21 Realistic Dreadlock Wigs For You

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Dreadlocks, also known as dreads or locks, features rope like strands of hair, which are matted or braided.

Likewise, some people wear dreadlock wigs for fashion or when going to a costume party.

To give you an idea of the latest dreadlock wigs, I have listed the best ones found in today’s market.

Let’s check it.

21 Natural Looking Dreadlocks Wigs

1. Curly Faux Locs Crochet Hair

6pcs Curly Faux Locs Crochet Hair

Be like a queen with the Sambraid locs, which feature long locks and curls at the bottom of the wig. It is about 18 inches in length and could be stretched to 20 inches.

It looks very trendy and suitable for attending parties or any other occasion.

This deep dreadlock wig is made from synthetic hair, yet it looks very natural for females.

2. Aosome 20 Strands Dreadlocks Extensions

Aosome 20Strands Dreadlocks Extensions

This blonde locs is made from high-temperature fiber, crochet dreadlock extensions.

The dreadlocks length is about 20 inch, width is about 0.8cm, 5-6g/strand.

It is easy to install, can be washed. Beautiful blonde color dreadlocks will give you an awesome look!

3. 2 Pieces Rasta Hat with Black Dreadlocks

Rasta Hat with Black Dreadlocks

This Rasta wig with cap is made of good quality polyester, very soft to wear.

The hat contains Jamaican 3 bright traditional colors, red, yellow, and green.

It is a good choice for the Rasta Nation, Halloween costume, also great for any cosplay, parties, festival props, or as a special gift.

4. Callia 6 Packs Crochet Soft Faux Locs

Callia 6 Packs Crochet Soft Faux Locs

The material is 100% quality Kanekalon fiber, which is flame-retardant, safe to wear.

It includes normal 6 packs, 18 strands in the per pack, 18 inches, could make a full head wig.

5. 6 Packs Pre-looped Deep Wavy Locs

6 Packs Pre-looped Deep Wavy Locs

This synthetic locs is a thicker texture style with deep wavy ends that are silky to touch, and lightweight to wear.

It is good for women in parties, gatherings, vacations, and daily use. Also, the loc is water-friendly – can be washed, can be worn for up to 3 months.

6. Dsoar 10 strands Ombre Synthetic Locs

10 strands Ombre Synthetic Locs

It includes 10 strands, about 10g/strand & 24 inches, very lightweight and soft to wear.

And, the color is black & dark brown, they can customize the color for your needs.

The package will include the free Crochet needle and hair buckle, wooden beads.

7. Originea 30 Strands Human Hair Dreadlock

30 Strands Human Hair Dreadlock

This locs is made of 100% real hair, the quality is better than synthetic and more natural-looking.

It can be added to existing locs or to your own hair 0.6cm thickness, add length, or for repairs on a broken deadlock.

And, you can wash it just like our own hair, to prevent it from getting too stiff.

8. ZRQ 6 Packs Goddess Curly Faux Locs

6 Packs Goddess Curly Faux Locs

This fake Locs is made of high-quality synthetic fiber, very soft, not rough, and not easy to separate.

It includes 6 packs of locs, 21strands/pack, and 24 inches, normally 6-7packs can make a full head.

It can be used for daily, party, cosplay, performance, gift, wedding, etc.

9. ALIMICE 30 Strands Human Hair Locs

30 Strands Human Hair Locs

The material is real human hair, 0.8cm thickness, the locs size is a little thicker than a pencil.

Due to the human hair, the locs can be dyed and bleached to meet all your needs. It is suitable for daily life and can last one year with good care.

10. 4X4 Swiss Synthetic Hair Lace Front Locs

4X4 Swiss Synthetic Hair Lace Front Locs

The project that a sophisticated 613 look with this lace front dreadlock wig, which looks very natural.

The smooth and shiny rope like strands just bounce like natural hair as you move.

What we like about synthetic hair is that it is easy to maintain, and a full of the perimeter of baby hair allows for a seamless hairline transition.

11. Aosome Synthetic Dreadlock Hair Extensions

Aosome Synthetic Dreadlock Hair Extensions

This dreadlock wig is white (light grey) color, made from high-temperature fiber. Easy to install, and can be washed.

About 20inch, 5-6g/strand, 20strands/order, If you only extend the top head, 1 order (20s) will be ok.

if need a full head, then suggest buying 2 or 3 orders. Free hair beads and crochet will be included as gifts.

