Braid Out vs Twist Out: Which One Is Better

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Braid Out vs Twist Out: Which One Is Better  

Braid out and twist out are both a matter of a person’s preference since both have pros and cons. For this reason, none is better than the other. 

As a five-year hairstylist, I met lots of ladies with the same question, which one is better?

In this article, you will get the best opinion about the pros and cons of both hairstyles. Then, you can decide which hairstyle is better, or more precisely, which one suits you better?

Let’s go.

The Pro of a Twist Out

A twist out is one of the best natural hairstyles if you have a busy schedule with little time at hand.

It would be best if you tried twisting with hair that is freshly washed. After making the twists, let them sit until they are dry, then slowly unravel them to maintain healthy hair. 

Curl Texture

Usually, you find that the curl texture is perfectly loopy and less frizzy after doing a twist out.

It is because of the manipulation of fewer strands during twisting, making it easier to unravel them later on. 

More Definition

Twist out will give your hair more curl definition than braid out. If you are looking for gorgeous waves, this is the way to go. 

More Volume

They are always loosely packaged in an intertwining motion.

The twists become springy and fuller when undone, giving your hair a confident volume.


Twist out guarantees you more options.

You may have noticed that the twist is a different hairstyle, and the untwist is a new look.

You can also try twisting with either two or three strands, which will give you a different result. 

Easier to Do

Going for twists will usually take you a shorter period to finish them than braid out. That would give you some flexibility in case you have a busy schedule. 

twist out hair

The Cons of a Twist Out 

Although twist outs are beautiful, sometimes they will not always come out the way you want.

Shrink A Bit

They will shrink a bit after doing your twist outs when wholly formed. If you don’t like shrinkage, this is not your first option protective hairstyle. You might want to try a braid out instead.[1]

Lose Curl Definition Overnight

You will notice that the curls are shabby the following day compared to when freshly done. At times you will need to sleep through the night while leaving them on.  

So, you would better oil and moisturize your hair with water for your nighttime routine.

After this, do the pineapple style, or you could retwist them. It is probably best to retwist every night if you have short hair.[2]

Moreover, make sure you detangle your hair before twisting hair to prevent frizz. Twist outs tend to be fizzier than braid outs.

You can use a wide-tooth comb to straighten your hair to reduce hair loss.

braid out hair

The Pro of a Braid Out 

A braid out would make an excellent style for textured hair. It elongates natural curls and kinks and makes it easy to manage your hair.

Less Frizzy

Braid out style is typically less frizzy compared to twist outs. For best results and reduce frizz, you can detangle the braid after your hair is completely dehydrated.

Wavy Texture

They also enhance your natural curls providing a wavy texture to your hair.

This hairstyle will come as a bonus to those who have naturally curly hair. Your hair texture plays a role in the final look. When your hair is naturally straight, this hairstyle will come with ease.

More Elongation

Unravelling dried braids causes less shrinkage, thus giving your natural hair more elongation. Your hair becomes stretched out as a result of the long curls. 

Last Longer

Braid out comprises tighter curls since they are tightly packed together, making them stay hydrated for a more extended period. The hydration aids easy manageability, thus making it last longer than twist outs.

Apply a little oil to your fingers as you detangle your hair. This will help you reduce friction and hair breakage.

The Cons of a Braid Out

Your hair may become much curly and frizzy at times after doing a protective hairstyle. That could be due to the breakage caused by too much manipulation.

Hard to Dry

Braid out is always done by most people after washing. Braided hair usually takes a longer time to dry. The hair takes the time to dry also depends on individual hair type due to different hair porosity. Low porous hair takes longer to dry than the more porous one.[3]

Take More Time

Braid out involves the entanglement of a three-strand braid. This process takes up a lot of time, and you will also need more patience to take down your braids. Be careful to avoid damage and frizziness to your hair by going slowly.

Less Definition

The curl pattern of the braid is less defined than the twist out. When you untwist it, the coil-like appearance comes from a tighter texture.

FAQs about Braid Out and Twist Out

Are Twist Outs Good For Hair Growth? 

Yes. Low-manipulation hairstyles such as twists and braids help you maintain hair length. They minimize your hair tangling, reducing damage and promoting more hair growth.

Does Braids Last Longer than Twists?

Yes. Braids usually last longer than twists. This is because braids put less stress on the hair due to tighter braiding. In contrast, twist braids unravel more quickly and do not last as long.

How Long Can a Braid Out or a Twist Out Last? 

Usually, when I fluff my braids less, they last longer than when I fluff them more. The amount of time needed also depends on how gentle you handle your hair. On average, they should last 5 to 7 days.

Final Thoughts

Both braids and twists have their pros and cons. You can choose one depending on your hair type and texture. You can switch between the two hairstyles to make a better choice until you figure out which one suits you better.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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