9 Best Tape-In Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

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Tape-in Extensions for women

This is our review of the best tape-in extensions for extension lovers in 2023.

You’re here because you’re sure tape-in extensions will add you that flawless hair volume. Good hair gives a great impression, right?

But, what are the best tape-in hair extensions brands on the market?

I find it nerve-wracking to settle on a specific brand as an extension specialist. I’m sure you’re also facing the same problem.

Out of the research, GOO GOO Seamless Straight Tape-in Extensions is the best overall tape-in hair extension for your hair.

As hair textures differ, I’ve also reviewed the best tape-in extensions for every kind of hair need.

Our Best Tape-in Extensions of 2023

Below, I’ve rounded up the most liked tape-in extensions that are the best in specific categories.

9 Top Rated Tape-in Hair Extension for Women

These tape-in extensions from different hair vendors might be the best in giving more glamorous hair. Let’s get to the details about them. 

GOO GOO Seamless Straight Tape-in Extensions

1-GOO GOO Seamless Straight Tape-in Extensions
  • Key Feature: 9A Grade, 100% Remy human hair
  • Package: 1.5” width 20 pieces
  • Color: 20+ shades
  • Length: 14”-24”
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Best for: Overall

This kind of hair gives you long luscious real human hair while meeting the desired quality. Even after washing, it reverts its shine and vibrance, looking new as before.

One pack with 20 pieces, forming 10 sandwiches, weighs 50 grams. This lightweight hair keeps your scalp unstrained all day.

The longevity of use is two-three months if properly cared for. That’s long enough to keep you good-looking. Plus, you’re able to go with any color, from the various color shades.

The extensions are also soft pure human hair and have no split ends. The extension brush slides in and out the strands smoothly without the hair getting trapped between the bristles.

Most ladies rate the extensions’ quality as extraordinary because of their long-lasting power.

DOORES Remy Human Tape-Hair Extensions

2-DOORES Remy Human Hair Extension.jpg
  • Key Feature: 9A Grade 100% Brazilian human hair
  • Package: 1.5”-width 20 pieces
  • Color: 15 popular shades
  • Length:14” – 24”
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Best for: Brown hair

We all love to experiment with colors, and this hair could work best for you. It’s very comfy with thin invisible tapes.

With proper installation, the tapes hold tight to the hair and do not stick out. People around never notice it’s false hair because of the fine blend.

This hair has a natural silky look and is soft and tangle-free. It mimics your natural hair to give you an easy time when combing out.

These extensions also allow hairstyle experimentation. Perming, curling, and straightening can work if there’s a need for a hairstyle change.

The installation and removal are simple in both thin and thick hair textures.

The hairdresser removes the tapes covers and places them on either side of the hair section, a quarter-inch away from the scalp. Oil-based removers lessen the stickiness when they wear out, allowing the extension to glide off the hair with ease.

Most extension lovers reported having purchased pretty hair that’s soft and shiny. But, some say the hair is not as durable and non-shedding as expected.

Benehair Wavy Tape-in Hair Extensions

3-Benehair Wavy Tape-in Hair Extensions
  • Key Feature: 100% Remy human hair with seamless tape
  • Package: 40 pieces per pack, 10 extra tapes
  • Color: 16 shades
  • Length: 14”-24”
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Best for: Wavy hair

Sometimes, you get fed up with wearing straight hair then transforming it into wavy hair. It’s time-consuming, of course. This wavy tape-in extension could instantly give you the wavy hair you want with naturally-trimmed ends.

Most extensions come in 20 pieces per pack. But Benehair tape-in extensions are available in 40 wefts per pack, with 10 extra tapes alongside. We can call that a wholesome package for your money.

These extra tapes will come in handy at your next hair appointment, saving you the money you would have spent on new tapes.

The most common challenge discovered in most buyers is the tape does not stay in place for long. The adherence ability is too low.

RUNATURE Curly Tape-in Extensions

4-Curly Tape in Hair Extensions
  • Key feature: 100% Remy human hair
  • Package: 20 pieces of wefts per pack
  • Color: 29 shades
  • Length: 10”- 30”
  • Hair type: Curly
  • Best for: Curly hair

Curly hair lovers might love this when they see the beautiful curls in these extensions. Their quality is also great as they have a uniform thickness from the roots to the bottom.

The hair is silky soft with little to no tangling and shedding. This aspect suggests brushing will be a cinch with minimal tangling.

What’s more, they’re thin and light. So your head barely feels tension from pulling since there’s no heaviness. And It’s real human hair; hence you can modify it to curls, waves, or perms.

Also, note that they’re dye-able to darker colors. These extensions readily take up dark dyes than they would with the light ones. Dyeing the extensions to lighter colors may damage the hair extensions, and they might end up in the bin.

The highlighted concern by some extension enthusiasts is the hair may get off the tape. So, you need to be extra careful when you wear it.

