Wig Length 101: Choosing the Correct Wig Length for You

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Ecstatic about buying your very first wig? I know it can feel nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. You’ve spent hours figuring out the style, color, and the material you like because you want to make sure everything is right before you click that checkout button. But did you bother checking if you’ve got the correct wig length?

In this article, you will discover why having the correct wig length is important, and learn how to choose the perfect wig length for you.

What does wig length mean?

Wig Length 101

Wig length is simply the measurement from the hair roots on the top of the head up to the tip of the longest hair strand. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of wig lengths available for every woman–from super skimpy pixie cuts to extremely long cosplay hairs. Name it, you can have it! But before we go for the extremes, let’s first get to know the three standard wig length classifications.

Short, Mid-length, or Long?

Wig Length 101

If you aren’t bold enough to drastically chop off your hair now, then short wigs are your next best option. It is the usual go-to length if you want to achieve that polished and professional look. But do not be limited with these styles because short wigs can be sculpted into a fun, fierce, and edgy look too. Talk about having the best of both worlds!

Wig Length 101

Go hop on the trend wagon and give mid-length wigs a try! It is the most versatile and trendy length you can wear because it can easily be switched from putting it in a sleek updo to letting your messy, undone hair down. This wig length can beautifully frame your face while accentuating its natural structure too.


Do you miss the feminine feeling of having long hair? Transform from short to show-stopping lengthy locks with your ever-trusted long wigs. You can play around by curling, styling, and braiding it or just let it down for that effortlessly chic effect. The possibilities are endless with your long wig on.

Why is it important to measure wig lengths correctly?

  • Your wig length should suit you – everybody is different in terms of height and structure. That is why one specific wig length will not look exactly the same when worn by two different people. With this in mind, always consider your own features when choosing your wig length. This way, you will get the proportions right and ensure that the wig length you buy will suit you.
  • Avoid wasting money – buying full lace wigs or even hair extensions, plus having them installed by a professional is a huge investment. So you’d better make sure you are buying the correct length if you don’t want to waste all your money. 

How to measure wig length?

  • For straight hair

Get a ruler or a tape measure.

If your reference is your natural hair, start measuring from the hair roots on the crown of your head all the way down to the end of your hair strands. This is your wig length.

Wig Length 101

NOTE: If your reference is an existing hairpiece, place the wig on a stand first before measuring it. And instead of measuring from the roots, your origin will be from the lace of the wig on the same crown portion of the head down to the tip of the hair strands.

  • For curly or wavy hair

a. Get a ruler or a tape measure.

b. Stretch your hair strands. Make sure it is as straight as possible. This will give you a more accurate measurement since curly or wavy hair looks much shorter than straight ones. You can refer to the chart below to see the difference.

c. While the hair is still stretched, measure your wig length from the roots on the crown of your head down to the bottom of your hair. This same method applies if you measure curly or wavy wigs. Just make sure to place it in a wig stand first for more precise measurement.

Wig Length 101

Shown below is a wig length guide you can refer to for straight, wavy and curly hair. Notice that the same wig length measurement varies in actual length depending on the hair texture. Keep this in check whenever you buy your wigs to avoid wrong or unflattering lengths.

Wig Length 101

Tips and tricks in choosing the perfect wig length

Match it with your height – your height is a significant factor in choosing your wig length. Why? Because your wig length can either complement or work against it. Let’s say you are on the petite side, a very long wig can drown you and make you look even shorter. But if you go for a short or mid-length wig, it gives an illusion that you are taller than you actually are.

Consider your body’s build and structure – your physique is uniquely you, and knowing your body’s build and structure can help you easily choose the correct wig length for you. Some things to consider are the length of your neck and your torso. If you are taller and you lean on the longer side, the standard mid-length and long wigs may appear shorter on you. Check out the comparison image below. On the contrary, short wigs will accentuate your long neck even more, so watch out for that.

Wig Length 101

Always go an inch longer – it is always safe to go for the longer option because you can always cut the extra inches off anyway. Dealing with unnatural, shorter wigs, especially hair extensions, means having to sacrifice a few inches off your natural hair just to make ends meet. I bet you would not want to go that route.

Don’t be afraid to try different lengths – be adventurous and give every wig length available a try. Wigs give you a chance to experiment and find the wig length and style perfect for you. Who knows, you might be surprised by the new facet you’ll be able to uncover upon trying different lengths.


What is the longest wig length?

The longest length for standard wigs is 26 inches. But there are wigs as long as 65 inches available online too.

What’s the shoulder-length hair in inches?

It falls at around 14 to 18 inches. The length varies depending on the physical structure of the wig wearer and the texture of the wig. Let’s say you have a shorter neck, then a 14-inch wig will look longer on you compared to someone with a longer neck. In terms of texture, shoulder-length hair measurement for curly wigs is longer compared to straight wigs. The deeper the curls, the longer the measurement will be.

Why do wigs appear longer on some people and shorter on others?

Because different people have different body structures, such as torso length. If you have a longer torso compared to others, wigs will look shorter on you and vice versa.

What is a stretched length?

It is the length of hair when it is stretched straight. This term is applicable for wavy and curly wig hairs because, in order to measure their true length, it has to be stretched straight first.

Wig Length 101

Can I cut my wig to my desired length?

Yes, you can have your wig cut to your desired length.

How to measure length for hair extensions?

Stand in front of a mirror. Hold a measuring tape and place its tip at about your ear level or where you would likely attach your extensions. From this point, measure the length you desire. Make sure your hair is super straight while you measure.

If you measure an existing hair extension, just lay it on a flat surface, then measure its length starting from the weft up to the tip of the hair strands. As always, make sure that the strands are straight for that laser-sharp measurement.

What is the common wig length most women buy?

The top three common wig lengths most women buy are 12 inches, 18 inches, and 26 inches, respectively.


More than the style, texture, and color, the wig length is indeed one of the crucial factors to consider in choosing the perfectly natural hairpiece for you. Though overlooked by some, we can’t deny the fact that your wig length can have such a major impact on your overall look. But don’t let these guidelines stop you in exploring every length you wish. After all, what truly matters is that you feel beautiful in whatever wig length you’re wearing.

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