Instant Locs: Pros & Cons, How to Create

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Instant Locs

Instant locs have recently gained popularity among dreadlocks fanatics.

There are many approaches to starting instant locs today. From plaiting, comb coil, twisting or using the loc extensions.

Due to its recent trends, people often wonder whether getting instant dreads is best. I, thus, teamed up with professional Locticians to help you learn about instant dreadlocks.

So, if you want to get instant locs and need more information about the technique, here is a guide that could help you. 

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What Are Instant Locs?

Instant Locs are popularly known as instant dreadlocks or instant dreads. These are locs that lock immediately during installation using the crochet method. You can lock the hair into solid dreadlocks without wax or gel with this hairstyle.

Instant locs are a preference for those who started budding and do not like the frizz. Moreover, it is ideal for people with fine hair or those starting their locs using bought hair.

Instant Locs before and after

The Pros of Instant Locs

Instant locs come bearing several advantages compared to traditional locs. Here are some pros to expect with this hairstyle.

Quick Locs Maturity

Instant locs let your dreadlocks form in a short time compared to the traditional locs. You will notice that your hair will begin to bud on the first day of installation.

You get to skip a lot of processing time since you don’t have to wait for a year or two for your locs stages to lock and get rooted.

All Hair Types

You can install instant locs on hair with various textures. It can also do on hair with different curl patterns. This is any hair that is straight to wavy or curly.

The instant loc method matts the hair to form a loc by using an instant loc crochet needle. This technique work even for hair type with relaxed ends.

Long Hair Convenience

Having long hair is a bonus when going for instant locs. They are best suited to achieving a solid and fully formed dreadlocks look.

After locking on long hair, your hair will hang down and take an even shorter time to reach maturity.

Instant Locs-3

Active Peoples’ Solution

For people who often sweat or do sports and work out, instant loc could be your to-go hairstyle.

These locs interlock at the scalp, so they don’t get shabby whenever you sweat. Unlike starter locs, they will still look fresh even after washing.

Easy to Shampoo

Instant locs are not as fragile, meaning you can wash them when needed. You can wash your hair without unravelling or interfering with the parting sections.

Be careful not to overwash to prevent your scalp from drying out. Overwashing may cause thinning locks, breakage, and irritation.

Less Shrinkage

Usually, through the locking process, the hair shrinks, making it hard to notice growth.

Instant locs have minimal shrinkage, and you will be able to notice your change as soon as there is progress.

Needn’t Other Products.

Products such as gel and wax are not necessary for instant locs. This will leave you with locs that are not too stiff and look healthy.

Instant Locs-2

The Cons of Instant Locs

When instant locs are not done or maintained well, it could cause some drawbacks. Below are the downsides of instant dreadlocks.

Requires professionalism

The instant loc approach may damage your hair and cause breakage if not well executed.

It would be best to get your hair done by a professional loctician to avoid unnecessary risks.

Meanwhile, the instant loc technique is also difficult to learn. Newbies who aspire to sculpt locs using the instant loc crochet needle may find it hard to use this tool. 

Instant Locs-1

High Cost

Instant locs price may be high depending on the hair quality, hair length, and your location.

The installation cost mostly ranges anywhere from $200 to $300 but can go higher up to $500. [1]


You can get tired since these locs take a very long time to get installed. The instant loc installation process may take anything between 4 hours to 2 days. The time taken will depend on your hair volume, length, and the size you want them to be.

Especially when you want microlocks or sisterlocks, it could take you a whopping two days.

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How to Create Instant Locs

Here is a step-by-step process on how to achieve instant dreadlocks.

See them in the video below.

Step 1: Section the Hair

Start by dividing the hair into sections that are precise and equal. Make sure the partings areas are as neat and clean as possible.

The hair needs to be well washed and dry before making parts. You should moisturize the hair to avoid breakage or thinning.

Step 2: Back Comb Each Section

You need to backcomb each part according to the desired size. This can also give you more volume and is pretty efficient for those with fine hair.

Step 3: Create Comb Coils

Install comb coils on each section. Do so by applying a tiny amount of gel and oil to moisturize the hair.

Then proceed to coil the hair using a comb to about half its regular length. It is good to leave some inches uncoiled to allow you to twist and lock the loc.

Note: You can still loc without using gel or wax with instant locs.

Step 4: Weave Each Section

Weave each section using an instant loc crochet needle. You will push the needle in and out in a rapid motion. However, the weaving speed does vary among locticians.

Work your way down the lock as you twist and rotate the hair between your fingers using your opposite hand. This way, you will maintain smooth cylindrical-shaped locs. And, be careful not to prick yourself with the tiny needle.

3pcsset Dreadlock Crochet Hook

Step 5: Twist the Locs

After the instant locs are fully formed, you need to twist on the roots. Twisting will ensure that the locs are firm enough with very neat parts.

FAQs about Instant Locs

Can Instant Locs Be Permanent?

Yes. The instant locs technique can lock your hair permanently into fully formed dreads.

Your instant locs can last for at least three months before root maintenance. Within this period, you can enjoy washing the locs without worrying about them unravelling.

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Are Instant Locs Stiff?

Instant dreadlocks will become stiff due to forming a dense series of intertwining knots. The stiffness is because they are fully locked, unlike twisting, which involves coiling the hair in a spiral motion. So, the stiffness is entirely normal, and the locs will relax with time.

Do Instant Locs Unravel?

Starter instant locs may get undone due to various factors such as hair texture, the method to start your locs, or not washing your hair gently. However, the cases where instant locs unravel are very rare.

Final Thoughts

Now, you already know about instant dreadlocks, such as their advantages & disadvantages, installation methods, etc. So, if you want to get unified instant locs, it’s better to seek an experienced loctician or visit a loc hair salon near you to get professional advice.

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