How To Interlock Dreads? The Pros & Cons

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Interlock Dreads

There are several available locs maintenance methods. Among them, the interlock dreads technique is the most popular. Thus, many people wonder whether the interlocking locs is the best option.

As a locs specialist, I have gotten this question several times. I will be breaking down the method to help you learn about interlocking dreadlocks.

So, if you are considering interlock dreads and need more details, continue reading.

Let’s get into it.

What Is Interlock Dreads?

Interlocking locs is also known as ”latch-hooking dreads” or ”root flipping.”

This method is not only a maintenance technique but is also applied to start dreads. It entails pulling the tip of the dread through the root base. In the process, the locs twist, and the root tightens.

A common way of interlocking dreadlocks is using the four-point interlocking pattern.

Here, you pull the ends of the locs through the root to tighten the new growth to the scalp. The process proceeds in four different directions, i.e., west, east, north, and south.

Interlock Dreads before and after

How To Interlock Locs by Yourself (Step by Step)

Interlocking dreadlocks requires patience and precision. It requires a unique interlocking tool known as a latch hook.

Described below is a simple step-by-step procedure on how to interlock dreads.

Step 1: Section the Hair

Begin by parting your hair into small sections or rows to allow easy manipulation. Ensure that the hair is well washed to avoid twisting in residues.

Step 2: Spray Your Hair With Water

Spray each section with clean water to soften the new growth and make it easy to pull through the base. Water helps moisturize your hair and make it flexible, so you are not causing any breakage.

Step 3: Set Your Locs

Consider using a comb to gather the hair growth of the old locs before starting.

If you had previously interlocked your dreads, it is essential to look at the direction in which you lastly interlocked your hair.

For instance, if the last interlock was on the sides, you will start interlocking from the top.

Step 4: Begin Interlocking

Take your latch hook and put the end of your lock through the hole. Then insert the hook at the base of the locs, create a hole then pull through. Do this in four directions: East, West, North, and South.

Interlock Dreads

Step 5: Repeat

Once you do that, go back in from north to south. Repeat this process for about three-point rotations for each loc. Do so until you interlock all the dreads.

Make sure that you wrap the loose hairs around the locs to hold them firm as you do the rotations.

Note: You don’t necessarily have to do three-point rotations. You can stop interlocking whenever you feel that the locs are tight and tension is forming on your scalp.

Dread Detox after

Pros of Interlock Dreads

There are several advantages associated with interlocking locs. Below are some benefits of this technique.

No Products Required

The method only needs a latch hook, and that’s it! You will not need additional hair care products such as glue, adhesive, hot tool, etc., to hold the locs while it locks. 

Easy to Learn

Interlocking dreadlocks do not present any technicalities. Thus, making it an effortless and quick process that you can do yourself. 

Consider consulting a professional loctician to give you further guidance. More, when you are trying the method for the first time.

Are Dreads Dirty

Last Longer

You can take a long time between maintenance sessions. With this method, you get to maintain the locs every 8 weeks.

This is an extended period compared to palm rolling, which would take 4 weeks for maintenance.

Tight and Uniform

Interlocked dreads will have a firm base. Firmness allows them to support the weight of the locs as they grow. The strong base also prevents your locs from unravelling every time you wash your hair.

Additionally, interlocking dreads produces consistent deadlock results. It tightens the new growth, making the loc relaxed and free from lumps.

Interlock Dreads

Suitable for All Hair

Interlocking is a method you can use on all hair textures, such as kinky or curly. You can also use it on those with silkier or softer hair.

When you do it correctly, it prevents your hair from unravelling even when you shampoo often.

More Compact Look

The technique keeps your roots tighter and cleaner for a longer period. Thus, as the loc continues growing, it looks compact without any sign of budding along the length.

This can make it convenient for active people and work out regularly.

Interlock Dreads

Cons of Interlock Dreads

Like any other maintenance technique, interlocking locs has some disadvantages. Here are some of the drawbacks of interlocking dreadlocks.

Bad for Large Dreads

The interlocking technique is primarily used for micro dreads. You can use it on smaller locs, but it is unsuitable for larger/thicker dreads.

On larger locs, it leaves a thin, wrapped/braided appearance on your locs.

Potential Damage

Whenever you interlock your hair, it twists unnaturally. As a result, it does not form a real dreadlock. Failure to perform the process well may produce holes in the dreads. The holes may lead to breakage and thinning.

Again, if you use too much tension, the roots of the locs can get thin, or it can cause traction alopecia. [1]


The interlock section can be hard to wash because the base gets solid and firm after the procedure. This could lead to the potential accumulation of residue on the interlocked part.


Interlocking dreadlocks can get expensive if you do not know how to do your own maintenance.

As a result, whenever you want to maintain your locs, you will have to pay the locticians for their time.


FAQs about Interlocking Dreadlocks

How Long Does It Take To Interlock Your Dreads?

A Loctician can complete interlocking maintenance with an average of three hours. In comparison, palm roll maintenance can take around 45 minutes to one and half hours.

The time depends on the technique used, your hair volume, the length of your dreads, and the hair texture.

Is Interlocking Good for Starter Locs?

For starter locs, the Interlocking method is a good alternative to traditional techniques like palm rolling. You could consider using this method instead of palm rolling. The palm roll is prone to breakage due to the stress caused by repeated hair twisting.

What’s the Difference Between Palm Rolling and Interlocking?

Palm rolling is a maintenance method where you use your palms to roll/twist the hair circularly. You can apply it on freeform or traditional locs.

While interlocking is a maintenance method that entails pulling the tip of the dread through the base of the locs. This makes the growth tight on the scalp. You can do this method by using your fingers or an interlocking tool. It is used for micro locs interlocking.

What’s the Difference Between Sisterlocks and Interlocks?

These locs differ in size and installation technique.

Sisterlocks are smaller and uniform locs created by making parts on the hair in a grid pattern. The locs are then locked by a special tool that prepares the hair for locking. Sisterlocks consist of more than 250 dreads. And also, trained sisterlock consultants do the installation.

On the other hand, interlocks are larger and uniform locs created by freeform. The method involves grabbing the loc and pulling it through the base to continue locking the root. Like Sisterlocks, it uses a unique tool. But, interlock does not need a Sisterlock consultant to install.

What Is the Interlock Dreads Price?

The cost of interlock dreadlocks varies for different Locticians. It depends on your location, hair volume, and the length of your locs. Interlock dreads price range from $200 to $400 but can go higher up to $500.

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