Icymay Mini Tape-in Hair Extensions

5-Icymay Mini Tape-in Hair Extensions
  • Key feature: 100% Remy human hair, mini tape-in extensions
  • Package: 20 pieces of hair wefts
  • Color: 24 color shades
  • Length: 12”- 24”
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Best for: Mini tape-in hair extension lovers

These mini-tape-in extensions are applicable where other extensions cannot fit. They have a double-sided M-shaped tape that easily sticks to the thin hair slices.

The hair perfectly blends with your hair and gives a soft natural effect. Even when washed, this hair gets back to its original texture and shine. But washing is better 48 hours after application to enable the tapes to have the best possible hold.

They’re easy to install and remove in under one hour. And you can redesign them to a preferred style, whether curls, perm, or dyed hair.

Some fans of extensions found this a good choice for places requiring small hair. But the quality of the extensions did not meet their expectations. Also, the mini tapes did not stay put long enough.

Full Shine Ombre Balayage Tape-in Extensions

6-Full Shine Tape-in Extensions
  • Key feature: 100% Real human hair
  • Package: 20 single wefts
  • Color: ombre, 19 shades
  • Length: 14”-24”
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Best for: Ombre hair color

Budget-conscious ladies can opt for this if looking to achieve an ombre shade at a friendly cost.[1]

The Balayage color is pretty and vibrant to offer you the luxurious hair you need. The hair is also super soft and sleek, adorning you with a stunning natural look.

And these extensions have thinner tapes that are nearly weightless and do not strain the individual hair strands, bestowing great comfort on your head.

The tapes require a flat iron to seal the bond for perfect hold. The extensions will never pull out if the tapes are in good shape.

However, applying these extensions is that the ends are too thin, thus not providing the most subtle blend. And the tape removal works by an oil remover only, which is very limiting, as reported by some concerned reviewers.

Aison Silky Straight Tape-in Hair Extensions

7-Sunny Kinky Straight Tape-in Extensions
  • Key feature: Tangle-free, real soft human hair, reusable tapes
  • Package: 20 pieces/package
  • Color: 19 Shades
  • Length: 14”- 24”
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Best for: Silky straight hair

The Aison Tape-in Extensions provide you with the silky straight hair you desire.

They have healthy soft hair with wonderful cuticles that harmoniously match for the most natural appearance. The ends are thick and easy to brush.

The installation is pretty simple but more effortless with professional help. The tape gets sandwiched between hair sections, something that’s doable in less than an hour.

You can use your fingers to add extra adherence and possibly, flat iron for maximum attachment.  That way, these extensions do not move an inch downwards.

They’re style-able, but the heating tool should reach 3500F or less to avoid heat damage. And washing should be two to three days after wearing them to provide sufficient time for the adhesive glue to hold optimally. The extensions can stay intact for even more than three months with good care.

Most extension wearers believe these extensions would be better if the ends didn’t get dry and brittle quickly.

Sunny Kinky Straight Tape-in Extensions

8-Aison Silky Straight Tape-in Hair Extensions
  • Key feature: Remy human hair, double-sided seamless tapes
  • Package: 20 pieces/pack
  • Color: 13 Shades
  • Length: 14” – 24”
  • Hair type: Kinky straight
  • Best for: Kinky straight hair

Do you wish to see people admire your hair as if it’s your own? These tape-in hair extensions integrate with kinky hair in any shade from the few varieties.

They feel ultra-soft and silky in your hands for the coziest feel. Depending on how well you care for them, the hair can last you 2-3 months.

The tapes are reusable. So, you can still install the same extensions repeatedly. And these tapes have excellent adhesive power, sticking in for a long time before requiring replacement.

They could be a good choice to glam up for a night out, a romantic date, a birthday party, or a wedding because of their pleasing appearance.

Most users review them as a perfect blend for your own natural hair but need some improvements on their tangly nature.

LaaVoo Invisible Tape-in Hair Extensions

9-LaaVoo Invisible Hair Extension Tape
  • Key feature: authentic human hair, most invisible tapes
  • Package: 20 pieces/pack
  • Color: 29 Shades
  • Length: 14”-30”
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Best for: Maximum invisibility

The different color shades offer you the versatility to comfortably change from one to another. And these colors look nice and can fit well in any hair color to how you want it.

Anyone would go with this because of how invisible the tape is. Plus, the hair of these extensions balances remarkably with one’s natural hair. Hence most people cannot recognize that your hair has some added hairpieces.

The ends are thick without splits, spicing up the gorgeous looks of these extensions. When worn by any lady, all the hair strands lay in the same direction and lie flatter against the real hair strands.

They’re durable and can stay intact long enough. Additionally, they’re reusable, lessening your hair expenses. You can also curl or perm them for a hairstyle change, but the heating tool should be less than 3500F hot.

Many wearers noticed these tape-in extensions form a uniform blend, even with short hair. But they didn’t get the exact quality they were looking for.

Quick Care Tips for Tape-in Extensions

While you may now know what to look for in tape-in extensions, of more significance is your aftercare routine to ensure your hair extensions last you as long as possible. Here is a list of 9 general care tips helpful in maintaining that opulent look.

