7 Steps to Choose Hair Extensions Length

hair extension length

Every brand and type of hair extension is available in various lengths. The most common unit of measurement of hair extensions length is inches. While such versatility is great for choice, you need to understand what extension length suits your actual hair length. It’s an important consideration on its own.  As an extensions technician, I …

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How Long Do Tape-in Extensions Last?

Tape-in Extensions

Tape-in extensions can usually last for 8-12 weeks before the need for tape repositioning or replacement arises. The aftercare levels, natural hair growth rate, and tape quality are the main determinants of their longevity. Being a hairstylist, I’ve interacted with ladies despising tape-in extensions because of their service life, as short as two weeks. Upon …

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How To Remove Tape-In Extensions?

Remove Tape-in Extensions

When preparing for tape-in hair extensions installation appointments, likely, you don’t have the tape-ins removal in mind. Or possibly, you might be thinking you have to book another salon appointment for the same.  But, what if I tell you it’s not a must? In fact, you can take out tape-in extensions at home by yourself. Save …

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Micro Ring Extensions: Pros & Cons, How To Install

micro ring hair extensions

Lately, I’ve been asked questions online about micro ring extensions as an extensions hairstylist. And that made me realize most ladies are misinformed about it. Micro-ring extensions are a type of extension completely not new. They’ve been around with us for more than a decade.  The unique part about them is the ring-installation technique and …

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The Complete Guide to Braidless Sew-ins

Braidless Sew-in Hair extenion

Looking for a braid-free, non-damaging way to add volume to your hair? Well, here’s where you’ll find the ultimate solution; nothing but braidless sew-in hair extension. I did extensive online research on braidless sew-ins. And, chose to go the extra mile and combine the research with my hair expertise as a hair professional. So this …

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