12. Tereshar Synthetic Short Red Dreadlock Wig

Tereshar Synthetic Short Red Dreadlock Wig

This red dreadlock wig is made of heat resistant fiber, use the interweave net to make the wig more breathable, soft, and easy to wear.

Cap average size 20″-22″ can be adjusted to fit most of the heads.

You can wear it in daily life, especially perfect for dance parties, concerts, cosplay, Halloween, and other occasions to make you brightest in the crowd.

13. Men’s Generation Hippie Rainbow Dreads

Hippie Rasta Blonde Rainbow Dreadlock Wig

Cool, isn’t it?

Yes, try this dreadlock wig and people will be amazed at you.

It features long dreadlocks that have beads throughout the hair. It is blonde with rainbow accents that create a cheerful look.

This is best for hippies or for a costume party or cosplay.

14. HANNE Short Twist Curly Dreadlock

One of the best sellers and top-rated dreadlock wigs is this Hanne wig.

Certainly, you would look elegant with this wig. Just pair it with an appealing and beautiful gown and off you go to grace a party.

This dreadlock wig is made from the finest synthetic hair and feels just like an authentic dreadlock wig.

Indeed, it is an alluring dreadlock wig that will make you look fabulous.

15. Royal Enchantments Tarzan Dreadlock Wig

Royal Enchantments Tarzan Dreadlock Wig

This Tarzan realistic dreadlock wig for men guys is great for a show. It is prim and cut professionally.

If you’d like to be like the famous Jamaican musician Peter Tosh, this wig will suit you perfectly.

16. Morris Costumes Dreadlock Wig


If you are going to be like Bob Marley or Ziggy Marley at a costume party, this dreadlock wig is a great choice.

Get ready to sing like these reggae icons!

17. To Dots Hair Synthetic Dread Wig

Two Dots Hair Synthetic Dread Wig

Create a twist in your look with this two dots hair dread wig. This dread wig has mixed colors such as light brown and dark blonde.

It features crisscrossed covered dreads and looks unique once worn, about 16 to 18 inches in length and layered, which is also handmade for you.

18. Hairworld Long Dreadlock Wig

Hairworld Long Dreadlock Wig

This dreadlock wig is beautiful, and you will feel just like the famous Whoopi Goldberg once you wear it. It features layered dreadlocks and has bangs.

Also, it is below shoulder length. What we love about this wig is that it is like natural hair.

19. Two Dots Hair Mixed Dreadlock Wig

Two Dots Hair Mixed Dreadlock Wig

It is a mixture of dark and medium brown mixed synthetic dread falls. You could style this wig or wear them as a ponytail or simply let the dreads fall.

It is beautiful and unique in style. This wig is about 20 inches long and consists of about 50 dreads. It is suitable for daily use and for any occasion.

20. Long Dreadlock Costume Wig

Long Dreadlock Costume Wig

This dreadlock wig for males looks natural and suitable for cosplay or costume parties. You would certainly be the center of the party.

It is cheap but made from quality synthetic fiber. It is also smooth and easy to maintain.

21. Blonde Red Dreadlock Wig

Blonde Red Dreadlock Wig

If you want to amuse your friends at a costume or Halloween party, this men’s short dreadlock wig is a perfect choice.

It is smooth and comfortable, suitable for children and adults. It is made from top-quality synthetic fiber hair.


Make a quick fashion change by adding a twist to your look with these natural-looking dreadlock wigs. They are unique in style and express a certain culture. Try one and you will certainly catch the attention of everyone!

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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  2. Wigs and hairpieces have been around since the Egyptians built their empires. Back then, they were often considered fashionable. Nowadays, that trend has come back. With so many options for us, we never will have to worry about having a bad day with our hair. Thanks for including such a variety in your post.

  3. I definitely prefer the more realistic looking options you have shown here, over the costume options. Some of them are really beautiful and I appreciate the variety. Is there a particular type of dreadlock you would suggest to wear for about a week that is easy to install but looks realistic and are also very secure and won’t shift? Are they comfortable to sleep in? Thank you! 

  4. It is a hell of a lot of hard work and time to do proper dreadlocks in your real hair that it is wonderful that there are wigs available nowadays that allow you to have dreadlocks instantly if you feel the need, and then change your hairstyle again the next day.

    Love that these wigs are so realistic looking. If you are careful with the way you put them into your hair, everyone will think that they are your real hair.  I especially love the first wig that you feature. You can now have a spiral perm without all the damage to your own hair.

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