9 Best Headband Wigs for African American

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This is our review of the best headband wigs for women in 2023.

You may be looking to kill the monotony of wearing a certain wig type. If that’s the case, I recommend trying out headband wigs.

Personally, I wear wigs most of the time. And I like researching far and wide to fetch fine details concerning every wig type. 

In my research online, I discovered headband wigs are the fast-rising hair trend. But the numerous brands pose frustrations when picking the best. 

I also noticed Mengkai Curly Headband Wig as the best overall headband wig. 

And since our hair preferences are different, let’s also review other headband wigs, which are the best in specific categories. 

Our Top Headband Wigs Pick

Mengkai Curly Headband Wig: Best for Overall

Catti Body Wave Headband Wig: Best for Body Waves Hair

ShowJarlly Kinky Straight Headband Wig: Best for Kinky Straight Hair

Bworto Water Wave Headband Wig: Best for Water Waves Hair

UNICE Straight Headband Wig: Best for Straight Hair

Beauty Forever Curly Bob Headband Wig: Best for Bob Hair

ISEE Kinky Curly Headband Wig: Best for Kinky Curly Hair

Aisaide Box-braided Headband Wig: Best for Braided Hair

MORICA Short Wavy Synthetic Headband Wig: Best for Synthetic Hair

9 Best Headband Wigs Reviewed

Headband wigs are many online and can stir confusion when choosing one for yourself. Below are reviews of the best headband wigs to ease the selection process. 

Mengkai Curly Headband Wig

Mengkai Curly Headband Wig
  • Key feature: Stretchy headband, 9A grade Brazilian hair
  • Package: 1 headband wig, 1 headband, 1 edge brush
  • Color: Natural black
  • Hair length: 10-26″
  • Wig cap: 22-22.5″
  • Best for: Overall

Daily morning hairdos can be somewhat arduous, especially for lazy girls. Making everything a breeze and time-saving, this curly headband wig has a quick installation and easy maintenance. You’re ready and flawless to confidently leave the house in two minutes or less. 

The Brazilian human hair of this wig bounces with 150% hair density curls. These curls are soft and silky such that the brush runs from the root to the ends smoothly. 

The wig is attached to a base band made from an elastic ice silk material. Its elasticity enables the adjustability of the headband to fit your head size.

The straps of the band have glueless velcros at their ends, which get fastened to each other. This is utmost security to prevent the wig from falling off even when you tie a high bun or a high ponytail. 

The issue with this headband wig is hair sticks on the velcros, and the wig hair you receive is not as thick as in the picture online.

Catti Body Wave Headband Wig

Catti Body Wave Headband Wig
  • Key feature: 9A grade Brazilian virgin hair, velcro snapping design
  • Package: 1 headband wig, 2 headbands, 2 wig caps, 3D eyelashes
  • Color: Natural black
  • Hair length: 12-26″
  • Cap size: 21.5-22.5”
  • Best for: Body waves

Daring to explore with headband wigs takes effort to get you out of your comfort zone and find excellent hair quality. This hair unit is 9A grade Brazilian human hair.

The glueless velcro design ensures comfort and maximum wig tightness. The wig cannot get off even with the most vigorous head shake or turbulent wind in your direction.

Considering the wig caps that come with the wig, they’re breathable and super soft. That’s to feel comfortable in the headband wig. The manufacturer carefully inspects such critical aspects to receive value for your money.

This headband wig has a distinct body wave pattern. For an extraordinary appeal, the hair is in the form of loose waves from the base to the ends. 

The manufacturer advises ladies to co-wash this wig before wearing it to remove the odor. But the hair loses its body waves and tangles as a result. 

ShowJarlly Kinky Straight Headband Wig

ShowJarlly Kinky Straight Headband Wig
  • Key feature: 10A grade human hair, none-lace front
  • Package: 1 headband wig, 1 hairband, 1 eyelash
  • Color: Natural black
  • Hair length: 10-24″
  • Cap size: 22-22.5”
  • Best for: Kinky straight hair

Most black women have fabulous kinky strong hair. And if they feel they want an immediate change to wigs, it’s possible with the kinky straight hair.

As a matter of fact, this wig bears a 10A hair grade. So you’re sure you have great quality with you.

The front is an ice silk band in place of lace. Basically, it’s a non-lace wig for greater comfort and breathability.

The band continues as adjustable straps that stretch to the back to accommodate your head circumference.

And it imitates your own hair, evoking the ability to dye, perm, or straighten to a new hairstyle, but it’s unnoticeable the same wig.

But it could have been better if the wig sizing is as advertised since the wig is small and not comfortable to wear all day long for some women. 

Bworto Water Wave Headband Wig

Bworto Water Wave Headband Wig
  • Key feature: 100% unprocessed human hair
  • Package: 1 headband wig, 2 headbands
  • Hair color: Natural black
  • Hair Length: 12-26″
  • Cap size:21.5-22.5”
  • Best for: Water waves

Choosing curlier headband wigs alludes to a different style and fantastic hair on you. And Bworto water wave headband wig works to meet that by defining the most authentic natural-looking water waves.

