HALO WIGS: Things You Need to Know About Halo Hair Extensions

Are you dressing up for a glamorous event, but your hair seems so short and dull? Then, you must try the newest halo wigs! Aside from adding up to your hair’s length and volume, it gives you the natural style you need. To let you know more about halo wigs, below are a few facts about it:

1. What is a halo wig?

A halo wig, also known as halo extension, is a natural looking, comfortable wig with an empty area at the top. The reason for this is not to give a bulky appearance to your hair and provide a natural invisible extension, instead. A halo wig also contains a breathable, lightweight ball cap to hold the rest of the hair. It’s called halo wig as it is arranged in a circular shape like a halo.


Why is it made that way? It is because a halo wig is not really intended for full wig use but only as a hair extension. It also does not function to give you a completely different look, but rather adds to the length, volume, and style of your hair. To style it better, some put on scarves, turbans, beanies, or caps of their choice.

2. Why is a halo wig so popular?

The halo wig became so popular because it is comfortable, safe, and convenient to use. It also provides enough ventilation to prevent your head from getting hot. Above all, the elegance and natural look that it brings to the outfit is considered the prime reason why the halo wig became so popular. Besides, there are lots of known Hollywood stars who use halo extensions. Jessica Alba and Drew Barrimore are two of them.

Its main difference with an ordinary wig is its ability to complement your natural hair color and style. Meaning, a halo wig only emphasizes the beauty of your original hair and makes it even more beautiful. You can even style it, cut it, and curl it. In contrast, a full wig determines the style of your hair as it stays as it is.

3. What are the different types of halo wigs?

If you seem to be delighted about the halo wigs and are planning to buy one, here are the different types you can choose from:

  • Halo Bob Extension – the halo bob extension is usually chin-length. It is in a bob style which typically goes with a hat or turban. Since the accessory is detachable, you can replace it, depending on what occasion you attend.

Halo Bob Extension

  • Layered Halo Wig – the layered halo wig provides a seamless emphasis to your natural hair. Two to three halo wigs are layered, each with different volumes and lengths. It really depends on how you want it. If you want it longer, then another layer of halo wig can be put on.

Layered Halo Wig

  • Halo Extensions with Bangs – this type of halo extension comes with detachable bangs. Aside from the bangs, it also has a detachable accessory that you can restyle anytime you want.

Halo Extensions with Bangs

  • Long Hair Halo Extension – whether curly or straight, the long halo hair extension is one of the classic designs of halo wig. If you’re up to simple but elegant, then you should go with this one.

Long Hair Halo Extension

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4. How do you apply for your halo extensions?

When buying halo extensions, you should first make sure the piece is in your right size. It should be shaped to your head to make it secure as you use it. After which, it is now time for you to apply and wear your halo extensions beautifully! Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Part the top of your hair into the half. This makes sure that your halo extension will be applied securely. At the same time, it helps you clearly identify where you’ll be placing the ring of your hair extension. Make sure that it is one to two inches away from your hairline and not too low at the back. Then, tie it up securely.

apply your halo extensions

  • Hold both ends of your hair extension. You should take full control as you apply your hair extension. Hold it at both ends where the wire and extension meet.

apply your halo extensions

  • Apply your hair extension. Make sure that the wire of your extension falls exactly where you part your hair. It should feel tight and fitted after you place it. This produces a better outcome.

apply your halo extensions

  • Style it the way you want. This is now the time for you to personalize it based on your style. You can cut, curl, or put some volume on your hair.

apply your halo extensions

5. How are halo extensions made?

A halo wig is made of either synthetic or human hair. There are two methods on how to make halo wigs. The first one is hand-made, and the other is machine-made. The first step for both methods is to measure the head of the client. The first measurement is around the head and the second is down the center top of the head. Then, transfer your measurement to a model block.

Hand-made process:

  • In the hand-made process of making halo wigs, the model block looks like silicone that mimics the natural size of the head.
  • Each strand was placed in a ventilating needle and was carefully sewn by hand.

Machine-made process:

  • Machine-made wigs, on the other hand, are weaved together into wefts.
  • The wefts are turned into a net that serves as a foundation to hold the hair strands.
  • After this, long strips of hair strands will be sewn into sewing machines by skilled workers.


If you are having a hard time styling your hair, halo wigs can be the most reliable way to solve this. You just need to choose the perfect color and you are good to go!

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