7 Best Halo Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

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halo hair extensions

This is our review of the best halo hair extensions for extension-loving ladies in 2022.

As an extension fan, I firmly believe all women are worthy of immense beauty and deserve no bad hair days.

Over the internet, extension lovers detested extreme hair damage from mediocre hairpieces. So, the question is where to buy the best halo hair extensions?

That speculation drove me to reveal the best halo extensions that are good damage-free alternatives. They are much safer than tape-in, sew-in, and bonded hair extensions.

And during my research, I found GOO GOO Natural Secret Halo Hair Extensions to be the best overall halo extensions in terms of quality and convenience.

But then, hair desires are not the same. So, I also reviewed the best halo extensions in every category.

Top Rated Picks for Best Halo Hair Extensions

GOO GOO Natural Secret Halo Hair Extensions: Best for Overall

Maxfull Clip-in Hidden Crown Hair Extensions: Best for Thin Short Hair

GOO GOO Balagaye Wire Hair Extensions: Best for Balagaye

Sunny Fish Line Human Hair Extensions: Best for Highlights

RUNATURE Curly Clip-in Halo Extensions: Best for Curly Hair

S-noilite Secret Wavy Wire Hair Extensions: Best for Wavy Hair

SARLA Wavy Curly Synthetic Halo Extensions: Best for Synthetic Hair

The Best Halo Extensions Reviewed

While your trusted hairstylist can advise which halo extensions to wear, these reviewed halo extensions are good for a try. Get to know them for a hair change.

GOO GOO Natural Secret Halo Hair Extensions

GOO GOO Natural Secret Halo Hair Extensions
  • Key feature: 9A grade Remy human hair, 7 layers weft
  • Hairstyle: Straight
  • Shade: 15 colors
  • Length: 12”, 14”,16, 18”, 20”
  • Number of clips/wires: 4 clips, 1 wire
  • Best for: Overall

This hair protection formula augments hair growth rather than causing unwanted hair damage.

The transparent wire stays put and is lightweight on the hair. Thus it eliminates any chances of hair tension and further alopecia problems. That way, your real hair grows out healthily under unstrained conditions.

The four clips on the lace weft offer a tighter anchorage combined with the wire. The extensions remain secured and don’t bring about the frustrations of getting them back in position.

The extensions’ hair is uniformly thick from the roots to the end. It gives the ability to add volume to your own hair to levels you’d love.

The Remy human hair material provides great hair quality. The cuticles are intact and lay unidirectional for a natural hair makeover.

Users disliked how the piece’s wire stuck out in thin hair and further recommended it for use by thick-haired ladies. Unfortunately, the hair density is thin and might need several pieces.

Maxfull Clip-in Hidden Crown Hair Extensions

Maxfull Clip-in Hidden Crown Hair Extensions
  • Key feature: Remy Human Hair, 900 curved lace base design
  • Hairstyle: Straight
  • Shade: Darkest brown
  • Length: 22″
  • Number of clips/wires: 4 clips, 2 wires
  • Best for: Thin fine hair

Ultimate comfort from halo extensions is vital regardless of how thick or thin your hair is.

The 11.5″ fishing lines tend to have negligible weight. Hence it cannot pull your thin hair out. The lines hide in your hair to the desired invisible state with its invisibility nature. And they boast the best attachment besides the clips.

Installation is easy, taking less than five minutes. Minimizing hair expenses, the extensions are a cinch to fix by oneself. They do not require frequent salon maintenance. After several washes, the hair reverts to its original soft and tangle-free behavior.

Helping you be versatile with your hair to how you want, the extensions take up different hairstyles. Today, you can choose to tie a high ponytail and, the next day, part to the sides for a touch of glamour.

But, the wire is not adjustable. So, it feels overly tight and quite uncomfortable, especially on small heads.

GOO GOO Balayage Wire Hair Extensions

GOO GOO Balagaye Wire Hair Extensions
  • Key feature:100% Remy human hair, 7 layered hairpiece
  • Hairstyle: Straight
  • Shade: Balayage chocolate brown with honey blonde
  • Length: 12”, 14”,16, 18”, 20”
  • Number of clips/wires: 4 clips, 1 wire
  • Best for: Balayage

These affordable Balayage halo extensions magnify the balayage effects on your true hair. The calibre of hair sparks vibrance distinguishable from the ordinary color options.[1]

The four lengths available enable you to have a wide range of lengths for choice. If you enjoy wearing long extensions, 20″ is the longest you can get.