The natural black color matches most ladies’ hair color, including the hairline. If you decide to leave out your hairline, this headband wig will still give that uniform hair blend from the front to the back.

Moreover, it complements the color of any of your outfits for every occasion, whether it’s a dress, top, trouser, or blouse. This wig generally guarantees a spick and span appearance.

The different hair lengths, ranging from 12″ to 26″, give the versatility of choice. You can buy anything from short to the longest to work in favor of your hair desire.

But there are reports from wig-wearing women that this hair is not true to length. For instance, the 16″ wig looks like a 12″ wig. And it comes with a horrible irritating smell that may affect scent allergic women. 

UNICE Straight Headband Wig

UNICE Straight Headband Wig
  • Key feature: 100% premium human hair
  • Package: 1 headband wig, 1 headwrap
  • Color: Natural black
  • Hair length; 12-26″
  • Cap size: 22″
  • Best for: Straight hair

What kind of long-term beauty will you be searching for if you have this long-lasting headband wig?

It goes to great depths of maximizing its duration of service to you. You can use it repeatedly for a year or two. 

Being that its pure human hair, it barely sheds or tangles after washing and conditioning. That’s a plus on its level of durability.

Its straight hair texture permits you to be adventurous with different hairstyles. You can decide to curl or perm. As for the natural black color, you can dye or bleach to any other color.

The clips in the front and velcros at the back ensure the wig is optimally secured to your head. It saves you the worries of your wig sliding away.

But it has split ends, and tiny hairs seem to be sticking out from mid-length. And tracks can be seen, which means the 150% hair density advertised is false. 

Beauty Forever Jerry Curly Bob Headband Wig

Beauty Forever Curly Bob Headband Wig
  • Key feature: 10A grade Brazilian human hair, removable bang
  • Package: 1 headband wig, 1 extra headband
  • Color: Natural black
  • Hair length: 14″
  • Cap size: 22-22.5”
  • Best for: Bob

Lost hairlines and edges relentlessly affect your entire look and self-esteem.

But here comes an effective makeover option made with a bang to conceal the hair flaws.

Additionally, this bang is trimmed accurately to reach right above your eyes. So you can still see clearly without any hair interfering with your sight.

And if you get to a point where you don’t need the bang anymore, it’s detachable, and all the wig’s hair can lie towards the back. 

The springy curls refine your appearance. They upgrade you to a charmer, turning every head to your side. 

Besides, the 14″ length creates a bob hair wig that touches the shoulders as the furthest spot. This feature fits young ladies who want to look cuter and more stylish. 

Its downside is that it sheds a lot when brushed, and the layers are shoddily cut. Hence it gives a queer look, far from the advertised expectations.

ISEE Kinky Curly Headband Wig

ISEE Kinky Curly Headband Wig
  • Key feature: 10A grade Brazilian Remy virgin hair
  • Package: 1 headband wig, 2 headbands, 2 wig caps
  • Color: Natural black
  • Hair length: 14-26″
  • Cap size: 22-22.5”
  • Best for: Kinky curly

Black women yearning to wear a curly superior headband wig that highlights their true kinky hair properties have their interests catered for. 

The 180% density warrants this wig to beam with exceptional fullness and volume. Ladies with thin hair can embrace it for a denser hair look that’s all-natural.

It’s beginner-friendly as its application takes two minutes and involves no use of glue. It eradicates the stress of having to braid your own hair or applying adhesives and tapes for wig security. 

The wig’s band is wide and comfortably elastic. And therefore, it exerts little to no pressure. On top of that, the wig comes alongside free accessories eliminating further expenses.

However, some users claim this wig is too thin to have 180% density. Unfortunately, the wig cap can be seen through the wig. 

Aisaide Box-braided Headband Wig

Aisaide Box-braided Headband Wig
  • Key feature: High-quality synthetic fiber, Afro box braids
  • Package:1 headband wig, 2 headbands
  • Color: Black
  • Cap size: 21.5-25”
  • Best for: Braided headband wigs

Braiding your real hair is often time-consuming and painful due to extreme tension on your scalp. This headband hairpiece is the precise solution that offers pain-free natural afro box braids.

Just throw on the wig and tighten the straps. Place the extra headband if you want to, and voila- you’re good to go out.

These braids give the deceptive appearance of braids coming out directly from your scalp.

And for this case, the band hides all hair underneath so nobody notices the braids are false upon seeing the front hair. Moreover, you can show your baby hairs at the edge.

It’s fittable for various head sizes ranging from 21.5″ to 25″. That’s elastic enough to suit both medium and bigger heads.

MORICA Short Wavy Headband Wig

MORICA Short Wavy Synthetic Headband Wig
  • Key feature: glueless synthetic hair, velcro design
  • Package: 1 headband wig, 1 headband, 2 nylon caps, 
  • Color: natural black, #B/30, auburn, blue, green, pink, BUG, black mixed brown, reddish-brown
  • Hair length: 16″
  • Cap size: 21.5-22.5”
  • Best for: synthetic hair

With this synthetic headband wig, you’re free to experiment and be colorful with your hair. The color list comprises natural black, #B/30, auburn, blue, green, pink, BUG, black mixed brown, and reddish-brown.

