7 Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Black Hair

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Best Clip In Hair Extensions

This is our review of the best clip-in hair extensions for black hair in 2023.

Black hair is so special in its own right. Bearing coils and kinks, you take much time to style for an attractive appearance. So, with a busy schedule, clip-in extensions help save much time.

However, the variety sold always gives a hard time in choosing a final pick. I face the same sometimes, and I’m sure you’re no different because you landed here.

From my research, I realized Urbeauty kinky curly clip-in extensions are the best clip-in hair extensions for black hair.

Hair types are different in black women. So, I’ve also reviewed the best clip-in extension brands for every category.

Keep reading to know the most suitable clip-ins for you.

Our Best Clip in Hair Extensions for Black Hair

The 7 Best Clip-in Extensions Reviewed

Now that you’re aware of the list of clip-in extensions under discussion, we can go to the next level of reviewing them. We intend to make it easier for you to choose the most appropriate fit.

Urbeauty Kinky Curly Clip-in Extensions

Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Black Hair

If you’re after adding curls to the tight tresses of your hair using clip-in extensions, this suits you best. Curly hair gives you some chic style to adorn every momentous occasion.

The extension hair is black but dye-able to any color, such as ombre, for a sophisticated look. Such versatility favors outgoing black women who love popping colors.

In addition, the triple-weft design offers great hair volume. The wefts, as individuals, are thick enough for you to embody thicker hair for a change.

However, some users reported the hair sheds a lot when detangling. Therefore the volume lessens with time.

AmazingBeauty Afro Kinky Straight Clip-in Extensions

Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Black Hair
  • Key feature: Texlaxed Remy hair
  • Hair type: Kinky straight
  • Hair color: Natural black
  • Hair length: 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″,18″, 20″
  • Pieces per pack: 7 pieces
  • No. of clips: 17 clips
  • Best for: Kinky straight hair

AmazingBeauty kinky straight clip-in extensions provide an option for wearing straight hair. First, the straightness and relaxed nature work well with relaxed black hair.

It’s also a perfect idea for black women who enjoy Bantu knots and twists out. Still, nobody will get to know it’s not your real hair as it appears seamlessly natural.

The clips for attachment are steel-made, carrying premium quality for the tightest grip. They’re also silicone-lined to avoid rust for good durability for the entire duration of wear.

Despite their good qualities, these clip-in extensions have strangely thin hair. And you must buy several packs if you’re after volume in your hair.

AmazingBeauty Yaki Straight Clip-in Extensions

Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Black Hair
  • Key feature: Remy human hair
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Hair color: Natural black
  • Hair length:12″, 14″, 16″,18″, 20″
  • Pieces per pack: 7 pieces
  • No. of clips: 17 clips
  • Best for: Yaki straight hair

This yaki hair is for black ladies looking to have the most natural appearance of black hair. It’s full of body with a flowy movement on your head.

Cuticles of the clip-in extensions are smooth and uni-directional. As such, there are no split ends for the best hair alignment.

On top of that, you can style its hair however you want with its flexibility. Modern ladies deserve unique styles offered by the freedom to play around with these clip-ins.

The issue with these extensions is that they do not retain the curls for long, especially after washing them to refresh them. Also, they shed a lot of hair, which suggests low durability.

AISI Queens Short Afro Kinky Ponytail Clip-in Extensions

Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Black Hair
  • Key feature: Puff bun ponytail of synthetic hair
  • Hair type: Kinky curly
  • Hair color: Natural black
  • Pieces per pack: 1 piece
  • No. of clips: 2 clips
  • Best for: Ponytail hair

In case your actual hair is short, this AISI ponytail gives you the chance to glam in a quick ponytail. You cannot grow your hair overnight, but you can own the ponytail hair in minutes.

Sufficing instantly, its kinky feel matches the kink in your hair, making the entire appeal look yours and not fake.

The drawstring bun is lightweight and will not wear you down when added to your hair. And with the two strong clips on either side, it’ll barely slide off your hair.

On the other hand, users have claimed the ponytail is abnormally huge and comes to you in a dry state. You might need to nourish it with oil sprays to give it the shine it should have.

AmazingBeauty Kinky Curly Ombre Clip-in Extensions

Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Black Hair
  • Key feature:8A-grade, 3C/4A human hair
  • Hair type: Kinky curly
  • Hair color: Ombre
  • Hair length:10″, 12″, 14″, 16″,18″,20″, 22″
  • Pieces per pack: 7 pieces
  • No. of clips: 17 clips
  • Best for: Ombre hair

Lovers of the curly hair type but looking for looser curls than the Afro curly texture should pick this. The better if you also have the 3C/4A hair because these extensions are of 3C/4A hair. [1]

Furthermore, if you wish to wear ombre hair, this is the perfect choice for a beautiful vibrance. It’s more glamorous than dying your own hair, keeping your hair healthy and safe.

The extension hair lasts for 3 to 12 months, which is very durable and economical. You’ll buy replacements after a long time, unlike splurging money often.

But some black ladies think its clips are not strong enough and cannot snap onto the hair for long.

Urbeauty Body Wavy Clip-in Extensions

Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Black Hair
  • Key feature: Triple weft, Remy human hair
  • Hair type: Wavy
  • Hair color: Jet black, natural black, dark brown, dark ash brown
  • Hair length: 12″, 14″, 16″,18″,20″
  • Pieces per pack: 7 pieces
  • No. of clips: 9 clips
  • Best for: Body Wavy Hair

Body wavy hair is common with black ladies, and the Urbeauty brand is the finest for clip-in extensions.

Its soft and shiny feel gives you a touch of elegance. You will walk around confidently because you’re sure of your enhanced beauty with added length.