The four removal clips are a breeze to get in and out whenever you feel to adjust the fitness, supplementing the invisible wire.

The part that excites more is the manufacturer gifts two clips, and three wires, ensuring your extensions never fall off. And one pair of eyelashes to heighten your facial beauty.

The lace is net-like, permitting air to get through the scalp to the utmost comfort every lady wishes for.

The extensions’ hair enthusiasts reported this hair is thin towards the ends. And some noticed the extensions felt heavier at the lower back. Moreover, the wire did not blend in as they wanted.

Sunny Fish Line Human Hair Extensions

Sunny Fish Line Human Hair Extensions
  • Key feature: 9A grade human hair, soft handcrafted lace
  • Hairstyle: Straight
  • Shade: Warm ash-blonde
  • Length: 12”, 14”,16, 18”, 20”
  • Number of clips/wires:2 clips, 1 wire
  • Best for: Highlights

A change of hair color, sometimes, is good for the soul. These wire extensions grant the evocative idea of adding impressive blonde highlights to your standard hair color.

The 10″ hidden wire and two magic paste clips provide double attachment strength cum adjustability. The clips have silicone strips that do not slide at all costs.

DIY-ers are lucky to have this halo extensions option as they can put it on by themselves in less than five minutes.

The installation is simply by parting your hair one to two inches from the hairline, round to the ears and the back. And tie the hair left at the center. Then fix the wire extensions and lay down the initially tied hair. Finally, comb the front hair to ensure the front is as seamless as possible.

However, the hair tangles fast after washing, which suggests low durability. Hence it cannot serve you long enough.

RUNATURE Curly Clip-in Halo Extensions

RUNATURE Curly Clip-in Halo Extensions
  • Key feature: Real human hair, breathable lace weft
  • Hairstyle: Curly
  • Shade: Natural black
  • Length: 10″, 12″
  • Number of clips/wires: 2 clips, 1 wire
  • Best for: Curly hair

These curly fish line extensions accord you the luxury of thick curls layering down. It’s a good substitute for straight extensions and ideal for prestigious events.

The texture is way too soft and frictionless. The brush bristles through the hair strands with ease. And the hair pans out with a spectacular finish.

The lace at the edge is smooth, soft, and air-permeable. It enables air through the pores to reach the scalp, keeping it cool and making you cozy.

The only issue with this brand is the anchorage insufficiency. Clips should have been placed at the very ends for much more convenience when securing the extensions.

S-noilite Secret Wavy Wire Hair Extensions

S-noilite Secret Wavy Wire Hair Extensions
  • Key feature: Soft and smooth Remy human hair
  • Hairstyle: Wavy
  • Shade: 13 colors
  • Length: 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″
  • Number of clips/wires: 2 clips, 1 wire
  • Best for: Wavy hair

Possessing wire extensions that are multi-faceted is very important. As for these wavy wire extensions can get straightened, permed, or curled, doing away with the monotony of wearing one hairstyle.

The array of thirteen colors equates to various choices ladies can experiment with. It doesn’t limit you to one or two colors, killing your thirst for exploration.

The ends remain untangled, and there are no split ends. The wide-tooth comb slides out smoothly, and clumps come out. This gives you the satisfaction that you got value for your spent money.

The adjustable wire is elastic to allow for adjustments to a perfect size for you. And it’s transparent to hide in your hair, without anybody noticing part of your hair is fake. The seamless look is so natural that your whole hair looks like it emanates from your scalp.

But the hair is super thin, especially towards the ends. Black women with thick hair have to buy more packs. And that is unnecessarily an expensive ordeal.

SARLA Wavy Curly Synthetic Halo Extensions

SARLA Wavy Curly Synthetic Halo Extensions
  • Key feature: 100% synthetic Japan-made heat-resistant fiber
  • Hairstyle: Wavy, curly
  • Shade: 42 colors
  • Length: 14″, 16″, 18″, 22″
  • Number of clips/wires: No clip, 1 wire
  • Best for: Synthetic hair

Synthetic halo extensions can provide quality as a cheaper alternative for human hair halo extensions. So, you don’t have to go deep into your pockets, but afford to look beautiful.