Its headband is a soft, elastic ice silk headband to substitute for lace. And there’s no glue or gel for anchorage, unfit for weak hair. 

Some ladies who wore it didn’t like how shiny this headband wig is. So, they preferred having it for the rainy season. And it has thin hair and tangles fast, impeding convenience in its use. 


The Complete Guide to Buying Headband Wigs

Buying headband wigs is not all about spending recklessly on any brand that comes your way. You ought to look at certain factors before purchasing if you target to get a headband wig suitable for you. 

Headband Size

Definitely, a headband wig cannot completely serve its intended purpose if it cannot fit your head. To avoid such inconveniences, think about knowing your head size or the circumference of your head beforehand.

After that, compare it to the advertised wig capsize. Here is where you ask yourself if your head size lies in the range of the wig cap size or not. Most ladies’ heads are within 21.5-22.5″, which is relatively a medium head size. 

But how do you measure your head size?

Simply take a sewing measuring tape. Place it at the front center of your hairline. Wrap it round to the left ear, the nape, the right ear and end at the starting point. 

Headband Color

This is critical as every lady never wants to embarrass themselves with clashing colors. See that you match the headband color with your attire for the day for a beautifully-blended look.  

But the ultimate consideration about color should be your taste and color preferences. If the headband color doesn’t fulfill your desires, that headband wig is not for you. And if it does, you’ll have landed on the perfect headband wig choice.  

Also, the headband color you choose should enrich your head-to-toe appearance. That’s right from your facial features to your body because your intention is to look fabulous and attractive.

Facial Shape

One thing you should not forget to scrutinize is your face shape. Aim to buy a headband wig that brings out your facial configuration as distinct and appealing as possible. That’s a headband wig that goes well with your entire face so that you don’t achieve a funny look. 

And right before choosing, get to know the shape of your face. Doing so will make it easier for you to single out which wig styles blend with the form of your face.

Human Hair or Synthetic

Here, you need to be sure about what hair material of a headband wig you’re going for. Once you’re sure, read the product description to confirm whether it’s human hair or synthetic hair. You do not want to get disappointed having taken a different headband wig from the one you purposed to buy. 

How to Wear Headband Wigs Correctly

At this phase, you probably know your final pick. But then wearing the headband wig is another puzzle. Here are comprehensible steps on how to put on one confidently:

STEP 1: Comb your hair towards the back to lie flat on the head, and braid the ends. You can opt to braid cornrows instead.

STEP 2: Take a small brush and comb out your baby hairs. Lay and style the baby hairs at the front hairline using your preferred edge control gel. This is very important if you’re planning to expose your front hairline to be seen. 

STEP 3: Apply the edge control gel on the top hairs to get them laid entirely. And tie a setting scarf to stay for at least five minutes to achieve maximum hold. 

STEP 4: Put on the stocking wig cap starting from the back towards the front; up to a point you’ll want your headband wig to reach. If you want your baby hairs or part of your front hair seen, ensure the wig cap leaves them out. 

STEP 5: Now put on the headband wig, and position it well to cover where you want to be covered; 

STEP 6: Pull the stretchy straps to the back and fasten the velcro. For tighter security, clip in the combs (optional).

STEP 7: Run your fingers through the wig’s hair to revive the bouncy strands and volume. 

STEP 8: Style however you want. You can also place another headband onto the wig’s headband for a different sassier look. 

Check this video for detailed illustrations.

The Bottom Line

The headband in place makes headband wigs look more convenient than most wig types. 

And it’s rare for any lady to go wrong with the installation process. 

Eventually, you look marvellous and flawless in a very short time.

All in all, I noticed Mengkai Curly Headband Wig as the overall best headband wig. 

FAQs about Headbands Wigs

This section provides answers to the frequently asked questions about headband wigs.

How long do headband wigs last?

Headbands can serve you as long as you like. However, headband wigs last for six to twelve months in most women, though not limited to that period. If you supply high standards of care and maintenance, they can last more than 12 months to even up to 24 months. 

Do headband wigs cause hair loss?

Unlike most types of wigs, headband wigs are full protective hairstyles. Usually, there’s neither glue, tape, nor lace to fix the headband wigs during installation.

That suggests no hair damaging matter gets in contact with your real hair; hence your hair stays unaffected. In fact, it grows healthier and stronger beneath the headband wig. 

How do I differentiate headband wigs from half wigs?

The greatest differentiating factor between headband wigs and half wigs is the detachability of the headband. If you cannot detach the headband from the wig, then that wig type will be a headband wig. On the contrary, if the headband is removable, call that a half wig. [1]

Do headband wigs slide off?

Headband wigs do not easily get off the head when set up properly. As they don’t require adhesives and tape, headband wigs come with pre-installed combs and adjustable velcro straps. These two ensure the headband wigs stay in place and never move. 

Can I wear headbands daily?

Of course, you can. The wig set-up takes 2 minutes or less, especially if you do not want to expose your natural hairline. It’s as simple as putting the headband wig on, adjusting the straps, and fixing the velcros and combs. 

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