4 Best Wig Brushes for Every Wig Type


If you are a wig noob who wants to explore different types of wigs but freaks out at the sight of frizz and tangles. This article is all about preserving your wig’s pristine condition with the right tools – wig brush. Let’s go. What Is A Wig Brush? A wig brush is a special tool …

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The Guide to Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Ever wondered how celebrities always have voluminous, flowy, lust worthy hair? Here’s their secret: hair extensions! A double drawn hair extension is a surefire way to add life and glam to plain, dull-looking hair. But wait, what What does double drawn mean exactly? Before you get lost in the jargon of the hair industry, we’re here …

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Human Hair Wigs for Caucasian: The Complete Guide


Are you looking into adding a Caucasian human hair wig to your precious wig stash? We’ve got you covered! Before you add to cart, here’s everything you need to know about Caucasian human hair wigs. Colors and Types of Caucasian Human Hair Wigs Untreated Caucasian hair comes in different rich shades of brown, red and …

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9 Tips to Help You Swim with a Wig


Lots of peopel wonder this question: can I swim in my wig? If you are one of those who seek an answer to that question, find relief in this answer: YES! But there are a lot of things to consider. So the following are 9 important guidelines you need to know when you swim with …

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