Wearing Wigs for Small Heads? The Complete Guide

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Women wear wigs to enhance their appearance or due to hair loss problems.

African Americans wigs usually come in various capsizes. For this reason, finding petite wigs for small faces or small heads can be difficult for some.

However, picking a comfortable wig that fits correctly is relatively simple. All you need to consider is its measurements and the best ways to secure it.

Today, we outlined some tricks to help you choose petite wigs for small heads and more.

Let’s begin!

What Is A Petite Wig?

Petite wigs have a smaller cap size and are specifically for people with smaller heads. These wigs measure approximately 20 – 21.25 inches in circumference. [1]

Therefore, if you have a smaller head than the average woman, the petite wig cap size would be a good fit.

The measurement is smaller than the mainstream wigs, which are approximately 21.25 – 22.5 inches in circumference.

Here is a simple wig size chart:

Head SizeMeasurements (Inches)
Petite 20 – 21.25
Average21.25 – 22.5
Large22.5 – 24

How To Measure Your Head Size (Step by Step)

Measuring your head before purchasing a wig is crucial to ensure you get the right fit. I suggest that you use a soft measuring tape to get accurate results.

Here is a step-by-step procedure for taking your wig measurements.

Step 1: Head Circumference Measurement

Run the tape measure along the hairline to determine your head circumference. Start from the front of the head, then go all around the hairline.

Ensure the tape does not go over the ears. If not, you will obtain extra inches and get inaccurate measurements.

Note: Do not forget to put your hair into braids. Otherwise, you will take the wrong measurements and alter the wig size.

Step 2: Front to Nape Measurement

Put the measuring tape in the middle of your front hairline. Then move over the top of the head straight towards the back.

Stop at the nape of the neck, ensuring you position the tape in the middle of your head.

Step 3: Ear-to-Ear Over Top Measurement

Put the end of the measuring tape at the top of one ear and go over the head to the other ear. Ensure you position the tape not too far at the front or the back over the head.

Note: This step applies to frontal wigs. It helps to know how much you will have to cut off the ear tabs.

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6 Ways to Secure Wigs for Small Heads

Finding the best wigs for small heads is somewhat tricky. Even so, you can use some tricks to achieve small head friendly wigs. Here are some helpful tips to make a wig fit your head better.

1. Petite Wig

Petite wigs for small heads usually have an adjustable strap directly above the nape of the wig. There is up to an inch or two inches give in the wig’s strap, depending on the elasticity of the adjusters.

These straps enable you to fix the wig according to the distinctive shape of your head.

To make the wig tighter, reach below the wig near the nape to disclose the elastic strap. You will have to fold the wig upwards to get to it.

Petite Wig

Start by adjusting the elastic strap by gathering it into a loop, half an inch at a time. This will prevent you from wearing a very tight wig. Otherwise, the band on the cap will stretch out and loosen.

Next, try on the wig each time you adjust the straps until it fits well. Ensure the wig is not too tight to avoid irritating the scalp.

2. Headband Wig

You can buy a headband wig as it fits nicely on a natural hairline. These wigs are most suitable for people without hair or women with smaller heads.

Headband wigs have sticky Velcro and a stretchy headband-like material attached to them. They also have four combs around the entire wig, one at the top, one at the back, and one on both sides.

UNICE Straight Headband Wig

To install it on a small head, put on the wig first and attach the four combs to your hair, starting from the top. The combs will make sure that it is not going to slide off.

Then, adjust the wig to your head size using Velcro and securely tighten the headband. This way, it stays firm, and you don’t have to worry about the wig falling.

Note: Wear an additional headscarf or a tight headband if the wig is still loose on your head. You will get more security and control of the wig to ensure it stays in place.

3. Bob Wig

This is one of the most popular wigs for small faces or heads. Bob wigs are shoulder-length or a tad bit off the shoulder.

For small faces, go for bob wigs with bangs. This wig’s pixie hair is bouncy and ideal for emphasizing facial features.

bob hairstyle

Also, purchasing a human hair bob wig is better since it is easier to manipulate using hot tools. This way, you can easily style it to match the shape of your head perfectly.

After styling, wear the wig, adjust the strap, and secure it using enough bobby pins. This ensures that it stays secure for longer without sliding or slipping.

4. Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs are ideal for women with small heads who want full coverage from ear to ear. These particular wigs mimic the natural hairline and provide a more realistic look. Besides, they are very light and comfortable to wear.

Before wearing a lace front wig, first, secure your hair into braids. After that, wear stocking caps to help the wig stay in place.

Next, line the wig up with your natural hairline. Then, adjust the elastic straps to fit the wig’s tightness, depending on the shape of your head.

lace front wigs

Note: Loosen the straps slightly if you feel pressure around the scalp. The grip should not be too tight.

Finally, apply wig tape or a liquid adhesive to the hairline once the wig is perfectly aligned. Then press down the lace of the wig to keep it more secure. Ensure you are not allergic to the adhesive to avoid itchiness.

5. Wig Cap

It is better to put on wig caps every time you wear a wig. They provide extra padding to help the wig stay in place and fit better.

Moreover, you can use a thicker one or double up on the wig cap to make it bulkier on a small head. However, do not double up if you are about to do an activity that will cause excessive sweating. It can get very uncomfortable.

Wig Cap

Also, always purchase a wig with a cap the same size as your head. For instance, a small wig cap would fit perfectly on a small head.

Before putting on a wig cap, ensure you braid or twist the hair first. Then wear the wig and adjust it as necessary. You can add bobby pins to provide additional security.

6. Resize Wig Cap

Consider customizing the wig cap to make it feel comfortable and fit better on a small head.

To resize the wig cap, you need the exact measurements of your head size, a soft measuring tape, wig head, and t-pins.

Start by marking off the starting point in the front of the head using a t-pin. Then measure from this point to the nape and pin a second t-pin to mark that section. Next, measure and mark from one ear to the other over the top of the head.

After measuring, place the wig cap over the wig head and align its edges over the points where you put the markings. As you do this, remove the t-pins and then pin the edge of the wig cap at that exact mark spot.

Then, gently pull down the wig till the cap lays flat on the head. Now, sew the area all around near the wig cap edge.

Final Thoughts

Now, you already understand some helpful tips and tricks about wigs for small heads. You should be able to wear a wig without any complications. Moreover, you can also read this post to buy wigs now and pay later.

Author: Charity Nasike


Charity Nasike is a passionate wig wearer and basically has diverse knowledge related to wigs' care and maintenance. When she's not writing, she's either in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on social media advising fellow ladies tricks to apply on their wigs.

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