Afterpay Wigs: 9 Best Hair Companies That Use Afterpay

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I spent a whole day researching the best afterpay wigs companies. Then, I compiled them in this article to help you wear the wig you like without worrying about the costs.

Sometimes, you might want to upgrade to wigs. But the brand you’re bent on purchasing seems quite unaffordable.

That’s where afterpay wigs websites come in. You don’t have to break the bank to get the wig you desire. As the name suggests, you can buy wigs now and pay later.

9 Best Afterpay Wigs Websites in 2023

And these stores like to grant offers on some wigs. Keep reading to know much about them.


wigs afterpay-nadula

Nadula is a Chinese-owned professional hair enterprise launched in 2014. They’re engaged in providing a diverse range of luxurious hair products for wig wearers. They have colossal business dealings with many wholesalers and distributors worldwide.

They offer T part wigs, 360 lace wigs, closures, hair bundles, frontal wigs, and full lace wigs in different lace sizes, and cap types. They offer free gifts with every order amounting to $50.

As for payment, You pay in 4 equal interest-free installments using Zip, Afterpay, or Klarna. You enter the required credit or debit card details in the payment section.

The first installment gets deducted on the day of purchase. The remaining three are automatically processed every two weeks.

Nadula hair company has a 30-day free return policy if you’re not satisfied with the hair you got. Free shipping takes 3-10 days, while express shipping takes 1-3 days from their warehouse. And in general, order processing is within 2-7 days.


Unice Afterpay Wigs
Unice Wigs

Unice started its hair production journey in 2016. They have been trending because of their high-grade wigs and hair bundles. They work to ensure customer satisfaction by using expert craftsmanship and advanced technologies.

They offer diversity in colors, hair textures, and lengths. You need Brazilian hair, Remy hair, Peruvian hair, or Malaysian hair, and they got them all. Wig wearers love the ease of maintenance and the non-shedding behavior of this hair brand.

You can split the payment into four installments paid via Afterpay, Sezzle, and Klarna. In all three modes, you gain zero interests, which is an advantage on your side.

They have a free 30-day return policy. Plus, they provide free shipping with a shipping time of 3-5 days via USPS in the US. International orders take 5-7 days delivery time via TNT, UPS, and DHL.


wigs afterpay-beautyforever

Beautyforever company is a reputable China-based online hair seller. They have more than 15 years of experience in the hair E-commerce business. They deal in a wide variety of the finest tangle-free wig and weaves to keep you good-looking.

Their products range from human hair full lace wigs, 360 wigs, u part wigs, lace part wigs to closure and frontal wigs.

Most ladies appreciate how soft and lightweight their wigs are in providing fullness.

Wigs Afterpay services are through Paypal, Zip, Klarna, and Afterpay. That’s done in 4 equal interest-free installments at intervals of 2 weeks. But, failure to pay in good time tarnishes your credit score.

And they accept a free return back if the wig quality does not meet your desires.


wigs afterpay-sunberhair

Sunber prides itself in its 100% virgin wigs that are not chemically adulterated. They’ve been operating over the internet for about five years.

Sunber has won the hearts of several women with their superior hair quality. They manufacture hair bundles, HD lace wigs, Chic Bang Wigs, U/V-part wigs, lace fronts, full lace wigs, among other hair products.

They rely on Zip and Klarna for afterpay. Buyers pay for the wigs in four interest-free installments. The first 25% of the wig’s price gets taken after providing your credit or debit information. Deduction of the remaining 75% is after every two weeks.

Upon receiving an order, they dispatch it within 48 working hours. If you’re located in North America, South America, Australia, Europe, wait for 3-4 days delivery. The package takes 3-6 days to reach you in Africa. And, there is a 30-day free return as long as the package gets returned in the original factory condition.

Julia Hair

wigs afterpay-juliahair
Julia Hair

Julia Hair strives to import authentic human hair from Brazil. Its 10-years of experience in skillful hair manufacturing. All their commodities’ production is under strict quality control.

Whether it’s human hair wigs or weaves, their hair is nothing close to synthetic or animal hair. They seek to give quality at wholesale prices cheaper than trading companies’ prices.

Most wig lovers enjoyed the wigs they received and their fast delivery.

And you don’t need to dig deep into your pockets to pay all at once. You can opt for the installment services via Paypal, Klarna, or Zip so that you pay in 4 equal payments.

The return period is within 30 days, counted from the date of purchase. They process their orders within 3-7 working days and offer free same-day delivery. Buyers who spend $50 on their products will receive a free gift.

Ali Grace

Ali Grace Wig

The launch of this brand goes back more than two decades ago. They’ve successfully supplied hair globally and offered cheaper direct factory sourcing.

They want to see more women getting more confident and comfortable in their own hair. They provide 100% virgin human hair without compromising quality and durability.