Made with high-temperature fiber, It’s heat-resistant to temperatures of about 350⁰F when applying heating tools. So, you have to be keen not to exceed the limit. Or else, your synthetic wire extensions will go from a useful state to useless real quick.

The elastic wire tightens when pulled to the left and loosens when pulled to the right. It’s adjustable to the head size, appropriate for you. The wire is concealable in the hair by lifting the hair using a rat tail to lie on the wire.

The hair stays soft and silky when regularly nourished and detangled with a detangling spray. On the positive side, that works to favor you in the long run with the extended durability.

Sadly, most buyers received a different color shade from what they ordered. Also, users revealed this hair tangles up fast and is quite unmanageable.

halo hair extensions-2
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How To Choose Best Halo Hair Extensions 2022

At this juncture, you probably have cues to what halo extensions look like and what factors you ought to keep a close eye on for the best wearing experience.

But in case you feel stranded, here are the main things to consider when evaluating the most suitable option.

Hair Material

In this era, taking the hair material of your halo extensions seriously is very important. And it’s not all about going with either the human hair or synthetic extensions. You ought to dive into the details concerning material quality and what in specific will meet your needs and budget.

One thing, human hair is better in terms of longevity of service and ease of maintenance, but more expensive. Reasonably, you can get synthetic halo extensions for the same purpose, though lasting short-term but more affordable. Depending on what suits you, make sure you get hair material that aligns with what you seek to achieve.

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

Hair Type

Under this factor, not only does your hair type matter but also the extensions’ hair type.

Your hair type is more like your natural hair volume, suggesting getting halo extensions that match your hair volume. For instance, if you have thick hair, look for halo extensions with thick hair. On the contrary, extensions with fine hair should be your go-to option if you have short thin hair.

Why say so?

It’s hard for fine hair to blend with thick hair and thick-haired halo extensions are likely to strain your thin hair, weakening it because of the weight imposed. And thin hair extension on thick hair may be unusually conspicuous, yet you should aim to achieve a harmonious blend.

Best Halo Hair Extensions-8

Type of Wire

Halo extensions cannot bear the name halo extensions without wire existing in place of clips, tapes, sewed-in threads, and glue. That’s basically for anchorage so that the extensions stay put on the head.

But you need to be extra careful with the type of wire in your halo extensions of choice before buying.

Always check to ensure the wire is adjustable and invisible because comfort is a priority, and nobody should notice you’re wearing extensions. This you can tell by reading the reviews from ladies who have worn the extensions before.

Best Halo Hair Extensions-7

FAQs about Halo Hair Extensions

How long does halo extensions last?

Halo extensions can last as long as you want if provided with the proper nutrition and care. But in most cases, it lasts for 6-12 months. However, it can serve you even up to two years.

Do halo extensions damage your hair?

There’s no hair damage with halo extensions, unlike tape-in extensions, clip-ins, and sew-ins. Instead, it boosts hair growth and healing if you had hair loss issues initially.

Can you wear halo extensions every day?

Girl, it’s a big yes. Compared to most forms of hair extensions, halo extensions take at most 5 minutes to put on and take out. It could be a perfect idea for morning preparations, saving you time while giving the desired hair appeal.

Where should a halo extension sit on your head?

This lies with personal preference. But to get the most out of halo extensions, choose to lay the wire at least one inch from the hairline and not beyond 2 inches. You don’t want the extensions looking loose and weird on your head when far back from the hairline.

Can you see the wire when having halo extensions on?

No, if you fix it properly. In fact, the wire of halo extensions is transparent so that it’s undetectable. But after installation, take your rat tail comb and lift the front hair so that you efficiently hide the wire completely.

Check this video to get more tips on how to wear halo hair extensions.

In Conclusion

Hair damage is completely avoidable with adopting halo extensions for your hair beauty.

And keep the mentioned factors at your fingertips whenever you want to purchase halo extensions. They’ll save you a great deal.

Otherwise, GOO GOO Natural Secret Halo Hair Extensions is the best overall wire halo extensions you should first try out if you are a beginner.

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