How to Store Hair Extensions?

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How to store hair extensions

Most women think the correct care for hair extensions entails detangling, and cleaning from time to time. 

You see, there’s more to that. Has it ever struck you that the washing or detangling you do is meaningless without suitable storage?

In any case, the clip-in and halo extensions worn and removed every day are subject to a daily storage routine. That’s why storage is a concrete matter of discussion. 

As an extensions specialist, I seek to teach you how to store hair extensions

So, keep reading this article if you want to master the art of hair extensions’ storage. 

Storage Routine Breakdown

Here’s the proper care routine you need to get right and clear. It’s helpful to keep your hair extensions free from tangles, knots, and unnecessary dirt in a few minutes. 

Remove clip-in extensions

Make it a habit to remove the clip-in extensions every evening before going to bed for storage purposes.

If you feel you want to jump into your bed without removing them, dismiss that idea as soon as you can. Unless you are ready to lose a lot of time detangling a matted mess in the morning, definitely, you wouldn’t love it. 

After removing the clip-in extensions, you should ensure the clips are closed shut. They’re likely to tangle up with your hair and cause damage if they’re open. 

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Clip-in Hair Extensions

Brush Your Extensions

Take a wide-toothed comb or a hairbrush designed for hair extensions. And run it through the hair strands from the bottom to the top.

Starting by detangling the bottom as you work your way up helps ease the detangling process. 

Remember, the brushing activity will need you to take your time and not hurry it.

And be gentle no matter how tangled the hair is to avoid pulling and hair breakage. As much as there’ll be some hair loss, let it be very minimum. 

brush hair extensions before washing

Wash Your Extensions

If you decide to store your hair extensions for a long duration, you’ll have to ensure they’re clean and grime-free. The clip-ins and other temporary extensions will need washing every 6-8 installations. 

The permanent hair extensions should be washed and clarified 2-3 times a week. By doing so, you’ll keep them clean and fit for storage anytime.  

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shampoo hair extensions


After the first three routine steps are in order, you can now think of storing them. When storing the hair extensions, you should know the general but very important rules.

  • Store the hair extensions in a cool and dry place. Hair extensions and moist, unconducive hot environments do not get along since they’ll matt and tangle. And any damp conditions encourage the growth of mold and bacteria, which you should avoid. 
  • Keep the hair extensions away from direct sunlight. Like clothes, prolonged exposure to sunlight causes fading of hair extensions, especially brightly-colored ones.

But which places ensure those rules are followed to the latter? The answer follows next. 

5 Ways to Store Hair Extensions Safely

Below are good ways to store your hair extensions. These are not special storage solutions but simple and fantastic ones.

Original Packaging

After getting your new hair extensions, you shouldn’t throw away the packaging they came in.

It’s useful when you want to keep your extensions instead of spending extra on another storage box or container. 

For the original packaging to be useful and intact, it should be kept away from human interference until the need for storage arises. 

hair extensions original packakge

A Box

Alternatively, if you seem not to trace where the original packaging is, you can improvise a storage place out of a shoebox or any other lidded box. You’re good to go as long as the box fits the number of hair extensions you have.

box for hair extensions

Here is how to keep the hair extensions in the box:

  • First, brush them thoroughly with a suitable extensions brush or a wide-toothed comb.
  • Place the wefts on top of each other, with the clips on one side. 
  • Hold by the wefts and roll the bundle into a doughnut-like shape. You can opt to roll the hair extension wefts one by one. 
  • Now place the rolled extensions in the box space and tightly cover them with the lid.

Does A video better for you? Watch it over the link attached.  


Hangers can suffice, too, especially if you have many hair extension pieces. If you cannot buy hangers for hair extensions, use the regular hangers in your wardrobe. 

It’s the best storage method for hair extensions like clip-ins and halo extensions since they are everyday wear. It makes the hair extensions more accessible whenever needed. 

In three simple steps, you anchor the extension wefts to the hanger, put the hanger in a suit bag, and zip it up. 

hanger for hair extensions

Ensure you tie the extensions with a bobble or hairband so that they do not fall off the hanger. Or, use the skirt hangers with clips to grip the hair extensions. 

If you do not have the suit bag, you can use a dry-cleaning bag or any other type of bag holed on one end. The bag protects the hair extensions from atmospheric dust.

If possible, place the hanger in the wardrobe or closet for extra protection and greater accessibility. 

Watch this video below:

Storage Bags

You can also buy storage bags designed for hair extensions at a nearby beauty store. It’s a cool idea as you can hang the storage bags like the hangers in your closet. They come with hangers you attach at the top.

The way to use storage bags is greatly similar to how you use the hangers. You secure the extensions onto the hanger, and insert the hanger into the storage bag.

storage bag for hair extensions

The hook part of the hanger should be pulled out through the hole at one end (the top) of the storage bag. 

This method is recommended if you’re travelling, especially by air. If you have the clip-in extensions on as you pass through the metal detectors at the airport, they’ll get easily detected. [1]

And obviously, that will attract the unneeded attention of the security personnel. 

Finish by zipping up the storage bag. You can watch the video instead.

DIY Storage

Otherwise, you can use your creativity to develop your own way of storing hair extensions. 

If the other options do not apply, you can go by this suggestion. Clean up a drawer, and set it specifically for your hair extensions.

Then take your clean, soft cotton towel, and shape it to fit the drawer compartment. 

You can go ahead with transforming the hair extensions into U or J-shapes. That depends on the size of the drawer and the hair extensions length. Lastly, lay the extensions in the drawer on the towel. 

DIY drawer for hair extensions

How to Revive Poorly-stored Hair Extensions

If you do not have the proper storage place and routine, you’re likely to store the extensions poorly. 

Do not feel the tangly situation is irreversible and choose to discard them in your litter bin. You can restore the poorly-stored extensions to shape in the following manner.

  • Add some conditioner to a sink or basin full of warm water and mix with your hands.
  • Soak the extensions overnight
  • Hand-scrub the hair strands to wash them, rinse in clean, pure water, and allow them to air dry
  • Apply a detangling spray and brush once they’re dry and moisture-free.
  • Apply a hair serum or oil for hair extensions to rejuvenate the shine and luster.
  • Finalize the revival process by storing the hair extensions in a safe storage place. 

Since the process consumes much time, you should never avoid storing the hair extensions correctly. It’s safer to prevent unnecessary trouble than walk right into it. 

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