Their afterpay means of payment is Klarna, allowing 4-interest free payments. The first installment gets deducted from your credit/ MasterCard. And they take the other three every two weeks.

All their shipments are free of charge, taking about 3-6 working days to arrive. But, their shipping time and method depend on which of their three warehouses the order is to come from. Their warehouses are in the US, France, and China. And they have a 30-day return policy.

Idefine Wig

wigs afterpay-idefinewig
Idefine wig

IdefineWig got into the hair industry to provide ladies with natural unprocessed hair. They use Swiss lace as the raw material for their laces.

They sell hair lace wigs, lace frontals, HD lace, and hair extensions. They’re a direct-to-consumer company serving value for their customers’ hard-earned money.

If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days. They will initiate the refund as soon as they can.

And if you cannot afford the whole buying cost, you can choose to pay in 4 interest-free payments via Paypal. Processing of the order is 1-2 days after payment, while delivery takes 3-7 business days. Their standard shipping is free in most parts of the world.


Klaiyi Afterpay Wigs
Klaiyi Wigs

Klaiyi Hair has been a much popular hair manufacturing vendor globally since 2009. Most women appreciate the friendly prices of their superior quality wigs.

And what’s best about them is the broad spectrum of lace frontal wigs, u part wigs, colored wigs, headband wigs, and so much more. That’s to suit women’s wig preferences fully.

They also enable their customers to buy their hair without overstretching their budget. Add the product you like to the cart, and select either the afterpay or Zip option. Then login to the Afterpay/ Zip account. And you’re able to pay four interest-free payments taken every two weeks.

They care about your satisfaction. So they allow refunds or exchanges within 15 days. Shipment of all orders is free in the US. But a fee of $20 applies to every buyer living out of the US. And the shipment takes 3-5 business days to get to you.


wigs afterpay-Hurela

Hurela is one of the most renowned wig vendors that manufactures soft human hair. Their many years’ online aim is to adorn ladies with beautiful hair looks at meager costs. 

They like to give free wigs during Black Fridays when you buy a certain quantity of Hurela wigs.

If you cannot pay the whole amount at once, they allow you to pay in 4 equal installments through Zip. But, you pay a small interest fee.

There is a 100% money-back guarantee. Ensure you contact them within 48 hours after receiving the package.

The shipping means and costs vary with your location. Shipping is free in the US by USPS or UPS Standard and takes 3-5 working days. And also free to Canada, Europe, and Australia by DHL within 4-7 working days.

Unfortunately, Africa and South America-based customers part with $30 for delivery by DHL, and shipping takes 4-7 working days.

What’s the Next

These afterpay wigs stores help wearers possess hair they couldn’t afford at first glance. They work with the idea of buying hair now and paying later with afterpay. Please read this post, if you are looking for more stores to buy quality wigs online.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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  1. Pay as you go for wigs? I have never heard of this before., but it seems like something which is really catchimg on as you have listed many companies that are doing it. I guess that they would not feel this is important unless many people were using the service. Wig accessory items seem to be the the fashion item of choice for many ladies as an appropriate wig can really add to their attractiveness. My wife has said that wig assessories add so much to the variety of looks possible and are the most appealing if coupled with a great fashion choice. She also states that hair peices are easy to change into many different styles, all adding to the fashion assemble.

  2. Beauty Forever is one of the best Aliexpress hair vendors available. Their hair blends perfectly with most hair textures and maintains a soft, natural feel that is easy to comb through. Takes heat and dye well and maintains great curl pattern for a long time. Shipping is super fast and even comes with really cute packaging.                                                                                          

  3. Whether it’s wearing make-up, high-heels, costume jewelry, or a wig; I think a woman owes it to herself to wear whatever makes her feel like a million dollars.

    On a serious note, I have seen women drawing a lot of comfort from a wig when they go through chemotherapy. Some healthy individuals may also experience thinning of hair and a wig might just come to the rescue.

    And if after pay can make that happen, you go girl!

  4. I’ve been thinking about getting a wig for a while now but really wasn’t sure of which companies were reputable. And the ones I found online were so expensive, that it just wasn’t in my budget. So I’m glad I came across your article. Until I read this, I had no idea about the Afterpay option. That’s a very helpful thing to know about. Now that I know which companies are good to deal with, I’ll be looking into purchasing my perfect wig. Thanks for all these insights!

  5. What a very interesting article you have here. This is the first time I have seen wigs that look very real. I don’t use them unless necessary. However they seem to cost a lot. Since they do I enjoy that there’s Pay as you go option. This helps those who are in need but can’t afford. Thanks for sharing once again. 

  6. As a Nigerian woman, I know a lot of ladies that do wear wigs, and it is just part of there day to day life.

    I am not a hair type person but finding out through your post review that you can buy a wig pay in further instalments really woohoo me.

    The review is excellent, and I think it will come handing to them for those looking to invest but can make full payment at a go.

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