Moving onto the hair wefts, they come in triple-wefts design. That means thicker and more voluminous hair than that extensions with single wefts have. Hence ideal for adding volume to your hair.

Sadly, the extension hair gets matted pretty fast and cannot stay intact for months. Additionally, it cannot work great for a full look because the package has little hair.

YDDM Curly Wavy Clip-in Synthetic Extensions

Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Black Hair
  • Key features: Synthetic hair, high-temperature fiber
  • Hair type: Wavy
  • Hair color: Ombre, natural black, light ash brown
  • Hair length: 24″
  • Pieces per pack 4 pieces
  • No. of clips: 11 clips
  • Best for: Budget-friendly hair

A budget-conscious African American lady can work with this as their preference. Its synthetic make cum top-notch quality gives it an advantage over other clip-ins because it’s cheaper.

Besides, the extension hair is 24 “long. This length is adequately long to flip your hair back and forth as you enjoy its sassiness.

The 11 clips fastened onto the 4 hair pieces provide utmost security and are attached tightly. The tight aspect saves you the time you would need to reinforce them if they’re loose.

From observations by some buyers, the clip-in hair is not exactly the same color as advertised. The color is a bit off and a struggle to match with the color of your own hair.

Buying Guide for Clip-in Extensions

Before visiting the stores, you should be aware of the several factors to consider as a prospective buyer. When you have them in mind, you’ll be better positioned to choose clip-in extensions wisely.

Human Hair or Synthetic

Your starting point should be identifying the fiber material from the product specifications.

If you need something versatile and long-lasting, go for human hair. On the other hand, if you want to compromise longevity for the sake of saving some coins, choose a synthetic hair.

Best Clip In Hair Extensions-3

But most important is knowing the difference between human hair and synthetic hair. That’s for sound decision-making. How able are you to distinguish between the two materials?

It could be difficult for starters to tell the difference by sight. However, the behavior when burning is the point of scrutiny with just a tiny hairpiece.

Best Clip In Hair Extensions-2


For African American hair, color is a crucial concern with regard to your skin tone and hair color. The current trends in the market give black women the liberty to explore when initially they had limitations.

Whichever color of clip-ins you choose, it should blend well with your skin complexion. The rest can easily fall in place depending on your taste as a fashion diva.

First-timers can do auburn, dark reds, black and brown shades as they get into the swing of things. Those with lighter dark skin tones can add copper and golden blondes to their bucket list.

Choose Hair Extension Colors - A Hair Color Ring

Number of Sets

Every pack of clip-in extensions comes with a certain number of sets. One may have seven sets and another 4 sets in a single packaging.

Discerning these quantities allows you to calculate how many packs of hair you will need for installation. And when you know the exact quantities, you’ll gauge whether you’ll meet the total cost or not.

At the same time, you’ll avoid wastage where you find yourself with many sets you barely need.

number of hair sets


Clip-in extensions are available in various lengths, mostly within the range of 10″ to 22″. You can easily ascertain the right extension length by checking the length of your real hair.

If your actual hair is of shoulder length or longer, you can comfortably put on any length of clip-ins.

Hair Extension Length Chart Striaght vs Curly vs Wavy

As for hair falling above the shoulders, you need not exceed 20″ -22″ in length. However you can put on any extension length, but it would take much time to achieve a uniform blend.

If this round you desire layered or curly hair, we recommend going for long clip-ins that you can trim and restyle.

Need more tips on how to determine the best length for you? Watch the following video:


You must confirm clips are present for any extensions to be clip-in extensions. That aspect alone bears much significance in relation to how you will fix the extensions on your head.

Most clips are stainless steel or silicone material. So, you should also check if they’re of good quality. The quality will easily show you how long they can serve you before needing reinforcement.

Plus, the clips ought to be intact and properly attached to the wefts of the clip-in extensions. If they’re loose, you will find yourself trying to tighten them at an extra cost.

Best Clip In Hair Extensions-clip in


Most clip-in extensions come in many wefts in a single pack.

They’re a collection of hair wefts (hair pieces), typically hair strands sewn together onto a cloth panel.

Basically, the more fullness or hair volume you want, the more wefts you’ll need. A fuller look with fewer wefts requires double, triple, or quad wefts to have more hair than single weft designs.

The specifications might also include the term “double-drawn hair.” In other words, the extensions have several wefts joined together to be thicker and with strands of the same length.

Best Clip In Hair Extensions-1

FAQ about Clip-in Hair Extensions for Black Hair

How long do clip-in extensions last in black hair?

Clip-in extensions last 3-6 months and can take more months regardless of the hair type you possess. It all boils down to how well you maintain them and how frequently you wear them.

They can last even more than a year when in the right hands. Just ensure your care techniques coincide with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Where can I buy clip-in hair extensions for black hair?

Honey, there are multiple beauty stores online and offline where you can buy clip-in extensions. Alternatively, contact manufacturers, without go-betweens in the picture, to incur fewer hair expenses.

These manufacturers pose as hair websites online, and therefore, they’re easily accessible. And something positive, most offer afterpay services whereby you buy wigs now and pay later.

Do clip-ins damage natural black hair?

All hair extensions, including clip-ins, do not damage black hair on condition that you install them correctly.

If possible, indulge the help of a hair extensions specialist for expertly-done installations. Even hair specialists seek assistance from other experts in adding extensions to their hair. However, you can install clip-ins yourself, and your hair stays safe throughout wear.

Winding up

Coming to a close, the kind of clip-in extensions you choose should bear good features for you to be fully content. If there’s something amiss that you do not like, better call it quits and evaluate other brands. Good thing you will never run out of options with the variety available.
But if stuck still, Urbeauty kinky curly clip-in extensions are the best overall clip-in hair extensions for black hair.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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