  1. Brush through the hair strands at least twice a day gently with extensions brushes. Avoid using fine-bristled brushes that would get your hair stuck between the bristles.
  2. Cleanse and condition your tape-in extensions once a week using sulfate-free products.
  3. Always keep the conditioner away from the tape area. That’s to prevent the tapes’ glue from adhering less and the tapes sliding straight out of your hair.  It’s best to apply the conditioner mid-shaft to the ends of the extensions.
  4. After washing, let your wet extensions air dry rather than blow-drying. If you blow-dry, it’s going to take much time to dry out your extensions. And that’s basically long exposure to heat, which may damage your extensions.
  5. Never sleep with wet hair extensions, or brush through the hair when wet since the extensions are very weak in a wet condition.
  6. Braid or create a loose ponytail before sleeping to minimize tangling as much as possible.
  7. Ensure you sleep on a silk satin pillowcase to avoid friction between your extensions and the pillow.
  8. When applying a heating tool, do not do it close to the point of attachment. If possible, lower the temperatures at the tape section to prevent loosening of the tapes. And avoid going beyond 3500F
  9. If you can, get a heat protectant for maximum protection against damaging temperatures from the heating tools.
tape in hair extensions - buying guide

Factors to Consider When Buying Tape-in Extensions

As there are so many tape-in extensions brands in the market varying in quality and prices, you might find it difficult to settle on a good choice that perfectly meets your hair needs.

You ought to check a few factors to ensure you get the best that works for you. So let’s get to know them.

Easy to Maintain

For you to have an easy time with tape-in extensions, look to see that it’s tangle-free, matte-free with little to no shedding.

This is something hard to tell from an online picture posted by online vendors.

So, you’ll have no choice but to indulge an extensions specialist in your shopping spree for advice, drawn from their experiences with the variety of brands out there.

tape in hair extensions - salon


There’s more to how beautiful tape-in extensions look. Whichever extensions you choose, they should be light, such that your scalp feels zero tension when you wear them. Realistically, what would be the point of spending a fortune on something, then missing out on the comfort you paid for.

Additionally, you should feel comfortable in them when around people or at any public function. Let the extensions of choice boost the confidence and self-esteem in you.

tape in hair extensions - comfortability


Go for tape-in extensions that are limitless and allow you to transform into anything you like. Your choice should allow you to switch between different hairstyles such as curls, perms, buns, or ponytails.

Similarly, they are available in various lengths and color shades, which you can experiment with from time to time.


You need to look for good extensions with tapes that remain glued in your hair between eight to ten weeks or more before necessitating another maintenance appointment.

The extensions can only meet the expected longevity when the tapes have a great hold. If the adherence dies off early in the first or second week after wearing, the quality is low.

To be sure about all that, listen to the reviews from trusted friends and hairstylists on the tape-in extensions in your bucket list.

tape in hair extensions - durability


When buying tape-in extensions, be true to yourself about exactly what’s affordable to you. The convenience of not having to deal with your real hair comes at a cost. Therefore, you need to be realistic with your finances when budgeting for tape-in extensions.

Most tape-in extensions from multiple vendors cost between $40-$100 to buy per pack. You also need to consider the installation costs when budgeting, which depends on location and the complexity of the installation. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you spend big on the extensions, then eventually lack the money to apply to your hair.

FAQs about Tape-In Hair Extensions

Do Tape-in extensions damage your hair?

Tape-in extensions bring no damage to your hair. It all narrows down to how well you care for your tape-in extensions and how professional your preferred hairstylist installed them.

If anything, your hair is under complete protection while lying between the extensions panels, hence growing healthier and stronger.

Does it take long to install tape-in extensions?

Tape-in Extensions for women 3

Tape-in extensions take an hour or less to install. It doesn’t matter whether you DIYed or a licensed cosmetologist installed them.[2]

It’s beneficial to individuals who dread spending a long time in the salon. That’s because the installations need no installation tools or chemicals.     

Can I shampoo my tape-in extensions?

Girl, you can shampoo your tape-in extensions if you want, provided you do it appropriately. Just keep in mind that it should be 48-72 hours after installation. And work to ensure you use a sulfate-free shampoo that’s friendly to your extensions.

Also, avoid shampooing often. The recommended frequency is after every one week.

How long do tape-in extensions last?

Tape-in Extensions for women (2)

Tape-in extensions can last for 8-12 weeks before needing tape replacement. This length of time depends on how well you maintain them and how quickly your hair grows.

But it’s okay to get them off once you realize there’s much space between the point of adhesion and the scalp.

Are tape-in extensions re-usable?

Yes, you can re-use tape-in extensions for up to a year if you work to prevent tangling, breakage, and matting. They’ll help you save a lot of money. If they tangle completely, then there’s no way to undo the mess, which calls for another purchase.

The Bottom Line

Every hair need is different. So, to be on the safest side, consult with your trusted extensions professional to determine the best tape-in extensions for your hair. But GOO GOO Seamless Straight Tape-in Extensions are an excellent choice for premium tape quality and matte and tangle-free hair.

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