Styling this wig is a breeze. It can be shaken to make it fluffy or just brushed for a smoother look. You may also style this wig to achieve an American or European look. Furthermore, this wig can be washed with mild shampoo and still maintain its quality. Lydell’s short men’s wig is available in other colors besides golden brown.

Lydell Golden Brown Short Men Wig


  • Includes an adjustable fitting cap
  • Easy to style
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Easy to wash
  • Looks realistic men’s wig


  • May not fit all head sizes
  • Has to be trimmed a little to fit

4. B-G Black Curly Men’s Wig

Menoqi’s B-G curly men’s wig is ideal for the guy who does not mind rocking long hair with beach waves. This product is made from premium, South Korean synthetic hair, which is durable and very lustrous. The waves and curls look completely natural without the need to style the wig further.

Whether you are going to work or attending a weekend party, this wig from Menoqi will make you stand out. It feels soft to the touch as well, so no one will know that it’s not your real hair. The signature, dark brown color accentuates the lustrous curls and waves.

Black Curly Mens Wig


  • Perfect for that beach wave look
  • Soft and curly
  • No need to style it
  • Looks exactly like human hair


  • Available in one color

5. fantasy Short Wavy Men’s Wig

STFantasy wavy men’s wig is perfect if you are attending a Halloween party. You may also wear this wig to any formal affair or dress-down party and still look fabulous. A free head cap is provided to ensure the wig fits perfectly and always looks neat.

STFantasy’s short wavy wig for men is fashioned from quality Japanese Kanekalon fiber. This makes the wig durable, washable, odorless, as well as breathable. In addition, the wig is adjustable to add more comfort while wearing it. The inbuilt adjustment straps allow you to wear this wig in different positions for a different look.

Short Wavy Mens Wig


  • Quality fiber
  • Adjustable to suit any head size
  • Adjustable straps for added comfort
  • Durable, washable, and odorless


  • Does not look realistic
  • Rough and hard fibers

6. Karley Short Dark and White Men’s Wig

This wig from Karley is perfect for any man who is not afraid of white hair with hints of black. It comes with its own wig cap, which is adjustable to fit different head sizes and also wear it in different styles. Karley’s short, dark and white wig is fashioned from quality synthetic fiber that is heat resistant and durable.

Karley’s short dark and white men’s wig can be worn to any event, be it a birthday party, stag night, or Halloween. It suits both formal and laid-back occasions and can be styled further to bring out your personality.Short Dark and White Mens Wig


  • Quality synthetic fiber
  • Adjustable to fit any head size
  • Versatile in application


  • Color may be dull

7. Aceharming Short Black Men’s Wig

Aceharming’s men’s black wig is handy if you want to spot a chic looking quiff. This wig is made from quality, synthetic fiber that is natural-looking and heat resistant. In addition, the fiber feels soft to touch and can be styled further to bring out that boyish look.

Acaharming’s short black quiff wig suits all occasions. It can be a costume for a theatrical play or part of your Halloween costume. It can be worn to parties and even to the office and still look stylish.

Aceharming Short Black Mens Wig


  • Quality, heat resistant fiber
  • Very urban and stylish
  • Adjustable to suit any head size


  • May not fit properly

8. Topcosplay 80s Halloween Wig

Topcosplay’s Halloween wig could be the missing piece to complete your punk metal outfit. This wig takes you back to the rock and roll days with its spiky, upper look and the black, smooth bottom strands. This style suits the younger generation, but even adults can style it a bit to suit their mature style.

Topcosplay Halloween men’s wig is made from quality, synthetic fiber that is soft, comfortable, and durable. A wig cap is included to ensure the wig fits any head size. It is the perfect wig to wear to a Halloween punk rock concert and show it off to fellow metal rock fans.

Topcosplay 80s Halloween Wig


  • 100% durable, synthetic fiber
  • Ready to wear
  • Adjustable to fit all head sizes
  • Free wig cap included


  • Color may look unnatural

9. Diy-wig short black men’s wig

Diy-wig’s black short men’s wig is crafted from quality Japanese synthetic fiber. The wig is heat-resistant and very durable. It feels soft to the touch, and the thickness of the wig makes it ideal for the bold man.

This product features internal straps to adjust the wig to any head size. A wig cap is included as well to hold the wig firmly or wear it in different positions. The color also looks natural, and the texture feels exactly like real hair.

Diy-wig short black mens wig


  • Quality synthetic fibers
  • Rich, black color
  • Fits any head size


  • May not feel natural

10. Ecvtop Death Note short men’s wig

This short wig from Ecvtop is crafted from Japanese heat-resistant, synthetic fiber. Unlike most wigs for men, the fibers on this product are less shiny, making it look as natural as possible. A head-cap is included which can be adjusted to ensure the wig fits any head size.

The Ecvtop’s Death Note men’s wig can be worn to work, fashion events, or a costume in a theme party. The wig feels breathable and is totally washable without ruining its quality. In addition, you can style the hair to any look you want or add a little color if you wish.

Death Note short mens wig


  • Durable synthetic fiber
  • Heat resistant
  • Natural looking
  • Adjustable to fit any head size


  • Original styling may not suit everyone
  • May not fit all head sizes


These top 10 wigs for men are perfect for any guy who wants to spruce up his style a little. They can be styled however you want, are washable, and very durable. They are also versatile and can be worn to any occasion.

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